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Welcome to Club Penguin Ideas!
Here you can share your own ideas, suggestions, and theories about Party!

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Ideas for new parties! Things in italic are things that already happened.


swimming contest (the big water area at the cove and race to the Iceberg and you can add some tricks to get extra points)

Old C.P Parties 2011[edit]

  • Jan- Mexico party
  • Feb- Festival of snow
  • Mar- St. Patrick's Day Party
  • Apr- April Fools' Day
  • May- Pirate Party
  • Jun- Summer Kickoff Party
  • Jul- Water Party
  • Aug- Camp Penguin
  • Sep- Fall Fair
  • Oct- 6th Year and Halloween
  • Nov- The Great Snow Maze
  • Dec- Christmas party

Super Awesome Party Ideas![edit]

Nintendo Party: Would Last For A Month And Would Have Multiple Pins A Week Each room has its own game theme.

  • Forest: Pikmin
  • Stadium: Pokémon
  • Town: Animal Crossing
  • Plaza: Mario
  • Mountain: Kid Icarus
  • Box Dimension: Nintendo Party
  • Snow Forts: The Legend of Zelda

Free Items:

  • Nintendo Hat
  • Nes Controller
  • Nintendo Balloon

Clothing Catalog:

  • Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad & Bowser Costumes
  • Link & Prinsess Zelda Costume
  • Kirby, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee & King De De Dee Costumes
  • Samus & Pit Costume
  • Pokémon Trainer Costume (Boy and Girl)
  • Animal Crossing Boy, Girl, Tortimer, K.K. Slider, Kapp'n & Accorted Animals (Fang & Deena For Example)

And Loads More

Igloo Catalog:

  • Master Sword in stone
  • Warp Pipe
  • Pokémon Center Igloo
  • Bowser Jr. Statuette
  • King Bowser Statuette
  • Link Statuette
  • Bowser's Castle Igloo
  • Mushroom Kingdom Igloo
  • Super Mushroom Pin

WIP please add your own ideas!


  • Nintendo Pin
  • NES Pin
  • SNES Pin
  • N64 Pin
  • GameCube Pin
  • Wii Pin
  • Game Boy Pin
  • DS Pin
  • Triforce Pin


  • Pokémon themed puffle hats. You can battle puffles at Pokémon area.
  • Rookie wearing Mario costume visits!
  • Meet Mickey Mouse party (found at Disney Shows [Members only])
  • Meet Tom & Jerry Kids party (found at Cove)
  • Chinese new year Party
  • Secret Robber Hideout24.210.121.200 15:23, May 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • Items: Peashooter (Igloo Item), Sun Pin, Traffic Cone (Hat), Dancing Zombie Wig, Umbrella Plant (Hat), Zomboni's Zamboni (Igloo item).
  • Rooms: Gift Shop turns to Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, Night Club Turns To Dancing Zombie Club, Coffee Shop Sign says Braaaaaiiiiiiiinnnss!

  • Back in Time Party:

You can go to all the partys and get all the stuff (with a Beta Party Hat)

  • Modern Life Party:

The rooms are decorated to look like modern life(like cities)

  • Ocean party

New rooms

  • Open water (Enterd from the cove and everyone swims)
  • Forest-seaweed forest
  • Cove-Hawaiian waters
  • Mountain-island
  • Rest of the rooms have fish and bubbles hangging from the sky


Tropic fish costume (non-member)

Fish fins (non-member)

Squidzoid costume (member)

Fish costume (member)

Merman and mermaid costume (member)

Lobster costume (member)

  • Club Penguin Party- Everything is different!
  • New Places
  • The Forever Hole (If you go in there is a clip where, you can only see your eyes, and you go back up. You say; 'I just used the stairs.'
  • The animation center
  • Famous Penguins
  • Animation(a black & white penguin with a laptop and a mouse following him)
  • Pins & Items
  • The Shark Pin
  • The Forever hole Pin
  • The Computer Mouse Pin
  • Black & white colour
  • Laptop
  • Shark and nothing else Swamp Background
  • Bonfire Night Party - A one day party (on November the 5th) all building decrorated with fashing lights an fireworks in sky.

Free items: Fireworks background

Sparkler (sparkles when you wave)

Fire work pin available on the beach next to a flaming beacon.

