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Theories or ideas about the room The Stage!

The Stage theories[edit]

  • The Stage will become a Culture Center.

The Stage ideas[edit]

  • We will be able to write your own scripts.
  • Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal having there own car called The Super-Hero Moblie.
  • The stage will have another room in it.

The Stage new plays[edit]

  • Space Adventure Planet Z: Captain Snow thinks he sees Club Penguin, but when he lands it's actually Planet Z! Quip and Qua hijack there ship and make it so it's a giant robot monster. Luckily Lightning Guy and Xray Gal, the alien versions of SG and GG come to help.
  • Komodo attack.
  • As A timid red penguin was playing around with the rock at The Forest, he discovers a red blue rainbow magic rock in which teleported him to Green Hill Zone (from Sonic the Hedgehog). There he sees something absolutely horrible: A GIANT CHEESE ROBOT! That cheese robot engulfed almost all of Sonic's world and if he doesnt't stop that cheese robot, Sonic's, Club Penguin, BOTH universes will be destroyed! Luckily, a famous blue streak comes and helps the shy penguin. The penguin has to face his shy personality and save the day! There with Sonic, he will be shy no longer!
  • A Sea for Traveling, Indeed: Some penguins are traveling with the Aqua Grabber, a surfboard, a jetpack, etc. But they want to try something new. Later, they decide that they'll switch vehicles. But they don't know who to switch with. And then G comes and uses his Teller 3000 to tell who should switch with who. They don't agree and then they quittraveling. But later, they agree with the results and the play ends.
  • The Lost Village - Two Penguins were hiking in the wilderness of Cp. They soon stumble across a village that is old and the buildings are rusty. Then a puffle comes out of a bush and jumps up and down the penguins think hes trying to say something so they follow him. He leads them to a Village square and a old penguin comes out " Hello Im the Mayor he said" they found out it was the mayor and he asked them to help restore the Village called "Club Penguin Village" and they told penguins everywhere to help now Club Penguin Village is a huge city and the largest city on Club Penguin
  • X-Treme Heights: X-Treme Penguin goes too far when he puts all of Club Penguin in jeopardy. He launches Club Penguin to Herbert's Castle.