Jet Pack Adventure

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Jet Pack Adventure

Jet Pack Adventure Logo.
Players 1
Minigame Location Beacon
Date released November 6, 2006
Stamps awarded Yes (18)
Jet Pack Adventure is a Club Penguin mini-game that can be accessed from the Beacon. If the player makes it to the end of Level 5, they travel to the Mine. If a player loses before the end of the game, he or she will land in the room they were flying above before they lost.
The starting screen of Jet Pack Adventure

It can also be used as transportation to place to place. Players move from location to location using a jetpack, and collect coins along the way. If the player runs out of Jet Packs, a short cut scene shows the penguin falling from the sky and falling (in the Mine levels, the player does not reach the floor). Extra fuel can be collected, but you must watch out for anvils and coffee bags. Another occasional obstacle may come, such as a shark.

You can send a card to a friend to go on a Jet Pack Adventure (which sends you to the Beacon). On July 26, 2010 the game was changed so only the first level of Jet Pack Adventure was playable for non-Members. Only members can play the entire game now. This is because of the new stamps that were released that day. Another change is that the home-screen was updated. As of September 13, Green Puffles can now assist pilots. As Green Puffles fly around your screen collecting coins and fuel cans, it is impossible to get the Ace Pilot stamp or bonus by bringing your Green Puffle with you.


There are many obstacles in the game, specifically designed to slow the player down and make them lose fuel. Here is a list of them:

Game over screen if you lose all your lives before you reach the caves.

Order of Locations[edit]

Launch Pad

Money Secret[edit]

There is a rumor confirmed by The Penguin Times that is as follows: If you complete the game without collecting any coins, you get 1000 coins in the end. It means that you can collect Jet Pack fuel. But at the end of a level you will have to waste all your fuel until it is going to finish then you go to the landing base. You must keep doing it until level 5 and a picture will appear saying that you are a highly skilled pilot. Now with the stamps you will also get a stamp for it.



Name Description
Lift Off stamp Take off and return to the launch pad.
Fuel Rank 1 stamp Collect all fuel cans in Level 1.
Puffle Pilot stamp Bring a green puffle into the game.


Name Description
Jet Pack 5 stamp (members only) Complete 5 levels.
Crash! stamp (members only) Crash land your jet pack at the Forest.
Fuel Rank 2 stamp (members only) Collect all fuel cans in Level 2.
Fuel Rank 3 stamp (members only) Collect all fuel cans in Level 3.
Fuel Rank 4 stamp (members only) Collect all fuel cans in Level 4.
Fuel Rank 5 stamp (members only) Collect all fuel cans in Level 5.
1-up Leader stamp (members only) Collect 2 x 1-ups.
Puffle Bonus Stamp Your green puffle collects 200 coins.


Name Description
Kerching! stamp (members only) Collect 650 coins.
Fuel Command stamp (members only) Collect all fuel cans in one game.
Fuel Wings stamp Collect a fuel can while falling.
1-up Captain stamp (members only) Collect all 1-ups in one game.
Puffle Plus stamp Your green puffle collects 450 coins.


Name Description
Ace Pilot stamp (members only) Complete the game without collecting any coins.
Puffle Boost Stamp Your green puffle gets a gas can when you run out of fuel


  • During the Aqua Color release, it had a glitch that it blinked into a white screen, then you cannot start the game or instructions, only exit it. That glitch is now fixed.
  • Another glitch has been found, sometimes when you start the game, the starting screen will still be in the background.
  • There was a glitch that if you land somewhere, you will end up on the Ski Hill instead of the Room you were going in, this prevented penguins from getting the Crash! stamp.This only worked on level 3 and this glitch isn't fixed yet.


  • In the book The Spice of Life, the coin secret is mentioned by Smulley's neighbor.
  • In the game there are windmills, but there are none in Club Penguin.
  • You can Get the Kerching! stamp by getting the Ace Pilot Stamp because by getting the Ace Pilot stamp you collect 1000 coins and you need to acquire 650 coins to obtain the Kerching! stamp.
  • Some launch pads are actually visible on the Map.
  • A penguin is seen playing the game in the comic We Just Do. The penguin appears to have reached Level 3 in the game.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Aventura a Jato
French Joue à Jet Pack
Spanish Aventuras en Jet-Pack
German „Jet Pack“- Abenteuer
Russian Турбо-рюкзак



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