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Theories about the penguin Sensei!


  • The Sensei in the dojo is actually a fake robot. The REAL Sensei is in the bathroom, scrubbing the toilet he swore to spend the rest of his life cleaning.
  • Sensei's great great grandfather invented material arts.
  • In other words, he was a carpenter.
  • He could be related to Yoda and Rockhopper
  • Sensei lost 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 battles yesterday.
  • Flamemario12 stole his card called "Puffle Red".
  • But then Rockhopper ate it.
  • It rumoured that Sensei has 1,000 cards.
  • It is also rumored that none of them are his.
  • Sensei has a weak card called "baby penguin".
  • Sensei defeated Mimo 100 times and he won 100 win trophies.
  • Sensei gave all of his special cards to Billybob including extras like a soap opera card.
  • Sensei has a car.
  • Sensei has a card that turns him into Squidzoid.
  • Thankfully he was stopped by Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.
  • Sensei is the oldest penguin living in Club Penguin.
  • Sensei had to dig out the dojo because he left his underwear inside.
  • Sensei has a card that can make the time stop and look at the opponent's cards.
  • But then it resumes before he gets a chance to look.
  • Sensei is an agent! Because he can look your cards.
  • But then he was banned so he is no longer an agent and cannot look at your cards.
  • It is rumored the Sensei is being hacked because every day he goes onto a server and says, "I am not Sensei!"
  • Later it was revealed that that really WAS Sensei and that the Sensei in the dogo is a fake.
  • The Sensei's granddaughter is Rockhopper.
  • The Sensei has a card that allows him to drive a car and knock down the opponent.
  • But then it runs out of gas every time before he reaches his opponent.
  • Sensei has a card that allows him to hit the opponent with a shovel.
  • But then the shovel broke and the fragments cut Sensei's flipper.
  • Despite what you might think, Sensei actually isn't very good at card jitsu. When Aunt Arctic asked him why he said... "I never practice but spend all my time cleaning the sacred toilet."
  • Sensei is Mimo's father!
  • Sensei has a power card called white puffle.
  • Aunt Arctic watches his show "Biggest Card Jitsu Matches Ever!".
  • Sensei is Rookies brother.
  • Sensei has a card that has these symbols: ²ƒ₡¡↔#⅓¾€€₤ℳ£₩♥♥♥♥♣₦₣฿⅛¾¶↓†¿¡↔↔½ℳℳ¾¼««₪₩♥♥♦♦ℳ₵¹»».
  • Sensei is Pen-Chi's father.
  • No, no no. Pen Chi is Sensei's father.
  • Pen-Chi is stuck in Sensei's toilet.
  • Sensei has no igloo, he lives in the sacred toilet.
  • Sensei has a Rainbow Puffle Card.

  • Sensei eats puffles. Especially purplebrownorangegreenish ones.
  • Sensei likes to buy card jitsu cards at Ebay.
  • He bought so many that Ebay crashed!
  • Sensei has a Javanese Father.
  • Sensei has a katana for self-defence. He can jump with it.
  • Sensei is not the leader of the water dojo, snow dojo, puffle dojo, and Ultimate dojo. However he is the leader of the Underwear Dojo.
  • Tharnton345 gave Sensei a komodo dragon for a pet.
  • The Sensei's arch-nemesis is Sam the Sperm Whale
    • Sam has Octopi as servants.
  • Sensei has a white puffle and in the future his puffle will be with him in his seat. He likes it much more then his komodo dragon which in his opinion "is too fat to move and eats more then Pen-Chi".
  • Sensei's seat is known by ninjas as the sacred toilet, and is said to give the owner the uncanny ability to loose every card jitsu match.
  • Sensei often dreams of his father, Pen Chi. He wakes up saying, "My father still lives. He is now stuck in my toilet. Our bond shall live on."
  • Sensei made the Fire Dojo so he could kick penguins into the Volcano's lava.
  • Sensei has to wash his underwear in the sacred toilet.
  • sensei should hav a twin brother called audro
  • Sensei always has his eyes shut, because if he opens them, his big bushy eyebrows get a bunch of hair in them.
  • Sensei becomes a rocksensei when he meets rockhopper.
  • Sensei is secretley a Pokémon. SENSEI used SENSEI CARD on PENGUINCAT14.
  • Sensei's white puffles live in the sacred toilet.
  • Sensei can disappear because he's a hologram.
  • Sensei has a card that allows him to dunk you in his sacred toilet.
  • But then the sacred toilet blows up and Sensei starts crying.
  • Sensei does not poo in the sacred toilet because his father is stuck in there.
  • Sensei has a secret card called "Hurricane".
  • Sensei kept Card Jitzu Shadow, a secret because the other elements were at war with Shadow Ninjas,and many ninjas,including himself were sent to death by the Shadow Ninjas, But Sensei was transferred into a gray penguins body,and was given rebirth by the Guardians of Fire,Water,and Snow.