  • Party Party - all of the places that appeared in Club Penguin comes back (Treetop Fort, Night Club Rooftop, Knights Quest, Backstage Arcade circle etc.)
  • Flood Party- The whole Club Penguin Island is flooded!
  • EPF Party - A Party where everything in Club Penguin is exactly the same as in the EPF mini game (the cart surfer having new level etc.)
  • Free Items:
  • Background signed by the Director himself (sorry to burst your bubble, but the Director is Aunt Arctic)
  • New Rooms:
  • Puffle Training Room
  • Tool Shed
  • Future Party- a Party where everything in Club Penguin is turned into future stuff. Free Items are monorail train pin and future background
  • Pin Party. A Party with a free pin in every room.
  • Tundra party. A party that decorates only tundra
  • Food Party
  • Free Items: Cheese Costume, Orange Face Paint, Grape Necklace, Apple Hat and Banana Slippers
  • Piggy Bank Party
  • Free Items: Pig Head, Piggy Bank (Hand) and Pig Costume
  • Color Party
  • Secret Agent Party
  • First party that HQ is decorated
  • Dunce Party
  • Everyone gets dunces hats for free. Special dunce items can be purchased. These include blackboards with "2+2=5" scribbled on them. The music is just weird. Buildings have massive dunce hats on their roofs.
  • Surfing party
  • Light Party
  • Neon lights are plastered over every building. Free item is a glowstick. Fireworks everywhere and light bulbs on building roofs.
  • Mad Scientist Party
  • Free Lab jackets and test tubes, everywhere is turned into a laboratry.
  • Human Party
  • The first Humans arrive on Club Penguin and celebrate. Special items like fake ears can be purchased by both free players and members.
  • Winter Luau Party
  • You throw coconuts instead of snowballs. The Mountain is a volcano etc.
  • Farm Party (western party)
  • Decorations: Farms
  • Rooms pig pen,
  • Free stuff: Pig snouts, pitch forks, Cow shirt
  • Prehistoric Party
  • Free Dinosaur costumes.
  • Every room looks like a different period in earths history:
  • Town = Cambrian Period
  • Coffee Shop = Ordovician Period
  • Night Club = Silurian Period
  • Gift Shop = Devonian Period
  • Plaza = Carboniferous Period
  • Pet Shop = Permian Period
  • The Stage = Early Triassic Period
  • Pizza Parlor = Late Triassic Period
  • Forest = Early Jurassic Period
  • Cove = Late Jurassic Period
  • Ski Village = Early Cretaceous Period
  • Ski Hill = Mid Cretaceous Period
  • Ski Lodge = Late Cretaceous Period
  • Lodge Attic = Paleocene epoch
  • Sport Shop = Eocene epoch
  • Dojo = Oligocene epoch
  • Iceberg = Miocene epoch
  • HQ = Pliocene epoch
  • Snow Forts = Pleistocene epoch
  • Ice Rink = Holocene epoch
  • Igloos = New Ice age
  • B.B. Party (Bikini Bottom Party)
  • The sky has flowers in it. The Pizza Parlor has become the Krusty Krab. There is a new igloo catalog that sells an anchor igloo, a rock igloo, a moai igloo, a pineapple igloo, and a tree dome igloo. They give out free spatulas (item), krabby patties (item), and clarinets (item). The new pin is a boat with wheels. To show your spirit, turn red, yellow, blue, pink, brown or green !
  • Space Party
  • Everywhere looks like Space styled and the Free Items are Saturn Ring Necklace, Sun Hat, and Solar System Shirt and Space Adventure is back
  • Computer Party
  • Everything looks like computer stuff. Buildings look like giant computer parts.Night Club would be the inside of the computer, with motherboard and Dance Lounge would be the hard drives, ect.

Free items are:

  • CD-ROM hat
  • Windows/Mac logo pin
  • Nintendo Party
  • Each place looks like any series from Nintendo and the Stage has Smash Bros. Play
  • Free Items:
  • Mario Cap
  • Luigi Cap
  • Wario's Cap
  • Pikachu's Tail
  • Kirby Shirt
  • Nintendo Cap
  • Peach's Crown
  • DK's Necktie
  • Link's Hat
  • Link's Tunic
  • Meta Knight's Mask
  • Yoshi Hat
  • Fox's Headpiece
  • Dedede's Hat
  • Koopa Shell (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue)
  • Ness' Cap
  • Ness' Baseball Bat
  • Captain Falcon's Helmet
  • Pokemon Trainer's Hat
  • Game and Watch Color
  • Member Items:
  • Mario's Shirt
  • Mario/Luigi's Overalls
  • Luigi's Shirt
  • Wario's Shirt
  • Mario/Luigi's Mustache
  • Peach's Dress
  • Daisy's Dress
  • Zelda's Headdress
  • Captain Falcon Outfit
  • Pokemon Trainer's Shirt (with Backpack)
  • Pokemon Trainer's Jeans
  • Kirby Costume
  • Bowser's Hair
  • Bowser Costume
  • Dedede's Jacket
  • Samus' Helmet
  • Samus' Armor
  • Warioware Outfit
  • Olimar's Helmet
  • Olimar's Space Suit
  • Ness' Shirt
  • Lucas' Shirt
  • Mr. Saturn Shirt
  • Popo's Parka
  • Nana's Parka
  • Sheep party
    • Free sheep costumes, hooves and field backgrounds.
  • Weightlifting Party
  • Town - Weightlifting Gym
  • Plaza - Weightlifting Waiting Room
  • Snow Forts - Audiences Room
  • More coming soon
  • Pokémon Party
    • Pikachu costume, pokeball pins, Pokémon igloo, free item is Ash's season 1 hat
  • Egypt Party
    • Every buildings look like Pyramid, The Free item is a Pyramid Hat and The Snow is a sand
  • Crash Bandicoot Party
    • Everywhere is decorated like a certain Crash Bandicoot location. Free Wumpa hats and Aku Aku masks are given out.
  • Yu Gi Oh Party (Free Items: Yusei Fudo T-Shirt, Duel Disk, Duel Runner)
  • Japan Party (Club Penguin turns into Japan! Free items: Japanese Flag, Chopsticks
  • Games Party (Each room is themed on a Game Series)
  • Invention Party (all inventions of G will be displayed in every rooms in Club Penguin)
  • Examples:
  • Town-Snow Cannon 3000
  • Coffee Shop-Thingamajig 3000
  • Night Club-Thingamajig 3001 and DJ3K
  • Gift Shop-Thingamajig 3002
  • Dance Lounge-Thingamajig 3003
  • Pet Shop-Thingamajig 3004
  • Pizza parlor-Pizzatron 3000
  • Stage-Switchbox 3000
  • Book Room-Straw 3000
  • Beach-Flare Flinger 3000
  • Boiler Room-Anvil Maker 3000
  • Beacon-Jet Pack and Launch Pad
  • Lighthouse-Prototype Sled
  • Snow Forts-Clock Tower
  • IceBerg- AquaGrabber and Rubber Ducks
  • Ski Lodge- AC 1000
  • Lodge Attic- AC 3000
  • Ski Hill- The Kite with the transmitter used in Mission 9
  • Ski Village- Electromagnet 3000
  • Pool- Floor Piano 3000
  • Dojo- Music Maker 3000
  • Sports Shop- Raoul 3000
  • Plaza- Snow Cannon 3000
  • Free Clothes Party
  • Non-member Party
  • United Nations Party
  • Pleistocene Megafauna party
  • All penguins and puffles become extremely large, with a prehistoric type look. All rooms exhibit a different Pleistocene animal (e.g. Colombian Mammoth - Stage)
  • Space party
  • items are space helmet,space suit, alien suit, alien ray gun (members only)
  • No clothes party ( if u wear any clothes CP ban u until the party ends)

