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Full Name Klutzy the Crab
Species Club Penguin Crab (Clubpenguinus crabus)[1]
Position Accomplice to Herbert P. Bear
Appeared Secret Missions
Battle of Doom
Herbert's Revenge
The Great Snow Race
Puffle Launch
Operation: Blackout
Operation: Hot Sauce
Jetpack Boost
Operation: Puffle
Halloween Party 2015
Operation: Crustacean
Operation: Doom
Color Red
Clothing None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Herbert P. Bear
Meetable Character? No

Klutzy the Crab is a villainous crab in Club Penguin that saved Herbert P. Bear from drowning when he first arrived on Club Penguin Island after traveling from the North Pole on an Iceberg. Since then, he has been involved in a lot of Secret Missions as Herbert's evil sidekick. As revealed in The F.I.S.H., Klutzy is a male.


Klutzy saved Herbert P. Bear from drowning after his iceberg tipped. As thanks, Herbert made Klutzy his sidekick.


  • In Secret Mission #6, G tries to question Klutzy, but Klutzy escapes back to Herbert. A Secret Agent followed them to their hideout, but was captured. Then, they both attempt to destroy the Ski Lodge for wood, but the Secret Agent escapes and stops them in time. They fell in a lake, but soon escaped.
  • In Secret Mission #8, Klutzy (tried to) help Herbert remove the Boiler after they disrupted life on the island by causing tremors due to digging underground. Thankfully, Klutzy turned out to be more of a hindrance than a help, and delayed Herbert until a Secret Agent cornered them. They narrowly escaped when Herbert accidentally damaged the boiler.
  • Klutzy appears in System Defender. You have to defend the system against Klutzy in level 3.
  • Klutzy appeared in Herbert's hideout during the Great Snow Race. After Herbert was put into hibernation, Klutzy awoke since the effects didn't work on him, and he escaped.
  • Sometimes, Klutzy and Herbert are seen in a photo on www.clubherbert.com.

Pages in F.I.S.H.[edit]

The The F.I.S.H. handbook, in the HQ, had Herbert P. Bear's and Klutzy's file.



  • Klutzy is different from the other crabs. His claws are smaller and he seems to be smaller too.
  • Klutzy returns in Level 3 of System Defender.[2] He also appears in Level 2 of the game, assisting Herbert.
  • Klutzy is sometimes called 'adorable' and 'cute'. He is also referenced in Mission #7 as a "funny little guy" by a Penguin.
  • There is a Series 4 figurine of Herbert and Klutzy.
  • Klutzy is seen using the signs ^_^; Q_Q' while writing.
  • You can add Klutzy as a friend if you use the add anyone glitch.
  • Klutzy seems to be cute and harmless, but he always helps Herbert with his inventions. He helped Herbert kidnap the secret agents during Operation: Blackout, succeeded on ambushing and capturing Jet Pack Guy along with his army, and also tried to hit you in the Jetpack Boost game, preventing you from winning it.
  • He looks similar to another crab named Klepto.

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