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Ideas for new toys in Club Penguin.


  • Tom & Jerry Kids set
  • Regular Day at club penguin set- comes with town,light blue girl(flutterby hair,pink shirt and light blue boy(sunstriker hair,red shirt)
  • The Migrator Set
  • Moderator set includes all known moderators.
  • Christmas pack with a Christmas igloo,Santa,Pyjamas Penguin,Rudolph,Elf and a sleigh with 6 presents.
  • The Orange Puffle Set - Comes with Orange Puffle, Green Wagon, Box, and Pillow
  • The White Puffle Set - Comes with White Puffle
  • The Purple Puffle Set - Comes with Purple Puffle, Bubble Wand, and Disco Ball
  • The Yellow Puffle Set - Comes with Yellow Puffle, board, paint, and video camera
  • The Green Puffle Set - Comes with Green Puffle, Balls, Unicycle, and Red Propeller Cap
  • The Pink Puffle Set - Comes with Pink Puffle, Jump Rope, and Trampoline
  • The Black Puffle Set - Comes with Black Puffle ,Puffle O, and Skateboard
  • The Blue Puffle Set - Comes with Blue Puffle and Ball
  • The Red Puffle Set - Comes with Red Puffle, Cannon, Helmet, and Bowling Pins
  • The Coffee Shop Set - Comes with Hot Chocolate Maker, Coffee Server, and Couches
  • The Club Penguin Set
  • Ninja Hideout Set - Comes with Ninja, Sensei, Cards, and the catalog
  • Volcano Set
  • Waterfall set
  • Dojo Set
  • Ninja hideout set
  • Tallest Mountain Set
  • Water ninja and water Sensei
  • Snow Ninja and Snow Sensei mix n match
  • Town Playset (Includes 14 penguins & 9 puffles 1 of each colour) Nightclub room Gift Shop room and Coffee Shop Room and Town Room
  • Billybob Toy
  • Dancing Penguin Toy
  • Mix-N-Match Puffles (black, pink, white, green, orange, purple, yellow in a set with bonus blue and red)
  • Penguin Band Mix N Match Playset,
  • Club penguin island playset includes playsets of every club penguin room,15 puffles,40 penguins
  • Club penguin island playmat with 5 penguins and 2 puffles:red and orange.
  • Cart sufer play set
  • Penguin Band Plush Toys
  • Fire ninja water ninja ice ninja mix and match playset
  • Migarator Playset Includs: rockhopper mix and match,yarr mix and match ship mate
  • The Pet Shop Playset includes: All the Puffles Mix and Match and the Pet Shop Owner Mix and Match Toy
  • A Mix N Match Pack with all the Mix N Matchs from each series
  • Astro Barrier Car with SpaceMan Mix n Match
  • Lego Club Penguin PlaySets
  • Hydro Hopper car with blue penguin, brown penguin, and pink penguin penguin with snorkel mask mix n matchs
  • Super-Hero Moblie with Shadow Guy and gamma gal Mix n match
  • The Stage with two plays- The Twelfth Fish and SG and GG vs Squidzoid
  • Pizza Parlor PlaySet- Comes with portable building of the Pizza Parlor it comes with a mix and match pizza chef, waitress and a red penguin it comes also with a fireplace a pizza poster, tables and a front desk
  • Every book that you unlock comes with a code to unlock rare stuff and 500 coins.
  • A-nuter figure 8 pack with Cadence, DJ Penguin,Gamma Gal,Rad Si-en-test,Space man,Mermade,Knite and sitting Herbert and Klutzy, Yarr and Gary's Robot
  • Rookie Plush Toys
  • Ready for Action! Set-Red Puffle, White Puffle, Bowling Set
  • play sets for ever play ever made
  • Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 car with Gary the Gadget Guy Min n Match and 9 puffle figure of each color.
  • A set called " Action at the Town" comes with a construction worker, Red puffle with cannon and two member penguins.
  • Lighthouse Play set mix n match
  • Shadow Guy Deluxe Edition Plush
  • A set called " Dock Fun and Games!" comes with 2 penguins, a boat, a worker and a map.
  • Herbert Foiler: A huge set of toys that you can connect together. It's where you make a contraption to stop Herbert.
  • Big Puffle
  • Popular in CP Set-Blue Puffle, Purple Puffle, Plaza Rooms, Town Rooms, Cove
  • Water Bound Set-Dock, Beach, Lighthouse, Migrator, Nets
  • Music Set-Cadence, Dancing Penguin, Penguin Band, Dance Club, Speakers, Dj and Dj tables and purple puffle and a green puffle and boombox
  • Barista and Pizza chef Mix n Match with Counter
  • Rescue Squad and Tour Guide Mix n Match with Tour Booth
  • Jet Pack Guy plush
  • Blue Baseball Player plush
  • Mullet costume plush
  • Rock Star Plush (wearing The Shock Wave, a Pop T-Shirt and purple checkered shoes)
  • Gift Shop Manager Plush (Lime Green with Yellow Scarf and Red Suede Jacket
  • Rsnail Mix N Match Figure and Rsnail Plush (in honor of Rsnail who recently quit in Fall of 2010)
  • Beta Tester Penguin (Get in a 4 winner contest. Gives access to unlock the Beta Party Hat)
  • Club penguin Set-All the rooms and places with billybob and famous penguins,Staff 36 penguins 24 puffles 15 unlock codes for rare items and beta hat and green vikeing helmet (The rarest item in 2011 so far -June) and you get to get all the ninja suits and 6000 coins.
  • Mix-N-Match Split Level Igloo Set, larger than the regular igloo set and stores up to 25 penguins and puffles.
  • Island Set: The entire island. Comes with Penguin Set, where you get penguins of all the colors and many "items" for your penguin and you get to design the penguin.
  • Shadow Ninja Plush Toy
  • Snow Ninja Plush Toy
  • Rainbow Puffle Plush Toy
  • Golden Puffle Plush Toy
  • Orange Tabby Cat Plush Toy
  • Blue Border Collie Plush Toy
  • Unicorn Puffle Plush Toy (each color sold seperately)