  • Real penguin party
  • All penguins are replaced with a picture of a real penguin, all buildings are replaced with real objects that penguins would come in contact with in real life, such as rocks; all buildings are disguised on outside but still remain on inside. When you click on the "Home" button, it takes you to the party, which in this case is a large snowy are with billions of penguins in it, and penguins must keep warm how they would in real life, or grouping together and taking turns on the inside and outside, etc. Iceberg becomes extremely large, penguins can go completely in water.
  • Card-Jitsu Party
  • A party where you play against a different club penguin figure each time. Winning in the end against Rockhopper or Sensei will give you the Ninja Pin, allowing you to generate one special attack each round!

*Puffle Party

  • Puffles own you and take care of you. The Keeper of the Boiler Room becomes the DJ at the Night Club. Puffles become the size of Penguins and Penguins become the size of puffles. The free items are Puffle costumes, a yellow Puffle pin, and blue, red, purple, green, yellow, and pink Puffle igloos.
  • A Sonic the Hedgehog Party, where everything is Sonic!
  • Free Items: Sonic Spikes, Sonic Shoes, ((Old Blue)) colouring
  • Members Only Items: Tails' Tails (hover special dance), Knuckles golves and hair ( punch special dance), Super Sonic Hair, Gold Colouring( Fly effect and glow effect).
  • Member "the party" room: Green hill zone (found in box dimention and/or forest) where you can go through all three acts then you battle Eggman in a card jitsu match (NOTE: he has special eggman robot cards), there you unlock the special dance moves (Sonic suit: a jackhammer like movement, Tails: flying like a propellor cap, Knuckles: gliding)
  • Electronic Games Party, where you can play DS, Wii, PlayStation 1, 2, and 3, etc. games online!
  • Free items: Nintendo Wii (igloo item), DS (hand item), and an XBOX 360 Pin.
  • Wind Party
  • When you click somewhere you get blown there instead of walking
  • Free item is propellor cap
  • Game and watch party
  • All places are decorated with game and watch graphics
  • Play game and watch games for game and watch bucks
  • Spend game and watch bucks at the items wagon
  • The free item is a game and watch color
  • Get a chance to meet Mr. Game & Watch
  • Drill party
  • Free item: mine hat
  • School Party:
  • Starts on next semester, first day of school, until end of week
  • Free items: Red dictionary (hand item), diploma (hand item), graduate hat (returns), classroom background, test pin (with A+ on paper and pencil ontop of paper), headband (dance to do jumping-jacks)
  • Member only items: Graduate outfit, different color books (hand item), different color notebooks (hand item), pencil (hand item), The Slick (neat, slick, short hair), school uniform (in gold/red, blue/gold), different colored backpacks (neck items)
  • All buildings turn into school areas (E.G. Pizza Parlor turns into Cafeteria, Book Room turns into Library, Dojo turns into Gym {card jitsu is still playable}, Lighthouse turns into a classroom, Pet Shop turns into Pre K/Daycare, stage turns into School Play, Night Club turns into Music Room {with guest appearance of The Penguin Band}, Pool turns into Swimming Lessons, etc..)
  • New games just for party..E.G. Do You Know? (Club Penguin Trivia in Lighthouse), S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G Soup (Like Alphabet Soup)
  • Aunt Arctic as teacher in Lighthouse (gives introduction and talks about Club Penguin history, talk to her to get a test)
  • Gary as science teacher in Lab (Beacon, now turned into some sort of greenroom with chemicals and science things, with a exit for Jet Pack Adventure)
  • Sensei as gym teacher in Dojo (still sitting on pillow, wears whistle around neck {blows whistle sometimes}, talk and he will give you three options:
  • The Penguin Band are the music teachers in the Night Club. Each band member will ask something unique! In the game, the band member you are playing against will make a move, and you have to remember it. Well, it is a memory game. If you win, the band member will say something like "Wow! Your moves are radical! Take this [place instrument name here]! You deserve it!" but all in a different way.
  • Giant Monster Party:
  • This party would be themed after japanese movie monster movies. Each room would look like something from japan and have movie moster stuff all around. There would also be several special items:
