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Ideas for the game Thin Ice!

Thin Ice theories[edit]

  • A secret level that has tar pit traps and melted ice on the south part of the level, it is accessed by beating this game without drowning in the water on the harder levels
  • White Puffles as enemies, they breath at the player when being to close at it
  • Clickable Yellow Arrow Buttons
  • Comet Puffle enemies that if you don't collect them they jump in the sky and crash-land and the ice goes away.
  • Green Puffles are extra lives and do funny things when you collect them.
  • Yellow Puffles are enemies. They paint the ice dark blue so you'll think that it's water.
  • Red Puffle are enemies. They throw cannons at you and some had fire.
  • There is a mirror on every 5 levels. If you get close to them, then a red puffle will jump out and dash to turn ice into water.
  • If you beat the original levels, then you will unlock a secret room with Thin Ice 2. It has mega levels and whenever you come back to the Dance Lounge, you have access to the secret room. You also get level select.
  • Pink Puffles are backup that save you once every 5 rounds from sinking
  • If you complete every single level you get a level select, and you have the ability to play Thinicetrobarrier whenever you want to. Oh and a special Thin Ice T-Shirt!

Thin Ice 2 Levels[edit]

  • Puffle Pounder: This is where you are still a black puffle but you get close to a mirror and all the puffles come out. You have to pound them back in the mirror and avoid their attacks to win the level. Also, there are powerups that let you turn 3 patches of water into ice and have 1 puffle's power.
  • Herbert, That's So Unlike You!: Herbert and Klutzy are back. But this time, he's actually helping you by refreezing patches of water. At the end of the level, you go through a portal. You are on Herbert's ship. Herbert is stealing the water to use for a plan. He was refreezing the water so you wouldn't see the water being taken away. Pound Herbert 3 times to win the level.
  • Fall Fair Fallfairaganza: This is where a bunch of Fall Fair games blow up. They become parts of this level. You have to avoid the hammer, cactuses, targets with things that jump out at you etc. Powerups are Super Strength, Balloon Hat, and Super Squirter. 
  • Haunted Level This level is haunted: Stuff flies at you! Patches of ice turn into water even when you're not on them! The only way to win is to put the stuff that flies at you in the water. Then go to the finish line.
  • Checker Ice: This is where you play Checkers. The frozen patches of ice are red and the unfrozen patches of ice are black.You have to win to win.
  • The Spider Clan: Spider Night Night

The Spiderpenguin swings at you. Keep dodging to ware him out. Then he just runs at you. Get him to fall in the water.

Ink vs Fire[edit]

  • Black Puffle vs Squid Puffle.
  • Ink turns you black.
  • And Water is deep.
  • Who will win?
  • Squid Squad
  • This is like the first ones.
  • Comet Puffle Attack
  • Comet Puffles appeared.
  • Deep Sea of doom
  • Fluffies and Mullets act the same in Thin ice bros.
  • Baron Squid
  • BOSS:Baron the Squid Puffle.

Ink vs Fire 2[edit]

  • Squid Puffle is back to make more bad ink to make you black.
  • Squid Puffle had a new power:Spits ink in a circle. Yuck!
  • Back to the Squid World
  • Like the first ones
  • White Puffles Attack more than squids
  • White Puffles appeared
  • Underwater Castle
  • Fluffies and Mullets returned but Sharks and Clams appeared.
  • Squid Puffle
  • BOSS:Squid Puffle

Minigames:There are 5 minigames

  • Caves of Crabs
  • Crabs and Bats
  • Jelly Jelly Fish
  • Jellyfishes and swarm of fishes
  • The return of Baron Squid
  • Baron Squid
  • Puffle Bros
  • Goomba and Koopa Puffles
  • Squid vs Black
  • The easiest.

Secrets:4 Secrets

  • Squid Returns
  • Harder than the first ones
  • Baron's White castle of ink
  • Baron White returns
  • Octopus caves
  • Octopuses appeared
  • Baron Squid and Baron White power of together
  • Baron Squid and Baron White together.
  • Find a blue puffle to go there.

