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A penguin giving a tour to a brown penguin by jetpack.
For the mini-game using the Jet Pack, see Jet Pack Adventure. For other uses, see Jet Pack (Disambiguation).

A Jet Pack or Jetpack is a popular form of transportation in Club Penguin that was invented by G. It is most commonly used in Jet Pack Adventure. It can be referred to as the "Jetpack 3000". They have not been available in the Penguin Style, Snow and Sports or any catalog; but they have been released as a free item. Two of the most well known users of this item are Jet Pack Guy and Jet Pack Surfer.


Involvement in Missions[edit]

  • The Jet Pack works with fuel but it can also fly with a mixture of Cream Soda and Hot Sauce. This was revealed in Secret Mission 10.
    • Also in Mission 10, if you choose to put the Jet Pack (held by Jet Pack Guy) on the cage, you will trap Herbert.


  • A running gag in the comics is when a light blue penguin combines a jet pack with other games, but ends up getting hurt.
  • In the Club Penguin Times there was once a question posed to Aunt Arctic asking why Jet Packs weren't used as a form of transportation. Aunt Arctic said that it is because it would add a lot of pollution to the air and would cause air traffic.


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