  • Free Items:
  • Tokyo Background
  • Robot Helmet (Not square head robot, but like a jet jaguar thing.)
  • Lizard Claws
  • Turtle Shell (Like Gamera.)
  • Horns
  • Dinosaur Tail
  • Member Only Items:
  • Blob Suit
  • Fighting Robot Suit
  • Spiked Shell (Think Anguirus)
  • Tentacles
  • Giant Monkey Suit
  • Dragon Wings
  • Jet Wings
  • Flaming City Background
  • Spider Legs
  • Drill Hands
  • Godzilla Suit (Only available on the first day of the party)
  • King Ghidorah Suit (Only available on the last day of the party)
  • Mothra Suit (Available on three random days)
  • Clovefield Suit (Available on three random days)
  • Pins:
  • Toho Logo
  • Daiei Logo
  • Igloos:
  • Monster Island
  • Godzilla Chair
  • Alien Mothership
  • New York... With Monsters!
  • Madison Square Garden (From the American Godzilla movie, filled with eggs.)
  • Poland Party
  • Everything is Polish-themed!
  • Music is Mazurek Dąbrowskiego (Poland anthem)
  • Free items: White-Red Snowsuit, White-Red earmuffs, Polish pin for nonmembers
  • In Polish, Beach is Plaża - So beach will be plaza. Migrator Ship is Pet Shop which sells only Red puffles. Lighthouse becomes stage and have Polish film, New room as the pizza parlor.
    • Town have the saw which is for the war (WarSaw) Nightclub - Telewizja Polska S.A. Gift Shop - Złote Tarasy Coffee Shop - Polsat S.A.
  • Food party
  • Places Decorated
  • Town
  • Coffee Shop and Book Room exterior is a mug that says I heart coffee. The interior of both rooms has a pond that's filled with coffee. However, you can't swim in it.
  • Night Club, Dance Lounge, and Night Club Rooftop (reopened for the party) extierior was a bowl of salad. The interior of the Night club was full of colorful colors and lettuce, tomato, and carrot balloons, the Dance Lounge had bread, rolls, and mozerella sticks all over, and the Night Club Rooftop had cookie, and cake stalls
  • Gift shop's exterior was a tower of dishes while the interior wasn't decorated.
  • Plaza
  • Pet Shop's exterior was a box of Puffle O's while the interior had Puffle O balloons.
  • Stage's exterior was a bag of popcorn.
  • Pizza Parlor's exterior was a slice of pizza and a slice of a dessert pizza while the interior had pizza balloons, dessert pzza pinatas, and stacks of pizza.
  • The Forest had gingerbread tree cookies.
  • The Cove had a big bottle of soda spilling into the sea and it had hot dog and corn dog stalls.
  • Ski Village and Ski Hill will have a Orange Puffle pop out every 15 minutes.
  • Beach will have a burger and sub stall
  • Lighthouse exterior will be a striped box while in the inside, there were stacks of chicken nuggets, chicken patty pinatas and popcorn chicken baloons.
  • Dock will have have a big fish grilling on a big griller.
  • Snow Forts will be temporerily renamed Chips Fort because the forts are a stack of chips.
  • Dojo Courtyard, Dojo, and Ninja Hideout will have a Brown Puffle pop out every 15 minutes.
  • The Mine Shack was a gingerbread house while the Mine is made out of cookie dough, full of store-bought cookies, homemade cookies, cereal cookies, and cookie crumbs.
  • The Cave pool's water was replace by cream soda while looking out the windows, the water has been replace by cream soda with penguins swimming in it with a straw to drink it.
  • Free Items
  • Ice Cream Hat at the Night Club Rooftop
  • Rubber Food Toys at the Gift Shop
  • Pizza T-Shirt at the Pizza Parlor
  • Food Backround at the Town
  • The Party
  • Pizza and Dessert Pizza Contest Stage next to the Pizza Parlor.
  • Who you get to meet.
  • Rockhopper and Yarr
  • Sensei with a white puffle
  • Aunt Arctic with her two Old Blue colored friends
  • The Penguin Band
  • Cadence
  • Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Box Creator and Box Maker (New)
  • Disco Party
  • Space Party
  • Ninja Party
  • The first party to decorate the dojo and the ninja hideout.
  • Special Cardjitsu with a free card with every win.
  • Joke Party
  • Robot Party
  • Superhero party
  • Toast Party
*Free items
      *toaster furniture item
      *toast costume(body item)
      *Stick of butter(hand item)
      *Pizza Parlor Chef
      *Coffee Shop Batrista
      *Box Creator
  *Party room
      *Mt. Toast

The sea will be melted butter and the Iceberg will be a floating piece of toast, and in games there will be toast, like using a piece of toast instead of a surfboard in Catchin' Waves, Card Jistu cards printed on toast, etc.

