Jelly Bean Counters

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Jelly Bean Counters

The start screen
Players 1
Minigame Location Coffee Shop
Date released March 11, 2011
Stamps awarded No

Jelly Bean Counters is a secret level in the game Bean Counters. You can access it by clicking on the bottom left hand corner of the top bag that your penguin is holding and then clicking on the pile of jellybeans that fall out. You need to match the colors of the jelly beans in the bags with the meter on the left of the screen. If you put any other colored bag in the place, you lose points. This game has the same obstacles as the normal Bean Counters, but they are presented in a different way (such as candy anvils instead of the normal ones). There are candy shields, which protect you from obstacles.


The game was released in early March 2011 along with the Bean Counters updates.



  • Candytron 3000 is similar to Jelly Bean Counters, because they are both secret candy-versions of games that involve food.
  • The color of the jelly beans on the delivery truck are the colors of the bags you have to throw back.

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