Jet Pack Surfer

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Jet Pack Surfer
Jet pack surfer.png
Full Name Jet Pack Surfer
Species Penguin
Position Surfer
Appeared Catchin' Waves
Color Light Blue
Clothing Red Sunglasses
Jet Pack
Red Shorts
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Jet Pack Surfer is the penguin that picks you up and drops you in the game Catchin' Waves. He is a light blue penguin wearing Red Sunglasses, Red Swim-Trunks, and a Jet Pack. His name is currently unknown. In the book The Inventor's Apprentice, when you change into a wetsuit, the penguin that picks you up is most likely him, which means he was probably in the PSA.

What the Jet Pack Surfer may look like in Club Penguin.

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