Pool Party (At The Cave)

  • Pool Hose (Noodle)
  • Sun Visor
  • Waterguns (Blue And Red)
  • Saturn party( Cp goes to Saturn)
  • Fire party (Cp gets set on fire!)
  • War party(penguins have guns and kill other penguins but after an hour they rsie from the dead!)

  • St. Andrew's Day Party
  • It shall held from 30 November through 5 December. Everywhere shall be blue and play Bagpipe Music. A snowball shall turn Blue when thrown. Every word shall turn Scots. For example, the Town shall be "Toun". For a limited time, the color Lavender shall be out since the Scotish flower, the Thistle, is Lavender.
    • Free Items
      • Beret (Non-Member)
      • Kilt, Scottish flag (Member)
      • Bagpipes (Pin)
    • Guests
      • Jimmy, a Penguin from Glasgow
    • Party room
      • Haggis House
    • Places Decorated
  1. The Town shall be blue like everywhere else and the nightclub shall only have white lights.
  2. The Pet Shop shall only sell Blue Puffles.
  3. The Night Club shall have a Scottish Flag on the Floor.
  • Komodo Dragon Party - Everyone becomes a Komodo Dragon! People hunt for food. One of the Free items are a Komodo Dragon pin.
  • Harry Potter Party - Everything becomes like Harry Potter! Puffles are Owls, and the Dojo is Hogwarts. Free items are Wizard Wand, Wizard Hat, and lightning bolt pin.
  • Magic Party-Everything is Magic Themed,there are four diffeent magic groups the Red and Black,the Blue and Yellow,the Orange and Purple, and Finally the Arctic Blue and White.The groups headquarters are:
    • Red and B.:Nightclub
    • Blue and Y.:Cabin Place
    • Orange and P.:Coffee Shop
    • Arctic B. and W.:Lighthouse

Free Items:

    • Wand
    • Red and Black Tie
    • Blue and Yellow Tie
    • Orange and Purple Tie
    • Arctic Blue and White Tie
    • Magic Institute of CP Robe

Member Items: Staff

    • Red and Black Shirt
    • Blue and Yellow Shirt
    • Orange and Purple Shirt
    • Arctic Blue and White Shirt
    • Red and Black Hat
    • Blue and Yellow Hat
    • Orange and Purple Hat
    • Arctic Blue and White Hat
    • Red and Black Scarf
    • Blue and Yellow Scarf
    • Orange and Purple Scarf
    • Arctic Blue and White Scarf
    • Red and Black Cup
    • Blue and Yellow Cup
    • Orange and Purple Cup
    • Arctic Blue and White Cup
  • Archeology Party-An Egyptian themed dig site place and a Greek Temple,Coffee shop is a rest place,buildings are tents.
  • Free Items
    • Pith Helmet, Khaki
    • Shovel
  • Member Items
    • White Pith
    • Explorers Uniform-250 coins
    • Pickaxe-50 coins
    • Barons Shirt
    • Barons Cape-200 coins
    • Barons Monocle-150 coins
    • Hoplite Helmet
    • Hoplite Armor
  • Special Rooms
    • Dig Site
    • Lost Temple
    • Temple Treasure Room
    • Sphinx
    • Sphinx Treasure Room
    • Tunnels
  • Round The World Party

Each room is decorated as a different country with items from certain countries and has traditional music

    • Town-USA
    • Coffee Shop-Botswana
    • Dance Club-Spain
    • Gift Shop-France
    • Snow Forts-Russia
    • Pitch-Brazil
    • Plaza-United Kingdom
    • Pet Shop-India
    • Stage-Greece
    • Pizza Parlour-Italy
    • Forest-Ireland
    • Cove-Hawaii
    • Dock-Portugal
    • Beach-Australia
    • Lighthouse-Egypt
    • Ski Village-Austria
    • Ski Mountain-Switzerland
    • Dojo-Japan
    • Underground Pool-New Zealand
  • Free items are
    • Flag for each country (hand item)
    • Flag T-shirt for each country
    • Planet pin (looks like Earth)
  • Heart and Soul Party(everything is something from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSliver)
  • a ninja party
  • French Party

Club Penguin has turned into France. The Eiffel Tower has replaced the lighthouse. Free burets are at the Plaza. At the Cove, mini Eiffel Towers have replaced the surfboards. France music has played. The party room is a Non-Member Only Painting Place. You get a free paintbrush and you get to paint on a large canvas.

  • Creature Battle Party

A reference to Chaotic where you get a scanner. Creatures are around CP. You press a button on your scanner to put them on your team. There is a dome where you can become the creatures that you scanned and fight against other creatures. You can also scan machines and use them in your match.

