Laser Maze

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Laser Maze
Where Toughest Mountain
Opened August 24, 2011
Closed August 31, 2011
Mini-Games None
ID Unknown
Tour Description
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The Laser Maze included two party rooms at the Great Snow Race. It led to Herbert's hideout, otherwise known as the Classified Area. You needed the Infrared Tracker to see the laser beams blocking your path; you could only continue when they disappeared. There were also moving red sensors; in order to pass these, you had to have precise timing. If you were caught in a sensor or walk through a laser beam, red lights would flash and alert Herbert of your presence. This would cause you to restart that section of the maze. In Room 2 is a key to Herbert's hideout, known as the Expedition Key pin.

Tour Guide descriptions[edit]

  1. Lasers detected! Let's put on our helmets... to reveal the lasers. Be ready agents... and remember to watch your step.
  2. The maze continues! Hurry, let's secure the key.
  3. We're almost there agents! Follow those footprints... then we'll deal with the safe.


Sneak Peeks[edit]