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Rockhopper Island theories[edit]

  • Rockhopper island is the same thing as club penguin island but sand not snow.
  • At the beach of Rockhopper Island the lighthouse is an old, crashed ship called Migrator Sr.
  • Rockhopper Island is in Africa.
  • Rockhopper Island is Ireland.
  • Rockhopper island is Hawaii
  • Rockhopper Island is in South America.
  • Rockhopper Island is where pirate penguins live.
  • Rockhopper Island is in Oceania.
  • Rockhopper Island is a red puffle version of Club Penguin.
  • Rockhopper Island has natural Cream Soda ingredients.
  • Rockhopper Island is a fake (man-made) island.
  • Rockhopper Island is a island where there are a lot of red priate's and red puffles live.
  • Rockhopper Island use GMT+1 while Club Penguin use GMT-8.
  • Click Rockhopper's home and you go to Rockhopper Island.
  • Rockhopper Island is said to be accessible if you stand on the migrator on its final day till midnight, but club penguin throw people off at midnight, so it is fake.
  • If The Migorator Was Docked,Then You Could Visit Rockhopper Island By Map!
  • Rockhopper Island is an island near Tierra del Fuego
  • Rockhopper used to name it Redy Island,because of Red Puffles.