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Theories about the penguin Screenhog!

Screenhog theories[edit]

  • Screenhog has a piggy bank that has a screen.
    • It appears in a mission.
  • Screenhog is the smartest of all moderators.
  • Screenhog always wears the Aunt Arctic background because he's a huge fan of her.
  • Screenhog doesn't like pie.
  • Screenhog is a piggy bank with a screen in it. He is also a pig in that he eats a lot!
  • If you find Screenhog's password, all it will do is show you a picture of a hog eating computer screens.
  • Screenhog is dating Happy77
  • Screenhog likes Justin Bieber because he lives in Canada.
  • Screenhog is the silliest moderator. He created Rookie, and still lives in his mama's basement, despite being 30 something years old.
  • Screenhog is his real name, but he chose the name Chris because Screenhog was such a silly name.
  • He doesn't wear wigs because girls fall in love with penguins that wear wigs, and he is already real life dating Happy77.
  • Screenhog might have written lame penguin jokes for a British Columbian newspaper before joining Club Penguin. This might be why Club Penguin has a newspaper.
  • None of these theories exist!