  • Free Stuff Party

A party where everyone gets free stuff. A different item is in each room. Free items:

  • Town - Red Propellor Cap
  • Coffee Shop - Canteen
  • Book Room - Blue Book (from treasure book)
  • Night Club - Red Headphones
  • Dance Lounge - Thin Ice or Astro Barrier game for in your igloo
  • Gift Shop - Blue Present with yellow wrapping for in your igloo
  • Manager's Office (Party Room #1) - Orange, Green and Purple Suit
  • Gift Shop Rooftop (Party Room #2) - Orange, Green and Purple necktie
  • Snow Forts - Snowflake T-Shirt
  • Ice Rink - Ice Crown/Tiara
  • Under the Ice Rink (Party Room #3) - Hockey Puck Sunglasses
  • Plaza - Pin that says CP like on letterman jackets
  • Pet Shop - Big Box of Puffle O's for in your igloo
  • Stage - Big White Camera
  • Pizza Parlour - Black Chef Hat
  • Pizza Kitchen (Pizzatron 3000 is moved in here for the party)(Party Room #4) - Black Pizza Apron
  • Forest - Tree Costume (from Holiday Party 2009)
  • Cove - Gold Surfboard
  • Ski Village - Purple Skis
  • Ski Lodge - Black Digital Wristwatch
  • Lodge Attic - Find Four for in your igloo
  • Sport Shop (Party Room #5(Beside Everyday Phoning Facility) - Silver Medal
  • G's Office (Party Room #6) - Bronze Medal
  • Mountain - Red Ski Goggles
  • Test Track (Party Room #7) Prototype Sled
  • Dock - Hydro Hopper Tube (body item)
  • Hydro Hopper Boat (Hydro Hopper is moved in here for the party)(Party Room #8) - Orange Flippers
  • Beach - Zinc
  • Lighthouse - Parachute
  • Beacon - Jet Pack
  • Mine Shack - Welding Torch
  • Mine - Welding Mask
  • Cave - Barrel full of mining equipment (hand item)
  • Boiler Room - Shovel (dance to shovel coal)
  • Fuse Box (Party Room #9) - Wire
  • Dojo Courtyard - Colour Gray
  • Dojo - Pointy Hat (like Sensei's)
  • Ninja Hideout - Bushy Gray Eyebrows and beard
  • Volcano - Baking Soda Volcano (furniture item)
  • EPF Command Room - Black Spy Phone
  • Iceberg - Red Snorkel
  • Aqua Grabber Interior (Aqua Grabber is moved here for the party)(Party room #10) - Black and White Wetsuit
  • Soda Seas (Party room #11) - Brown Flippers
  • Clam Waters (Party room #12) - Grand Pearl (furniture item)
  • Migrator - Puffle Jolly Roger Poster for in your igloo
  • Crow's Nest - Snow Cannon Furniture Item
  • Ship Hold - Gold Viking Helmet
  • Captain's Quarter's - Corkboard for in your igloo
  • Sea (Party room #13) - Orange Inflatable Duck
  • Stadium (Under the Ice Rink(Party room #14)) - Yellow Face Paint
  • Everyday Phoning Facility - EPF Badges
  • Old HQ (Party room #15(Inside Sports Shop Curtain)) - Old Spy Phone
  • Old Command Room (Party room #16) - Elite Gear, Spy Gadget and EPF logo pin
  • VR Room - Igloo Hologram
  • Find Four Boards (Find Four is moved here for the party)(Party room #17) - Find Four Chip (Hand Item)
  • Mancala Boards (Mancala is moved here for the party)(Party room #18) - Mancala Stones Pin

  • Penguin Games 2012
  • Free items:
  • Gold Medal
  • Headband (blue, red, white)
  • Soccer Ball
  • Blue Facepaint
  • Red Facepaint
  • Green Facepaint
  • Ice Skates
  • Cricket Bat Pin
  • Penguin Winter Games 2010
  • Free items:
  • White Parka (members)
  • Yellow Chullo
  • Party room is Snowball Arena (members only and White parka can be found in this room)
  • 80's Party

Everythng is tie die style and the Penguin Band is dressed up like the Village people and The music is YMCA.

  • Free Items:

Tie Die Shirt (Non-Members) Rainbow Afro (Members) Member Party Room: Behind the Nightclub is a Disco with 80's catalog.

  • War Party

A war occurs and almost every room is destroyed. The Army of Club Penguin (ACP) fights the evil Mexican Nachos and robbers.

  • Free items:
  • Camouflage suit (non members)
  • Pistol gun (members)
  • Machine gun (non members)
  • Famous Penguin Party

You can meet every famous around Club Penguin. You will meet Gary in HQ and the Command Room, Rockhopper in the Migrator, The Penguin Band in the Lighthouse, Sensei at the Ninja Hideout and the Volcano, Cadence at the Night Club and the Night Club Rooftop and Aunt Arctic at the Stage. There will also be the backstage for members where you can meet all the famous penguins. You will also need to answer a quiz about every famous penguin to win the Beta Hat.

