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Ideas for new wigs! Things in italic are things that already happened.

New Wigs[edit]

  • The Barty (resembles Bart's hair (from The Simpsons) , matches with the penguin's feather color)
  • The Polished (a hair that looks like a swirly scoop of ice cream, can have any color of the player's choice)
  • The Extreme Lights (Long hair with turquoise, hot pink, yellow, and neon green highlights.)
  • The Dancer (Cadence hair)
  • The Electrifier (very spiky white and light blue hair)
  • The Mind-Reader (You think of something and a hand will pop out of the wig doing it for you) Example: If you think: *I left my wallet at the Cove* then a hand will pop out of your wig and go to the cove and bring your wallet back to you.
  • The Scary (A freaky wig)
  • The Royal Crown (Blond hair that is shaped like a crown)
  • The Punk (Long, Dark Red hair.)
  • The Neon Strike (Bright, Glowing green hair that is swept back.)
  • The Rainbow Afro
  • The Tarstriker (Hair style looks like Sunstriker but black)
  • The Grassy (Messed up green hair that looks like the Surf Knot)
  • The Yin-Yang (black and white bun)
  • The Icette (turquoise hair that looks shiny and it's smooth and straight)
  • The Messy (Dark brown messy hair with a pony tail)
  • The Calvical (A Orange, Red, and Black Mohawk with spikier hair)
  • The Cool (a black The Chill)
  • The Grown Stacker (A Tall yellow hair with the Brown/Black on the bottom of the Hair)
  • The Infernition (Spiky Orange and Red Hair which has yellow On the middle of the Hair)
  • The Oceanision (Spiky Blue Hair that is like the Tuft but blue in color)
  • The Nerd (Smoothed down black hair with a lot of hairspray)
  • The General (army style hair)
  • The 70's (A big, brown, square hairdo)
  • The Redhead (A Crimson Red spiky hair that looks like the Firestriker/Sunstriker/The Tuft)
  • The Nicete (a black, straight hair)
  • The Spunkette (a messy back-length icy pink hair with silver, lavender, aqua and black highlights)
  • The Messy (messy hair with a tooth brush in the hair like its stuck)
  • The Lightning Strike (Spiky Hair With Black And Yellow Stripes)
  • The Tsunami (Blue Wavy Hair Sort Of Like The Wave)
  • The Curlicue (Lots Of Curly Hair Like The Tousled)
  • The Komodo (A Spiky Green hair that looks like Komodo Dragon Scales)
  • The Country Star (A blonde bun, looks like Taylor Swift's)
  • The Chazz (Looks like Chazz's hair from Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • The Big Wig(touches ceiling or sky)
  • The Toolbox (turns into hammer, shovel, shield, scissors, rope, and hand)
  • The Clothing(if you say a type of clothing it will throw that clothing down on you)(Example: You say, "robe" then The Clothing will shoot a robe down on you)
  • The Flutter (like the flutterby and befluttered only Red with a green clip)
  • The Dragonfly (a red vers
  • The Gaga (curly blonde hair that sticks out on the sides, with a pink highlight)
  • The Sporty Star (almost-bald hair in black)
  • The Piggytails (cotton candy pink pigtails with brown hair ties)
  • idetied, but in pigtails)
  • The Beaded (dark brown braided hair with multicolored beads)
  • The Tiger (spiky high hair with black and orange stripes)
  • The Aiham (straight black hair flat on head with a few hairs sticking out at back of head)
  • The Funky Japan! (Choose your color) a bun with two white sticks at the back
  • The Moptop (The beatles style hair)
  • The Zuko (hair like Zuko's from Avatar. Version, with and without his scar)
  • The Dirty (brown hair with some blond highlights)
  • The Sidetied Star (like the Sidetied but the color is pink with star hairclips)
  • The Black Puffle (the hair that the Black Puffle gets when his hair is brushed, but you pick you color, and thank GOODNESS it doesn't look like J. Bieber's.)
  • The Attractive (a blond variant of The Tuft)
  • The Way Too Long (a blond variant of The Surf)
  • The Wiki (unknown colored wig with pictures of wiki user's player cards)
  • The Supersaiyan (blond wig that is four times a tall as The Sunstriker; similar to Goku's hair in Supersaiyan mode)
  • The Out-Of-Style (a wig that covers your penguin's eyes)
  • The Wright (a wig that looks like Nate Wright from Big Nate's hair)
  • The Marge (Marge's beehive hair from the simpsons)