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  • It is rumored Rory will get his own "story" in the Mine Shack.
  • And Rory will have a Brother named Roary, He is a Blue Penguin wearing the Red Mining Helmet and loves to roar.
  • Rory has a sister named Dennis, she is a pink penguin who is a Rockhopper hater.
  • Rory onced drilled on Rockhopper's ship and destroyed it.
  • Rory has a sister named My Big Fat Spy Wedding thats in the Bla Bla Bla
  • Rory has a sister named Foury that is always four even on her birthdays. She was even four when she was born!:P
  • Rory is the enemy of Rockhopper. When he drilled on his ship, the board acted like a seesaw and flung him into the water!
  • Rory drilled in the town. A Star from the Dance Club fell on him.
  • And he banned for 24 hours.
  • Rory drilled down the dojo.
  • Rory has a cousin named Soury that loves to sour in the sky.
  • Rory is the guy who made the crack in the clock tower. He needs to pay a fund of $10101
  • Rory has a uncle named Firey, who loves to play fire in the forest
  • Rory has a half-sister called Glory.
  • Rory has a stepmother named Morey that always wants more. Nice
  • Rory once tiped the iceburg with Roary and they both lost their homes (meaning they are HOBOS!) cuz Billybob destroyed their igloo and and they live in the Aqua Grabber!
  • Rory has a crush On cadence.
  • Gary once hired Rory to help fix his Explosion creator 3000, but Rory didn't know how to do this, so he just started drilling on it. The machine got smashed up, lit on fire and exploded, at which point Gary shouted "EUREKA!"
  • Rory hugs people that dress up like hoboes
  • Rory created the mine
  • Rory is Herbert but the real one is Cadence.
  • But squids have made it in Penguin Chat 3.
  • Rory prefers to put buckets of water on the tops of doors in igloos instead of fixing them. PRANKSTER RORY!