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Ideas for new player card backgrounds!


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Things in italic are things that already happened.

New Player Card Backgrounds[edit]

  • Gary's room background
  • Volcano Interior Background
  • Wii Background
  • Snow Cat Background
  • Mickey Mouse [1] Background
  • Sewer Background
  • Tom & Jerry Kids[2] Background
  • A background where you stand on a toilet lid.
  • Eclipse Background
  • Castle Interior Background
  • The Iceberg from April Fools party in 2008
  • Dojo Background
  • Graveyard background
  • Gift Shop Background
  • Autographed Sensei Background
  • Mars Background
  • Fruits Background
  • Castle Background
  • Space Background
  • Standing on Building Background
  • Black and White Spiral Background
  • Solar System Background
  • Meadow Background
  • Crow Nest Background
  • Sun Background
  • Venus Background
  • Card-Jitsu Cards Background
  • Iceberg Background
  • HQ Background
  • Pizza Parlor Background
  • Night Club Background
  • Underwater Background
  • Beacon Background
  • Cliff Background
  • Moon Background (with penguin standing on some snow with a couple trees and a full moon above/behind the penguin)
  • Sketch background (grey desk with pencil and penguin on notepad)
  • Binary Background (Looks like binary code.)
  • fire ninja backround
  • Construction site background (with snowcat things from Penguin Chat 3)
  • Billybob Background
  • Screenhog Background
  • Gizmo Background
  • Moving background of rockhopper and sensei burping and farting
  • Rsnail Background
  • Happy77 Background
  • Ice Block Background
  • Rocketsnail Background
  • Computer Background
  • Day And Night Background
  • Ben Nevis Background (During St. Andrew's Day Party)
  • Penguin Pop Art Background
  • Acp Background
  • Banana Peel Background
  • Fire Card Jitsu Backround
  • Cadance (Fire Ninja) Autographed backround
  • e.p.f backround
  • Mountain Background ( Your penguin is standing by a lake and a cabin is in the corner and mountain in the background \
  • New York City Background ( Your penguin is by the Empire State building and there are taxis and buildings)
  • A "Green Hill Zone" background (From Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Zippo the penguin signed auotograph backround
  • Microchip123 backround autogragh back round
  • Yarr and the Migrator background
  • The Director autographed background
  • Computer Screen background
  • The Plaza Autograph
  • Decorated Igloo Backround
  • Psychedelic background (many different colors swirling around slowly around your penguin)
  • Fortress background (your penguin in front of a giant, magnificent, snow coated castle at dusk)
  • Club Penguin Wiki administrators background [a white background with Seahorserule, Hat Pop, R2and3po, and Lordmaster96 clapping because of your efforts. Only achievable when one of them is online.]
  • Famous Penguins Background (has Rockhopper, Yarr, Gary, Cadence, Lolz, Franky, G Billy, Petey K, Stompin Bob, Aunt Arctic, Sensei and Rookie on it)
  • An Blue Electrical Circuit Background
  • All the famous penguins crowding around you background (60 coins)
  • Dojo courtyard background (20 coins)
  • Ninjas looking at you background (60 coins)
  • The Simpsons living room background (60 coins)