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Theories about the Penguin Band!

Penguin Band theories[edit]

  • It is rumored that the Penguin Band will get a new member.
    • His name is Joey and he will play the Saxophone!
    • He will be orange
    • He will have a waxed moustache
  • The PB guitar is really a freeze ray. You have to turn the tuners in the right order for it to freeze someone.
  • It is rumored that the Penguin Band will make a charity contest to help the children in Africa.
  • The Penguin Band has a Rainbow Puffle.
  • G-Billy is the father of Aunt Arctic and Cadence.
  • Franky has a crush on Cadence.
  • Petey K is the father of Sensei who is the grandpa of Sensei the 3rd.
  • His name is BILLY JOE he will play the Violin
  • Rockhopper which is the brother of Gary which is the husband of Aunt Arctic which is the sister of Cadence which is the daughter of G-Billy.
  • The Penguin Band is a new brand of rubber band that makes music when stretched and looks like a group of penguins.
  • It is rumored that penguin band will get another new member
  • The Penguin Bands igloo will be open to the public( like in Penguin Chat 3) There igloo is a spilt level igloo and has band stuff everywhere and some couches with a TV sometimes there here relaxing and if you meet them here they give you there RARE background or new background( many penguin s are very happy when they get the old background but they most likey don't only if there in a good mood! lol!