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Theories about the character Rockhopper!



  • Young Joseph Rockhopper and his father, Captain James Rockhopper, first set foot on the Iceberg on August 18, 1952.
  • It is rumored that Rockhopper will have a female companion with him named Fashionhopper. She may be his daughter.
  • And there is another one named Hydro Hopper. She is peach in color and has a red bandana.
  • Rookie, Rockhopper and Sensei are the grandfather of Sensteren
  • Rockhopper became a pirate because his brother, Pebblehopper dressed like a pirate, but wasn't famous.
  • Rockhopper has a cousin named Boulderbouncer who is green, has a pirate hat and beard and carries a pogo stick.
  • Rookie's is Rockhopper nephew
  • He is married to a girl named Boulderjumper. She is a blue penguin with a black puffle bandana and an eyepatch.
  • It is rumored that Rockhopper will reveal that his father is Sensei and join him to train ninjas.
  • Rockhopper and Sensei are brothers.
  • Rockhopper has a son named Bawkhopper that likes birds.
  • Rockhopper has a friend named Flockhopper that owns a flock of geese.
  • Rockhopper has a cousin named Green Sockhopper that likes to wear green socks.
  • Rockhopper has an uncle named Mockhopper that likes to make fun of people
  • Rockhopper has a best friend named Dockhopper that is also a pirate and always lands his ship at the Dock.
  • Rockhopper has a grandpa named Clockhopper that likes to watch the time.
  • Rockhopper has a brother named Lockhopper that is a locksmith.
  • He has a sister named Knockhopper who knocks before going in the bathroom.
  • Rockhopper's grandpa is the Sensei.
  • Rockhopper has a cousin named Crochopper, whom is a crocodile.
  • Rockhopper has a half-brother called Wokhopper, who is Chinese.


  • Rockhopper takes a lot of penguins to his home Rockhopper Island on his ship Migrator
  • He's called Rockhopper, because he jumps over rocks in his spare time.
  • Squidazoid will become the new enemy of Rockhopper.
  • Rockhopper have a rare card called Snow Cannon 3000.
  • Rockhoppper is really a girl. It's just a costume.
  • Rockhopper may be able to take a penguin to Rockhopper Island later on.
  • Rockhopper may be able to turn a player into a pirate, like how the Sensei turns people into ninjas.
  • Rockhopper ship might be destroyed again.
  • Rockhopper really has a rainbow puffle that is painted red.
  • Rockhopper can fart on command.
  • Rockhopper is Bigflipper in a costume.
  • Rockhopper destroyed the mine with his new and improved sword.
  • Rockhopper's ship is realy behind the lighthouse so the beach is Rockhopper Island.
  • Rockhopper has a secret crush on Cadence.
  • Rockhopper eats all colour puffles, except red. He has once ate Yarr lll before, though. At the time he was colourblind.
  • Rockhopper built the mine.
  • Rockhopper wasn't the original owner of the Migrator. His parents were. But when his parents died in a shipwreck in 1999, the Migrator was immediately given to their then 21 year old son Rockhopper.
  • Rockhopper is afraid of heights. That is why he never comes up to the Crow's Nest.
  • Rockhopper thought eyepatches were stupid. That is why he stopped giving them out.
  • He is now starting to think backgrounds are stupid. He will give out a Black Beard on his next visit to Club Penguin.
  • Rockhopper has been a yellow belt in Card Jitsu since November 20, 2008. He just brags to everyone that he is a ninja.
  • His starting colour at birth was Dark Black. But when he discovered the red puffle, he purchased the red colour blob from the Penguin Style catalog and made it his new permanent colour.
  • Rockhopper got his beard because he hasn't shaved since March 2005.
  • Rockhopper originally wore boots. They were starting to hurt his feet, so he took them off forever.
  • Rockhopper has no clue what the PSA or EPF organizations are.
  • The idea of Rockhopper's ship coming to Club Penguin will be ditched later this year. Instead, penguins can visit Rockhopper Island and try to find him there. You can only go to Rockhopper Island at certain times.
  • Rockhopper helped to rebuild the Lighthouse. Hence the reason the free items were the Red Toque and Lighthouse T-Shirt.
  • Rockhopper will never tell us the way to Rockhopper island because he's mean.
  • Rockhopper will tell us how to go to Rockhopper Island when Yarr says we should know.
  • Rockhopper kidnapped all of the red puffles and brought them to Club Penguin.
  • Rockhopper actually gets beaten by his puffle, Yarr and is forced not to tell anyone.
  • Rockhopper is a fat walrus in disguise for herbert.
  • He was fatter than Tusk when he was young.