Jacob Mukluk

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Jacob Mukluk
Jacob Mukluk.png
Full Name Jacob Mukluk
Species Ghost

Penguin (formerly)

Position Pizza Palour worker (formerly)
Appeared In the story A Penguin Christmas Carol
Color Unknown (alive)

Greyish-white (ghost)

Clothing Chef Hat, Baker's Apron
Related To Unknown
Friends With Scrooge
Meetable Character? No

Jacob Mukluk is a character from the exclusive Christmas book, A Penguin Christmas Carol. He is a parody of Jacob Marley from the original book, A Christmas Carol.

This character is dead, which means that death has been featured, in any form, of Club Penguin.


Just like the real A Christmas Carol, Jacob Mukluk is dead and had a similar life to his business partner, Scrooge. He was a selfish, spiteful and boring character. He also had lots of coins, and like Scrooge, he never donated to Coins for Change. He brought the news that Scrooge would be haunted by three ghosts.

Fun facts[edit]


  • Unlike his parody (Jacob Marley), Mukluk is a mobile (but still miserable) spirit. Jacob Marley's greed and villainous actions ended up shackling him to thousands of pounds of safes, chains, locks, and weights. Marley was barely able to float, while Mukluk could fly to and fro with ease.

Real-world references[edit]


  • If you look closely at him, he has no eyes.
  • Mukluk is the first and only character in Club Penguin to be dead.