June 2012 Penguin Style

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The June 2012 Penguin Style was released on May 30, 2012 and it was available until July 5, 2012.






New Arrivals[edit]

"Create Your Hoodie!" items[edit]

May 2012 clothing[edit]



Secret items[edit]

New Arrivals[edit]

  • Click on the green penguin's papers → White Cape
  • Click on the orange penguin's papers → Yellow Cape
  • Click on the orange penguin's fist → Purple Cape
  • Click on the Video Camera's lens → Pink Cape
  • Click on the notepad from the Reporter OutfitOrange Cape
  • Click on the penguin playercard with the Fiendish MaskGreen Cape
  • Click on the yellow penguin's right feet → Black Cape
  • Click on the orange penguin's elbow → Brown Cape
  • Click on the peach penguin's flipper → Red Cape
  • Click on the peach penguin's belt buckle → Blue Cape

Create Your Hoodie![edit]

  • Click the paintbrush that the penguin is holding → Viking Helmet
  • Repeat the steps to get the Viking Helmet 3 times (so you'll find the Blue Viking Helmet on the fourth time) → Blue Viking Helmet

May 2012 clothing[edit]

Clearance items[edit]