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Ideas for new rooms!

Main Rooms are rooms that have rooms inside(e.g. plaza,town) Ideas in Italic text has already happened. Things in bold are rooms that happened in parties.(A party room)

Main Room Ideas[edit]

  • Downtown


  • Extreme Agent Room: A Village Under Club Penguin BIGGER THAN THE WHOLE MAP! You have to
  • Army Central Room(A great place where armies can recruit, train, and look at the latest army news).
  • American football pitches,(with a game were the player has to try and score a field goal)
  • Casino Building
  • Supermarket
  • The Museum (In between Dock and your Igloo, South of Town).
  • A penguin hotel (Puffle Hotel) (near the Mine)
  • Fire Station
  • A Bookstore and/or a Library (Book Room)
  • A Hospital
  • Bank
  • Police Station (near the Everyday Phoning Facility)
  • Igloo Street (a path leading from your igloo to other igloos also the Snow forts and plaza.)
  • The Tallest mountain
  • A second HQ
  • The Public V.I.P/Back Stage Room
  • Gift Shop rooftop (kinda used in PSA mission 3) (Where you can buy the other clothing items and also buy Cadence`s Hair and Scarf in here.)
  • A time machine (Time trekker 3000) (invented by Gary to travel through time to the past, the present and the future of anywhere at the museum.)
  • Gadget room
  • Town Rooftops (Night Club)
  • Paradise Pier (a recreation center)
  • G's mad Scientist lab
  • Blue Team H.Q.
  • Red Team H.Q.
  • The Wreck of the SS Arctic (an old cargo ship that has ran aground)
  • The HMS Rockhopper (an old battleship anchored at the Cove)
  • The RMS Antarctic wreck (an ocean liner that sank becuse it ran into the Iceberg)
  • The Observatory (where Penguins can look at the Stars)
  • High School
  • Haggis House (During St. Andrew's Day Party)
  • Park (with a game, Capture the Flag)
  • Gym (entrance in park. Also can hold proms.)
  • Lighthouse Basement (storage room where all the party items are stored)
  • the under water room you can get to it by walking in the water at the ice burg
  • Mall (shopping center where penguins can buy as many things as they like and also, there are restaurants.)
  • Bowling Alley (where penguins can bowl)
  • Graveyard
  • Ski Resort (may replace the Ski Lodge)
  • Backstage (Behind the stage which was used for the Penguin Play Awards)
  • Movie Theater (Where penguins can watch the latest movies. Even the stage plays that are adapted into movies)
  • Imax Theater (Penguins can watch latest movies in 3D. Also the free item is Imax 3D glasses.)
  • Performance stage (Where singers and bands perform songs)
  • Internet Cafe
  • Fancy restaurant (Where penguins can eat rich and fancy food in the evening)
  • Film studio
  • University
  • Inside a plane (Penguins can waddle around an airplane and watch films and play games on their seats. You will have a special timer that lasts for 10 minutes until you land. Sometimes you will end up in a Private Jet with chairs and beds but there will be the same cockpit like in the normal plane.
  • Plane cockpit (Penguins can enter the cockpit and play the game Flight Simulator. There are also 3 pilots but in the private plane cockpit, there are 2 pilots.
  • Shipwreck Island
  • Herbert's Secret Volcano (Herbert uses a volcano (which is inside the tallest mountain) to use powers to destroy Club Penguin. Become a superhero and fight Herbert and his robber henchmen. This could be a connection to Herbert's secret base.)
  • Gary's igloo (via HQ)
  • Village Cliff- Near the Cove is a cliff were the sea gulls leave.
  • The Waterfall Of Beauty - A sapphire mine where you can also play Cart Surfer but the racetrack is more modern
  • Waterfall Realms - At Hidden Lake, if you drill in front of the right waterfall, you fall to Waterfall Realms which is a Spin-Off Game.
  • Superhero HQ
  • College (CP University):There is a college in the Town,starting in 2013. Inside the college,there is a classroom when you walk in,there is a gym,lunchroom,lockers and dorms. In gym,you play many sports,including baseball,basketball,dodgeball,hockey,soccer,kickball and golf. In class,you learn reading comprehension,mathematics,history,science,social studies,etc.
  • NO TO MATH! D: D: D: --Estonia.gif Quack (talk). EstonianFlag.png <-- Quack quack. 18:23, 22 February 2015 (UTC)
  • Club Penguin Subway Station

Club Penguin Subway Station is the largest and the only Subway Station in Club Penguin. There are the tracks that lead to airports, rooms, and places off the coast of Club Penguin. CP Transportation: CP Transportation leads to areas on the island. You do not need anything to travel this way.

  • A 2 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Cellar and Attic For Your Igloo.
  • Golf Course (If you trow a snowball, You will hit a Golf ball)
  • shop: sell anything of yours or buy some thing some one else has sold there.
  • Aunt Arctic's Igloo: If Aunt Arctic comes to CP, you can go to her igloo and see all her igloo items, e.g. desk, globe, typewriter. There is also a game you can play, which is pretty much a typing game. You type up an article and once you have finished, you get a free face item! This item is a pencil by the side of your face.
  • Coffee Shop Rooftop: A snowstorm hit Club Penguin, and it took the Coffee Shop's roof off, penguins will have to start repairing the roof. After the repairing it will be opened. There would be a Fresh Ground Coffee stand and tables. Penguins would be able to play a game called "Coffee Maker 3000" which is an invention by Gary, but the invention later comes to life and breaks the Coffee Shop. Penguins would start repairing it, and when Coffee Shop is repaired again, the EPF agents find out that Herbert made the machine go mad, by changing a few bolts. There would be a new mission.

Joshanthony3's Ideas[edit]

  • Doughnut Shop
  • Ice Cream shop
  • Rockhopper Island

A 10 year girl`s ideas[edit]

  • Tardis
  • Bathroom
  • tickets to a airplane
  • Phineas and ferb`s backyard
  • casino