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Fish Central[edit]

To play this go to the home page of the Clubpenguin site, and hover your cursor over the water. A gray fish will appear and ask you if you wanna play the secret game Fish Central, click 'YES!'. You will be asked to pick the type, color, and special ability for your fish. You can choose from Fluffy, Gray Fish, and Mullet. In color you can decide from red, blue, green, purple, black, brown, maroon, and a secret color called rainbow! You live in a reef with other fish, and instead of snowballs you throw bubbles. You also collect sea dollars instead of coins, and when you speak it's a thought bubble not a speech bubble. The catch phrase is, "Swim Around And Meet Moist Friends!'. --Feey1 22:19, 29 April 2011 (UTC)

Skies The Limit[edit]

This game is really cool. The only way to play this game is to delete your Clubpenguin penguin and then you'll end up in Skies The Limit. This place you can have any pet(including mythical beasts). Instead of a penguin you have a winged child, and instead of snowballs you throw puffs of clouds. Your house is made of gold and has 2 stories. The main room is called Golden City Square, there you can play 2 games: Harps Copy, or Cloud Catapult. It's all like Clubpenguin except very Heaven like. --Feey1 22:19, 29 April 2011 (UTC)

Rockhopper Island Version 3[edit]

You thought the 2nd Rockhopper Island was good? Then Rockhopper Island Version 3 will blow your socks off! Instead of sneaking on Rockhopper's boat, Rockhopper has a contest every time he comes when 10 lucky penguins will be able to go to Rockhopper Island. You enter by filling out a form at the beach, then the day before he leaves he picks the 10 random penguins. In Rockhopper Island Version 3 you can adopt 2 kinds of pets: crabs, and red puffles. You can open up your own treasure booth and sell, trade, or buy treasures. You can go snorkeling, wave surfing, and play Pirate Ships(a game where you pick a pirate ship and battle either a CPU or an other player). There's a new game out every month. And at the end of every year the game gets canceled and a new version comes about. --Feey1 22:04, 29 April 2011 (UTC)

Rockhopper Island Version 2[edit]

The only way to get here is to stay on Rockhopper's boat for over 4 minutes after he leaves. He will then ask you if you wanna stay with him or go back to CP. If you choose 'yes' then your penguin will be on the Migrator for a week(your puffles will be okay). You'll also be able to hang out with other penguins that got on the ship too. But your map and EPF Spy Phone doesn't work. The only way to get off the ship if you want to is to jump over board! Then you'll dock at Rockhopper Island and will have all time access to there. Instead of coins you use treasures, and to find treasures you have to play Treasure Hunt, or Treasure Jungle. Once you earn treasures you can trade, buy, and sell furniture, items, etc. --Feey1 16:16, 29 April 2011 (UTC)

Digital Domain[edit]

To get to this secret digital world first go to Box Dimension. Then stand in the middle of the room and put on the Miner Helmet. Then dance. You will crack through the middle and fall into a digital world. Instead of snowballs you through viruses, and instead of puffles you have micro chips. Plus you live in a file not an igloo. And Ti-Di RH comes every two months and brings something from the Virus Side of Digital Domain. If you stay on Ti-Di RH's flying boat for 4 minutes after he leaves you'll be able to go to The Virus Side and battle evil viruses. You of course would be able to return to CP whenever you wanted to. --Feey1 16:16, 29 April 2011 (UTC) Ideas for Spin-off Games of Club Penguin.

Rockhopper Island[edit]

The same thing as Club Penguin but in Rockhopper's private island. There are different rooms, games, famous penguins and newspaper.


a ninja clubpenguin

Penguin Chat 4[edit]

Basically a mixture between Club Penguin and Penguin Chat 3. The main room is not the Town Center, but the Town Square. The Plaza is called Penguin Plaza. And the Pet Shop is called the Puffle Shop. There is no Fire Dojo on this. There is no pins, either. The parties are:

  • February 2010 - Anniversary 1
  • March 2010 - Western Party
  • April 2010 - Easter and April Fool's Party (mixed together)

All the rest are unknown.

The rarest items are:

  • White and Black Party Hat (February 2010)
  • Fluffy Jacket (February 2010)
  • Pink Jacket (February 2010)

All the rest are unknown at the moment.

Puffle Society[edit]

The same thing as Club Penguin (in fact the game takes place IN Club Penguin) but you play as a puffle. The game mostly takes place in the Wilderness, but you can go to other rooms in Club Penguin. The puffles can speak to each other through telekenisis (you type a message in a chat bar but when you say it, it appears in a thought bubble) and throw O'berries instead of snowballs.

Animal Island[edit]

A game where you can become any animal (even a penguin or puffle!) and walk, crawl, waddle, whatever around. The game has lots of moderators watching at all times.

