Igloo Makeover

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Igloo Makeover

The front cover of the book.
Date released Unknown
Unlocks items? No
Back Cover.
Early cover.

Igloo Makeover is a Club Penguin Activity Book with reusable stickers. The early version had 100 reusable stickers whereas the later version had 60 reusable stickers.

Back Cover[edit]

Everyone on Club Penguin has an Igloo to call home!
"If your igloo is in need of a new look, this book has tons of ideas to inspire you- whether you want an igloo that's wacky, sporty, or perfect for throwing a big bash. Then use the stickers to decorate the igloos on each page and to create your own penguin parties!"

Description at ClubPenguin.com[edit]

"This book will teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about igloos: how to upgrade your igloo, visit other penguins' igloos, invite friends over, and more! It even includes more than 100 reusable stickers to decorate your igloo and create your own penguin parties!"