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A Silver Knight

Knights are a type of character that some penguins dress up as. This is enabled by obtaining different types of armor and shields, most commonly during the Medieval Party to brighten up the atmosphere. There are three types of Knight Armor: Gold, Iron (black) and Regular (silver). Knights sometimes pretend to save princesses and slay fire-breathing dragons

A Golden Knight

Armor Acquisition[edit]

  • Crimson Knight Armor: Buy from the Gift Shop catalog.


Knights can wear green, purple, and orange shields. During both Medieval Parties, these three colors were competing at snowball catapults at the Snow Forts, as well as jousting at the Ice Rink. This has lead penguins to believe that there are three rival Medieval kingdoms. Later, in 2011 there were new colors: Blue, Red and Yellow. Starting from 2012, the teams have been removed and were replaced with kingdoms.



  • For the Medieval Party 2008, Gary dressed up as a silver knight as seen in the newspaper.
  • Ironically, the Golden armor has a shield, while the Silver armor doesn't have a shield, and while the silver armor had shoes, the golden armor doesn't. This might be because the amount of items will be balanced.