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Not to be confused with Library (Party Room).

The Library.

The Library is an area of the Book Room where penguins can read books. Despite being called a library, it is simply a bookshelf in the Book Room. The books in the library are either book games, official stories, yearbooks or user-submitted stories. There are three book games located here, called Paint by Letters, with three different books to choose from: My Puffle, Burnt Out Bulbs and Lime Green Dojo Clean. They are customized stories where the readers can choose the story, type it out, and earn money by doing it. Unlike clothing and igloo upgrades, all books in the library are free to read and are available to non-members.


Available Books[edit]

These are all the books the Library currently has:

Exclusive books[edit]

These are books that were temporarily added in Christmas 2008 and 2010, and removed after the event: