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Theories about the penguin Zippo! He's actually part of a secret project that the moderators are working on.

Zippo theories[edit]

  • Zippo is a Shadow master he beat Sensei and Sensei has called ninjas on him to take him down.
  • Zippo is a Hippopotamus that wears a penguin suit, and he holds a zip.
    • No no no, he's a ZIPPOpotamus!
  • Theres not actually anyone with the username zippo and it was just added here for no reason.
  • Actually, Zippo is real.
  • Zippo is Rockhopper, Billybob or Sensei in disguise.
  • Zippo is long forgotten or CP has canceled it.
  • He helped G build the Snow Trekker using a Snow Cat. (it was the last one in the catalog.)
  • Zippo loves to hang out at the Cove and if you meet him he gives you a signed background and sometimes a free item which is a Chill pin, a pin that says chill
  • Zippo is currently in hiding. We don't know where, but it is rumored to be in one of the Three Little Islands. Nobody knows whether or not he'll make an appearance on the mainland! Or maybe he is already in the mainland, but disguised as a regular penguin (and in a different name).
  • Club Penguin wanted to do so much with Zippo, but Zippo didn't want anything to do with Club Penguin, so he hatched a plan. Halfway through a ride on the Hydro-Hopper, he jumped off the boat and swam to Club Zippo, where everyone is named Zippo and has a pet fish named Fluffy.
  • Zippo is a penguin who has a Party hat and is dark blue. also there is a fish next to him instead of a puffle
  • Zippo is the green surfing guy on the top of Club Penguin wiki
  • Who the heck is Zippo?
  • A zippo is a hippo that zips.
  • Zippo was a penguin who joined in 2005, and was one of the first penguins on the island. Then one day, he vanished. Everyone went looking for him, and he was no where to be found. Now some penguins say that he will be on top of the new Mountain Expediton. Though Zippo didn't appear during the Mountain Expedition.
  • Zippo is currently a ghost. He lies in the surf hut and waits until 12:00 midnight, PST, to strike.
  • Zippo is herbert (Most of the time).