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Java Jump is one of the numerous mini-games in Club Penguin: Game Day.


In the game, penguins must race while hopping inside an empty Java bag. Players dodge obstacles such as wood walls and logs, and can use power-ups to hinder or improve their gameplay.


Power-ups are hidden inside a special curtain. When the player jumps over the curtain, it will be pulled around the player and add a random power-up, which are automatically activated. Tripping over a log will remove the power-up.

List of Power-ups[edit]

  • Anvils - will slow the player down.
  • Jet Pack - will give the player a Jet Pack. The Jet Pack will speed the player up, and will drive them perfectly around the course for a few seconds.
  • Cut Bag - will cut the bottom off the player's Java Bag and speed them up.