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Ideas for the game Puffle Roundup!

Puffle Roundup theories[edit]

  • Obstacles.
  • Puffles get faster in each level.
  • Gate in pen.
  • New locations in each level (e.g. Level 1 Wilderness, Level 2 City, etc.).
  • Color sorter.
  • Puffle use abilities to stop you.
  • A Komodo Dragon can help you round the Puffles up, but be careful - it may try to eat the puffles!

  • Level 2:
  • Gray and Hot Pink puffles added.
  • Cars will smash the puffles.
  • A mysterious puffle if you round it. It will gives you a secret level.
  • Bricks round the puffles but too many gives a puffle to die.
  • Level 3:
  • It will be called the ocean.
  • Squids round the puffle up with ink
  • Squid and Octopus puffles added.
  • Mullets block your way.
  • Get the mullet puffle so you will go to a place with fluffy puffle fishes and mullet puffles.
  • Pink Puffle makes a attack to put bubble.
  • Level 4
  • Called Sky
  • Gold puffles added.
  • Cloud lions scare the puffles.
  • Cloud Puffle O's let the puffles go to the pen if you put the Puffle O with the pen.
  • Cloud puffle if you round it. It will give you a secret place.
  • Level 5
  • Rainbow Puffles
  • Rainbow Puffles are here now.
  • Rainbow O's added.
  • Raindeer Puffle appeared a to a secret christmas level.