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Theories about the penguin Rsnail!

Rsnail theories[edit]

  • Rsnail was originally named Crazy Penguin, but he was lost and a snail named Asnail found him. He made him "R-snail" because his sons were named Csnail all the way until Qsnail (Bsnail is Asnail's wife), or else he would get abandoned again. Asnail also had bought a rocket for him, and he got crazy, so he was re-named Rocketsnail, well, sort of. His nickname was Rsnail but Rocketsnail was his real name.
  • Rsnail is the president of CP, Screenhog and Happy77 are vice presidents.
  • Rsnail is in the Penguin Moderators Authority, along with Gary, Billybob, Happy77, and Screenhog.
  • Rsnail closed his website because of lack of funds.
  • Rsnail's son is named Cameron De La Huerta, but his mom and him got a divorce.
  • Rsnail is nine years old, and was an extremely skilled one year old when he created his site.
  • Rsnail is also called HerbertSnail because he's herbert.