  • Free items:
  • Autographs (When you meet a famous penguin)
  • Green Sunglasses (non member)
  • 3D Glasses (non member)
  • Beta Hat (Members)

Pizza Party

Club Penguin turns into a huge pizza party. There is a slice of cheese pizza on the ground at the Stage, which you can click on to get a Pizza Party Hat (item for non-members and members)

  • Pizza Parlor Igloo (members, 5000 coins)
  • Pizzatron 3000 (igloo item, 300 coins, non-members get to keep it until the party ends)
  • New Wi-Fi Mission For Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Case Of The Mysterious Pizza Party)

Grand theft penguin/Farcry penguin/halo 1-2-3 penguin.

free items:

  • pistol
  • clothing catelog:
  • halo armor
  • farcry clothing
  • grand theft auto clothing

weapon catalog:

  • rpg
  • sparten laser
  • assault rifles: any
  • sniper rifles: any
  • pistols:any
  • uzi
  • grenade
  • PKM.
  • Forest/Lake /Village Party( Club Penguin is turned to a forest and a small village and there are lots of trees and lakes
  • Town- The Coffee shop is a building with a porch saying general store the night club is turned to an outdoor dance stage and the gift shop says clothes and things
  • Dock- near the boat is a sign saying free boat rides and there is a tree picking farm
  • Beach- It is turned to a lake and there is a Members Only Boat ride around the lake
  • LightHouse- The Band stage is turned to a dance stage and country dancing music comes on also there is a record Machine that plays music and it plays the HoeDown Throwdown
  • Beacon- There is a little table with pictures of birds and there is a camera on the ledge of the beacon when you click it is drops also there is a sign on the light and more telescopes the sign says BIRD WATCHING
  • Ski Village- There is a bench and there is a building for Members only called "The Lakeview Resturant" witch is a place were you eat on the lake also there's a sign going to the ski hill saying Hiking Trails and for the first time you can walk up the ski hill there is trees everywhere.
  • Ski Hill- There is more sled runs but you cant play them and there is lots of trees.
  • Ice Rink- There is a skating game Red Vs Blue.
  • Plaza- It is turned to a lost Village and the pet shops windows are broken and there are mountains in the background( There are Mountains everywhere) and inside is a sign saying free pets but is broken and rusty. The Stage is a play called "The Lost Village" and the pizza parlor is a place called '"The Fishing Shop" where you can eat fish that is fresh from the lake
  • The pool is the same
  • The mine has a mining expedition ( Not like the one in 2010) no mining helmet either.
  • Boiler room is the same but the ladder to the Night club is not there
  • Forest- The rock in the middle is gone and the forest has a trail to the wilderness for everyone to go on
  • The Cove is a Swimming area
  • The Dojo- Is a place called " GHOST MOUNTAIN" where you can look for ghosts its the same with the hideout and Volcano
  • Iceberg is the same
  • Music - Country music and campfire song
  • Free Items
  • Forest- T-Shirt saying Forest Trail
  • Beach- Tree pin
  • Member Boat Ride- Shirt saying BOATING ROCKS! and shows a boat zooming on the picture
  • Ski Hill- Hat saying Ski Hill Hiking
  • Gift Shop Backgrounds-
  • Forest Background
  • Mountain Background
  • Boat on Lake background
  • Trail Background
  • Furniture Catalog- The Theme is Forest
  • Igloo Catalog- Cabin Igloo and bearskin rug
  • Snow and Sports- Forest Gear and Hiking Furniture
  • Background- Penguin Hiking
  • Gift Shop Clothes- Forest gear and fishing gear
  • Penguins You can meet- A new penguin called Billy The Hiker who is a penguin who loves the outdoors
  • Background- His named signed and your penguin with billys arms around your back and your both smiling with trees in the back
  • Places to meet him- Everywhere
  • Club Penguin Main Train Station track 6 opening- The opening of the new track 6 that is a subway it only lasted 5 days.
  • Free items
  • Train station lobby- Train hat
  • Track 6- T- Shirt saying Tracks to fun.

Superhero party 18th July - 1st August

free item: superhero mask (choose shape (full face or eyemask), colour and pattern)

Town: Set at night with a spotlight with a puffle logo similar to the batsignal.

Coffee shop: radioactive coffee which gives you minor powers (e.g. the ability to lift a mini with a 400 cc engine (very small)

Bookroom: normal

Night club: Dance floor appears as an 8-bit superhero and the pin, a red cape, is located here

Dance lounge: A new arcade game Shadow Guy And Gamma Gal: the game is located here. You can set the graphics to:

8-bit (NES era)

16-bit (sega genesis era)

64-bit (Nintendo 64 era)

second generation (gamecube, Xbox, dreamcast era)

first generation (wii, Xbox 360, PS3 era)

Gift shop:new catalog with everyday items but at the back cover it says "34541" and the black superhero mask, black cape, blue superhero mask, blue cape, pink superhero mask, pink cape, yellow cape, all new yellow superhero mask, red cape and all new red superhero mask are hidden on the "penguins at work" page.

Plaza: A City where gangsters roamed freely and they laugh at what they call the police forces.

Pet shop: a new puffle is found if you click on the word "puffle" in the phrase "yellow puffle" you find the super puffle which can crawl faster than a speeding shadow wave, more powerful than a club penguin crab and can leap tall fridges in a single bound.

Stage: SG and GG returns

Pizza Parlor: a notice board says "Look out for Robbers!" Also another noticeboard says "heroes are watching the area"

Snow forts: Instead of blue and red flags there are pink and (very) dark blue flags. Instead of snowballs you can fire gamma rays (depending on your colour e.g. if you are dark blue you will fire a dark blue gamma ray)

Beach: The Lighthouse is an enormous tower with different levels (similar to Trapped! on CBBC). You are on a platform on the top and you need to make it out. Every penguin starts here when the party starts, but if the room is full they are teleported to the Town or plaza.