Thin Ice Bros[edit]

  • Thin Ice Bros:You can play as Black Puffle or Good Comet Puffle.
    • World 1:Cold Colds. This world is similar to the normal levels.
    • World 2:Green Greens. In this world, there is grass. You can walk on it once and it will chill, twice and it freezes, three times and it melts.New enemies are the Crabs, that pinch you, and the Snowstorms, that do the same thing as if you walk on it.
    • World 3:Hot Hots. Desert world. There is deserts. If you walk on deserts, they turn into grass. Also, enemies include the Sphinxpuffle, that can walk on things like you and breathes fire that lasts for 2 spaces, and the Mummypenguin, that can throw wrapping paper all the way to the next wall.
    • World 4:Watery Waterys. You have a time limit because it's under water. There are coral. If you touch it, it turns into deserts. The two new enemies are Fluffys, that can chase you, and Mullets, that shoot bubbles, and can do the walk affect. They're also huge.
    • Boss: Baron Chill. It's a White Puffle. He stands on a platform breathing. Dodge it. Your walking on infini-ground. Then stairs will appear. Walk up and bump him off the platform. He bumps you off. Do this two more times to win! He breaths faster the more you hurt him.
  • Thin Ice Bros 2:Dreaming (playable: Black Puffle, Good Comet Puffle, Princess Puffle, Good White Puffle)
    • World 1:Futurecon-this world is futeristic. The enemies are Robopenguins, that have walk affect, and Key Thieves, that can steal keys. Bump them to destroy them. There's lots of infiniground here.
    • World 2:Creepy Caves-in this world are Bats, that can pass over walls, and Ghosts, which can't hurt you but they can bump you. There is puddles here. If you touch them three times they turn into bottomless pits. It's like water but the game won't stop you from moving into them.
    • World 3:Baron Chill's new castle. In this castle there are Ultra White Puffles, with homing breath missles and Aqua Puffles, that turn spaces in front of them and up to 3 squares in front into water. Lot's of Infiniground here
    • World 4:Baron Chill's platform. Enemies are Puffle Ghosts, like ghosts but 2x faster, and Penguin-Puffles, like Aqua Puffles but 5x faster.
    • Boss: Baron Rad. It's a RED puffle. He stands on a platform shooting homing missles. Dodge. The blocks are 10hp ground. Then stairs will appear. Climb up the stairs, but Rad will send down barrels of Cream Soda to trip you. Bump him. He will bump you down. Do this 2 more times to win! He shoots faster missles the more you hurt him.
  • Thin Ice Bros 3:The Icicle World (playable:Black Puffle, Good Comet Puffle)
    • World 1:Original-these levels are like the original ones from Thin Ice 1.
    • World 2: Flames of Doom-on this level, you have a time limit, if you don't beat it in time then you burn to a crisp. New enemy is the Angry Sun which will attempt to burn you. He can walk through walls.
    • World 3:Welcome back to Water: It's underwater again, but a new enemy is the jellyfish-if it touches you you are stunned, and it can stun other enemies too.
    • World 4:Giant Puffle's Castle:the giant puffle lurks here, you can't hurt him, just run away!
    • Boss:Baron Chill Returns:It's like the first game's boss except every time you hurt him you have less ground. After you beat him, he jumps back up. You have to circle around him dodging his daggers until he gets dizzy and dies.
  • Thin Ice World:Yoshi Puffle Island (playable:Black Puffle, Good Comet Puffle)
    • World 1:This includes 4 different kinds of yoshi puffle (yellow crushes blocks, red burn a combo for a ice and blue flies) and new enemies Dino penguin - had two whacks and magnum penguin bill - with is a big penguin bill.
    • World 2:This level had football puffles, buzzy puffles, underwater puffles and bubble puffle.
    • World 3:An forest of caterpillar puffles and bubble puffles.
    • World 4:More dinos appeared now there's puffle-torch which fires and puffle-rhino which is a adult version of there baby.
    • World 5:Ghosts and bomb puffles returned. Ghost houses appeared and urchin puffles first appeared.
    • World 6:Final level (statue puffles and ninja puffles) skeleton puffles returned. The ninja puffles from dreaming appeared too.
    • World 7:Puffle car Baron White - he throw mecha puffles and heavy puffle which break blocks.
  • Thin Ice Bros:The Remake (playable:the first 3 thin ice games)
    • Also includes Lost Levels which is like one but.
  • Sick Purple Puffles appears to attack you.
  • Crabs are Red (Green in the first 3 worlds) now.
  • World 9 even includes a Squidzoid baron at the 3rd level.