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Ideas for new Penguin Mail features! Things in italic are things that already happened.

Penguin Mail[edit]

  • Send clothing you don't want to other players
  • Send your messages to Tom & Jerry Kids!
  • Write on the back of cards.
  • A "I'm the real Sonic" card with a picture of Sonic with your username under it (like in gameplay)
  • Have music play when your in the penguin mail.
  • Anti-spam.
  • Attaching items, coins, puffles, or even buddy requests
  • Have a beep when the new mail arrives.
  • Media attach (You will be able to attach media (e.g. Pictures, Videos, Audios) from your computer but if Club Penguin found any bad things (e.g. a bad word in your media or the picture/video that contains bad things like advertisements) in your media they will ban you and the mail won't be sent to the recipient. Also if you put in copywrited media without permission from the author of that media they will ban you).
  • Different Color Mail Bags (Red, Pink, Green, etc.).
  • Deliver Mail (You can put it in a mail carrier and give it to people).
  • 3-5 players on Jetpack Adventure. See how far you can get. (EPF) (Only up to 4 players though)
  • Can be musical cards
  • Can send food with mail.
  • Can send cards about playing with toys and teaching puffles tricks
  • Can send stuff you have
  • Can trade money
  • Can buy tickets to the Annual Puffle vs. Anti-Puffle Fight at the stadium built as the second room for the Dojo. The puffle ideas at the bottom vs the puffles that Herbert designed. So far the puffles never lost.
  • You should be able to write a minimum of a few sentences to your buddy, of course they would monitor the messages. They should have a selection of pictures that you could add to your message, also.
  • Reply to the special postcards
  • Send unwanted clothes to the Gift Shopkeeper
  • Get your mail sent by rail!
  • You can send Anthrax letters
  • A mail card that says(You will die in 7 days. From Name
  • Ninjas vs. Agents war at the HQ message
  • Free Item Message( In every edition of penguin mail you can give your friend 3 items a best friends shirt,Hey whats up? hat and a background of your friend a exclusive and you. The hat is 20 cins the shirt is 20 coins and the background is 60 coins
  • Paint-a-penguin Mail- You can use your mouse to move the paintbrush, and make your own masterpiece to make as ur background!(By Cutieoftn)
  • Type your own message and pick from a veriaty of backgrounds but if you write any bad it doesn't

get sent and you get banned.

  • Type your own message!
  • Penguin post Maker3000 , Make a postcard type a caption too.
  • A feature in which you can send membership codes and toy codes and other stuff to whoever you want!
  • A (insert player name) wants to play Card-Jitzu Snow with you postcard!
  • A (insert player name) wants to play Card-Jitzu fire with you postcard!
  • A (insert player name) wants to play Card- Jitzu water with you postcard!
  • A (insert player name) wants to play Card- Jitzu shadow with you postcard!
  • A postcard with music and sounds!
  • A (insert player name) wants to dig treasure with Puffles postcard.(and a Go There! button that takes you to the forest)
  • A box dimension post card that takes you to the box dimension!
  • A (Player name) Wants to sled race with you! Do you accept the challenge? Postcard.