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The Launch Pad.

The Launch Pad is used in the Jet Pack Adventure game. Gary invented it. The Launch Pad is on top of the Beacon which is on the Lighthouse. It is also a way of getting around Club Penguin Island. However it is also the slowest way.

Other Launch Pads[edit]

There are also other launch pads in Club Penguin though they can only be seen if players are playing Jet Pack Adventure. Other launch pads are located at the Night Club Rooftop, the Pizza Parlor rooftop, the Cave, and the Mine. The only launch pad that is actually accessible to penguins when they're not playing Jet Pack Adventure is the launch pad on the Night Club Rooftop. The launch pad there was a decoration, though. Nobody could play the game from that location. The Launch Pad located on top of the Pizza Parlor is the least well known. Not many penguins are aware of it (for more info check the yearbook).


  • There was once a launch pad background.
  • The launch pads on top of the buildings could be seen from the old map.

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