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There are four languages in Club Penguin; English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. In September 2015 German and Russian languages, which were previously available, closed.[1] The website itself is also available in these four languages.


The Portuguese was released in October 2008, French was released in February 2009, Spanish was released in June 2009, German was released in October 2011 and Russian was released in February 2014. On September 2, 2015 the Russian and German languages were removed.[2][3]


  • A common bug in Club Penguin is where the game files from two different languages are swapped around causing confusion.
  • If you log into a different language server for the first time, your penguin’s name will have to be checked by moderators. Until then it will appear as the letter P with your penguin ID next to it.
  • Some server names (e.g. Yeti) are used in multiple languages.
  • New languages may be added in the future.
  • In 2009, mentions of new languages including German, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Japanese were discovered in the files.[4]
  • In 2010, there were some tests for Club Penguin Chinese.[5]
  • Apparently Club Penguin was also available in Japanese for a while.[6] It was however closed between April and May 2009.[7]
  • Additionally several unofficial clients which translated Club Penguin into unsupported languages existed.
    • In January 2010 “CP Dutch” was released to translate Club Penguin into Dutch. However, not all of Club Penguin was translated into Dutch when you play using it. The program was written by ModAgrippa. It might not work any more after anti-trainer updates.
    • Similar app named “CP čeština” created in 2010 by Czech Club Penguin Community provided Czech translation. In 2013 it was re-released as a browser extension but it was also discontinued.

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