Keeper of the Stage

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Keeper of the Stage
Full Name Unknown
Species Puffle
Position Unknown
Appeared In Stage's plays
Color Yellow
Clothing None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown (most probably actors)
Meetable Character? Yes (at Stage)

The Keeper of the Stage is most likely the yellow puffle that first appeared back in 2007 when the Stage was still in construction. It would appear randomly out of the scaffolding. When the Stage was completed, the Keeper of the Stage stayed there, and has a part in all of the plays that go on there. It can usually be seen if you press the yellow lever on the Switchbox 3000.


Back in 2007, a Yellow Puffle appeared at the Plaza when the Stage was under construction. It would appear randomly. When the stage was completed, if you moved your mouse over the two Puffles at the top, it would appear in the balcony. When the Switchbox 3000 was introduced, if you pressed the yellow lever, it would appear somewhere on the stage. It takes part in all the plays. On March 4 2010 it temporarily disappeared along with Yarr and The Keeper of the Boiler Room. On November 13, 2013 it disappeared again along with Keeper of the Boiler Room, black puffles from Puffle Rescue and the orange puffle from Box Dimension. All four puffles later returned to their usual places after Operation: Puffle.




  • It appears in Secret Mission #7.
  • You have to press the yellow lever on the Switchbox 3000 to see it.
  • In the real book “Star Reporter” it states that the Keeper Of The Stage got itself stuck in lots of paint, and the Penguins thought it was a Rainbow Puffle.
  • The Keeper is often found sleeping.
  • The Keeper does not leave the stage during the puffle parties, it is one of few that do not leave due to the Stage not being decorated for anything.