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Characters Stamps[edit]

  • Sasquatch stamp- Meet Sasquatch, not in the Puffle Wild room. (Hard difficulty)
  • Elsa stamp- Meet Elsa (Extreme difficulty)
  • Dancing Penguin stamp: Meet Dancing Penguin. (difficulty: hard)

Party Stamps[edit]

Activities Stamps[edit]

  • #Buddies- Have 50 buddies! (Medium difficulty)
  • 1000 Days!– Log on with a penguin that is 1000 days or older. (difficulty: extreme)

Games Stamps[edit]

Puffle Roundup[edit]

  • Speedy Roundup- Catch all puffles in under 20 seconds (Hard difficulty)


  • Stay Afloat: Complete all 10 levels without losing a tube. (difficulty: extreme)
  • Tubular: Complete 5 levels without losing a tube. (difficulty: hard)

Bean Counters[edit]

  • In the Bag: Unload all bags by the 5th level without losing a life. (difficulty: extreme)

Video Games Stamps[edit]

  • Rename Video Games section to Video Games and Mobile, and make new subcategories for the CP apps.

Club Penguin app[edit]

  • Sushi Drop- Play Sushi Drop! (Easy difficulty)
  • Sushi Treasure- Get a free item while playing Sushi Drop! (Medium difficulty)

Sled Racer app[edit]

  • Power-UP!- Use a Power Up while playing Sled Racer. (Easy difficulty)
  • Racing Novice- Reach 500 distance. (Easy difficulty)
  • Sled Hero!- Reach 2000 distance (Extreme difficulty)

Puffle Wild app[edit]

  • Puffle Wild- Defeat a level of Puffle Wild (Easy difficulty)
  • Glitterpants!- Adopt your own Yellow Unicorn Puffle! (Hard difficulty)