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Ideas for the game Sled Racing!

Sled Racing theories[edit]

  • Sled Racing should have more tracks.
  • There will be the ability to ride Surfboards down the hill.
  • White puffles should be able to play with players.
  • Theres another secret mode where you can play Extreme Jetpack Sled Cartz!

New Tracks[edit]

  • Learner's Course: during this course things are slowed down and you learn how to play Sled Racing, like Mancala Snails Beginner Mode.
  • Puffle Hill:Puffles sled with you here and also comet puffles make explosions, at the end there are Old Blue PUFFLES not penguins.
  • Log Woods: This level has trees as an obstacle, there is lots of stumps in the end of the track and there is a Christmas tree in the end
  • Great Wall Track: There are no obstacles except a huge Great Wall of China at the end. You have to go on a very thin ramp to go over it.
  • Trapvenue: This level is where there are traps that you have to avoid. There are bear traps which pop your sleds, catapults which sling you to the start again, fans that keep you in place, and hands that destroy your sled so you have to walk.
  • Toast Run: You are riding on a piece of toast and the stumps are toasters. The logs are sticks of butter, and there are piles of jelly that when you hit them you stick there for a little bit. Ice patches are smeared butter, so you slide on it and speed up. 3 sleders per run.
  • Komodo run:You must run down the hill without knocking over a Komodo Dragon. At the end, there are cheering Komodo Dragons.
  • Solar track: There are jump pads and it sends you to moon track. There are also mega jump pads which send you to pluto track. On those tracks you race against aliens. When you get to the end of pluto track you fall on to moon track and so on. The obstacles on the normal thack is the same but on the solar tracks there are aliens to stop you. Five players can play.
    • It will go to the right of the sign
  • Xtreme Adventure:You need the new item, the Box Board, to ride this one. In this, it starts off normal, but with Krabs that try to get you. After a bit, you fly into the sky up a ramp and you go in space. There are aliens and hackers that try to shoot you. Then you fall down onto the course. If you miss the ramp you go underground and you have to hit Herbert with your sled three times while avoiding his rocks. If you get hit by 3 rocks you lose and get no coins. When you beat Herbert you fly up onto the course. Then, after the space/underground, you see a giant portal into the Box Dimension where you have to escape the Box Dragon's maze, if you hit a dead end, you get a minus 20 coin penalty. After the maze you ride up the Box Dragon's head, through another portal and to the end of the race. HARDEST COURSE ON CLUB PENGUIN.
  • SpongeBob Track: This level is a level where crabs and sponges and squirrels etc. try to get you.
  • Dance Revolution Hill: This level is where you play Dance Revolution while your sledding. You use your mouse to steer. If you get it wrong, an obstacle will appear in front of you and you will crash. You lose if this happens 5 times.
  • Xtreme Adventure 2: You start in the sky on a cloud. You start sledding. You have to follow the clouds until you get to the ground. Then, you go up a ramp and into the air. Squidzoid grabs you and brings you to Melmonst. You have to sled down his wings and back onto track. Then, there's an avalanche. Avoid the giant tumbling snowballs and then sled onto the guitar. The king wants a tune. Sled on the strings and keep switching until you play a good tune. Use left, right, up, and down on this part. If you play three bad tunes, the king flicks you to Melmonst. When you get past him, pound the giant dragon three times and go up his tail and win the track.  
  • Xtreme Adventure 3:You start on a normal Ridge run track. When you see the finish line, a snow dune will pop out of the snow and you shoot over the finish line. Your sledding in the air. You see the snow dune was the... ABOMINABLE SNOW PUFFLE? He'll shoot snowflakes. Dodge them. You land back on the hill. He chases you. If you wipe out 5 times he catches you and you lose. Then you arrive at the Ski Village. Sled into the Sled Lodge, and through it avoiding the penguins playing mancala. Then the ASP crashes through the door. Escape! Sled up the sport shop and dodge more ice breath in the sky. You land on the dojo. The aliens are back! Dodge their lasers until the ASP jumps and beats them. His weight makes you land in the dojo. "TAKE MY POWER CARDS!" says Sensei. Now You have to sled down the mountains stepping on switches. Water-freezes the asp. Fire-hurts the asp. Ice-heals the asp. He has 7 max hp and starts out with 5 hp. If you wipe out 5 times you lose. Once he has 0 hp the ASP melts. You race to the finish! The end!
  • Attack of the Puffle King Prologue: You sled normally when Puffle King comes out. Avoid his 8 attacks to win.
  • Attack of the Puffle King: Puffle King summons his 8 puffles to come attack you. Make them attack each other. Then Puffle King jumps out of nowhere and chases you. Get near the bush. When you feel like he is close enough, sled out of the way so Puffle King crashes into the bush. Sled to the finish.
  • Attack of the Puffle King 2: Many Puffles: Puffle King separates into 8 puffles and the normal 8 puffles come, so you're against 16. You're gonna need help from the other 7 players to win. One lucky player will sled away during the fight to the finish line, and hopefully that'll be you.
  • Attack of the Puffle King 3: Know Thy Spot: Puffle King's puffles are hiding, so they dart out of nowhere to get you off track. Sometimes when they come by, they just trap you somehow so the next puffle for sure gets you. At the end, Puffle King tries to stomp you. He can't use his powers because he has a really bad cold.
  • Attack of the Puffle King 4: King Krabs: King Krabs fights against Puffle King. They use their attacks and minions against each other. Avoid the attacks that get near you and race to the finish line.
  • Attack of the Puffle King 5: The Attack Help of the Puffle King: At the end of the last track, the Polar King appears. Now you are getting help from the puffles and crabs. Use your attacks against the Polar King. Fight his polar bears. While you're fighting, Herbert will want to help you escape. He will lead you to a self-destruct switch and point towards an exit. Pull the switch and head towards the door. The screen will flash and Herbert will be gone. Some polar bears will find and fight you. Sneak past them and the Polar King will find you. Fight him. After that, you will see a self-destruct switch. Run towards and pull it. The screen will flash again the polar bears will be on your side. The crabs will be on the other side with Herbert. "I thought I could fool you. And I could!!" he says. Fight one last time. Sneak out to get to the finish line.

New obstacles[edit]

  • Conveyor Belt: If you go on it, it sends you going backwards.