Club Penguin: The Next Dimension[edit]

CP:TND is aimed at children 9-13, but it still doesn't have anything inappropriate, it's just more serious. In TND, the "parties" will be less frequent, and most will be replaced by "events", in which secrets of CP are revealed, and sometimes villains come. You are an agent already in this game, but the missions will be normal Club Penguin style. The mystery unravels more each event. You can only get onto TND if you are an angent, tour guide, elitest, and ninja in CP, and your penguin must be at least 1 year old. There are also sometimes boss battles where you use snowballs and teamwork to your advantage to defeat villains.


  • Herbert P. Bear (duh!)
  • The Box Dragon
  • The Ultimate Proto-bot and his minions
  • Shadowpeng (most major villain in TND)
  • The Abominable Snow Puffle
  • Several villains from Club Penguin Fanon Wiki
  • Cantdance
  • Darry the Destroyer Dude
  • Uncle Arctic
  • Samaurai
  • Klutzy with an L-92 Dart Shooter
  • Raoxgerabbdragakeorseeepkeyroostdooarzilla(animals of Chinese zodiac put together)
  • Scar(the strange crab in Puffle Launch and the mysterious photo floating around the web)

Pin Player[edit]

You play a pin that you put in the player card. You get special abilities based on the pin that allow you to accomplish goals and such. You start with Level 1. Once you get to Level 10, you become a background. At Level 20, you become a puffle. And at Level 30, you become a penguin.

Waterfall Realms[edit]

At Hidden Lake, if you drill in front of the right waterfall, you fall into Waterfall Realms.

It is a magical and mystical place. You have to be at least 7, though. When you fall, you land in Jungle Patch. A fairy comes and tells you about the game. Then, she gives you mystical powers. The powers are for monsters that are running around. If you defeat one, you can choose to catch it or not catch it. It has a certain power that will help you accomplish goals.


  • Jungle Patch
  • Electric Forest
  • Hotel Hymn
  • Hotel Hymn Rooms
  • Song Fields
  • Mushroom Tunes
  • Redfield Roads
  • Monster Battle Field

Card Jitsu Snow[edit]

Card Jitsu Snow is where you play on Icebergs and try to have the least cards at the end of the game. When you win a round, the opponent with the lowest denominator gets your cards. It takes place at the Tallest Mountain, and your gear is the Frozen Boots, the Snowy Cloak, the Icicle Mask, and the Arctic Helmet.

Club Penguin 2[edit]

CP2 is the same thing as Club Penguin, just with different rooms with games. Walk in the water from the Cove and a spring will spring you to CP2. But that's just one of the many ways.

13. penguin vill for the ds


its the same is cp but on the ds evil giant penguin trys to destroy club penguin but along comes super penguin who obviously saves the day but in the end he turns out to be evil and then "to be continued"... = Club Penguin:The Other Universe = This is aimed at children 8-14,though not too much violence.There is boss fights,a new agency thing,and TWO Box Dimensions!Instead of coins,there is dollars.Other than that,it is exactly CP! The rarest items are:Pumpkin Head,Candy Bar,Scarecrow costume,and the Grand Opening pin,which looks like a banner that says GRAND OPENING!

Monopoly:Club Penguin Edition[edit]

Choose your character. A penguin, a party hat, a puffle, a propeller hat, an igloo, an inner tube, and Rh's ship. Roll the dice and move your thing. But just try not to lose all of your coins and definitely don't try to get banned!

Good Club Penguin[edit]

A version of Club Penguin where everyone is a member, and has every item in Club Penguin. You can play games to earn stamps, however all of the card jitsu and mission stamps are already earned for you. You can also be different colors, like beige, dark black, and gray!

You can not put your password too.


A Version of CP that's aimed at teenagers that takes place in the CP fanon universe..You need to enter the code Phazevil 2 times at Signup,and you will be brought to URL can't be accepted by search browsers.At the start;your character(any anthomorphic animal;EVEN HEDGEHOGS!) falls into a cave,and is awoken by an armored figure(my fc from the Fanon wiki,Dark Lorgas).You escape him and begin your quest to save Antarctica from Dark Lorgas' Evil Clutches.PhazEvil is a MMOFPS(Masively Multiplayer Online First-person Shooter).You Use Various weapons from the Fanon wiki(Snowball guns;Deletion Rifles,Rollback Guns,etc.) to combat Dark Lorgas' forces with other creatures. I'm Different... SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! 16:28, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

My singing puffle[edit]

Like my singing monsters but with puffles.

  • Nogguffle
  • Mammoth Puffle
  • Toe Juffle
  • Squidapuffle (T-rox replaced)
  • Maffle
  • Ghazt Puffle
  • Wubbox Puffle