Lighthouse: the separate levels are here and there are activities you need to pass are:

Ticking away: You need to find all the clocks before the time runs out

Fairy trials: You need to judge the fairies to tell if it is a good fairy or a bad fairy. If you get at least 2/3 right, you go on to the next level

Maze to freedom: You need to make it to the middle of the maze to get to the Beacon.

Beacon: The entrance to the dock and Ski village is here. It looks like the normal Beach except it is a stormy night and the lighthouse looks like a medieval tower. Confusing, huh?

Dock: You are in a huge vehicle with rocket boosters and you are travelling around Club penguin. You end up in the wilderness where you meet Herbet.

Ski Village: The Ski Village has a voting booth so people want to vots what is better, heroes or villains.

Mountain: Normal until 25th July which will be themed hero or villain depending on the voters.

Dojo: training court where you can change your appearance (e.g. if you train hard enough you will have a six pack while if you never visit it you will stay normal)

Forest: It is where the spotlight (see town above) is coming from and you can turn the spotlight on or off. Also you can enter the villain hideout by approaching a table with a laptop on and you can take a quiz. if you get at least 19-20 you can become a villain.

The party room(s):

Villain's hideout Villains/robbers end up here. If you want to join you fill a form outside the portal, hidden in the forest) there is a catalog which gives you collared cape (the kind which sticks up), torn shirt, evil-mobile (design your own veichle) and the evil cloak (similar to the magician's cape).

hero cave: you find the hidden entrance in the "capes and masks" shop. The entrance is behind the mirrors in the changing rooms in the gift shop (you have to find a piece of paper around club penguin. The piece of paper in found on the back of the gift shop catalog). Once you unlock the capes and masks you need to take a quiz and if you get at least 19/20 you become a superhero. You design your own logo and suit and your superhero career has started.

Capes and Masks: Sure the gift shop has masks and capes, but they aren't official superhero uniform. The official capes can open out like the wings from festival of flight (that look like da vinci wings). Also the official masks look more like lava masks and you can create your logo on the masks. You can also create a superhero suit, belt and shoes (e.g.: your belt could have lots of pockets, your cape can open out and has a logo, the boots are black and your suit has the same logo as the cape), you can have a watch which turns you into your suit when you wave and you can choose your tools (a grapple hook which grapples you onto buildings (town, plaza, lighthouse, beacon, Ski Village, dojo courtyard, cove) and trees (ski village, forest, dock), special cuffs (can't break, can't melt, unpickable lock, solid titanium, can't take the key, can't un-link the chain, a microchip so you can find them using your tracker device), (insert noun here)-mobile (create your own veichle), (insert noun here)-(a)rangs (design your own boomerangs), tracker device (comes with the indestructable cuffs) pepper spray, lasso, lock pick, mini first aid kit, night vison goggles (different colour than agent goggles and can be used in gameplay) darts with sleep gas and a decoder (morse code, tic-tac-toe, computer generated codes, virtually all the other codes you can think of). All the tools (except the (insert noun)-mobile) are on your utility belt (new with waist items). You can also, once in your suit, dance to access your tools (in an edit igloo fashion).

NOTE: the superhero and super villain hideouts will be permanent. The Hero HQ will be found at the Gift shop shop in the right changing room and the villain hideout will be found at the Mine at that path which noobs pretend a secret room is there.

  • Nitrome Party

Every room is decorated for a Nitrome game. Every room also has a free item. The party room is behind the forest. It is where you get to play Nitrome games.

  • Beach is Mutiny. Free item is Red and White Striped Shirt.
  • Beacon is Hot Air. Free item is Hot Air Helmet.
  • Boiler Room is Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam. Free item is Chain Gun.
  • Book Room is In the Doghouse. Free item is Weiner Dog Suit.
  • Box Dimension is Bomba. Free item is Bomba Head.
  • Cave is Toxic. Free item is Toxic Suit.
  • Coffee Shop is Pixel Pop. Free item is P Suit.
  • Cove is Headcase. Free item is Headcase Suit.
  • Dance Club is Tanked Up. Free item is Tank Bottom.
  • Dance Lounge is Knuckleheads. Free item is Green Knuckleheads Head.
  • Dock is Scribble. Free item is Pen.
  • Dojo Courtyard is Skywire. Free item is Cable Car Costume.
  • Dojo is Chick Flick. Free item is Chick Wings.
  • Forest is Parasite. Free item is Purple Tentacles.
  • Gift Shop is Gift Wrapped. Free item is Bow Hat.
  • Ice Rink is Thin Ice. Free item is Pair of Skates.
  • Iceberg is Space Hopper. Free item is Astronaut Suit.
  • Lighthouse is Feed Me. Free item is Fly Wings.
  • Lodge Atttic is Roly Poly. Free item is Roly Poly Spikes.
  • Mine Shack is Dangle. Free item is Spider String.
  • State Party- Who ever has a penguin in America on the day there state was born is a party represented your state like when a state is born the music is the theme of the state and the free items are t- shirts or pins represented your state.
  • Mario Party- A party about Mario and there is a secret room the game room where you can play mario games and a place called " Princess Peach Castle
  • Free items
  • Mario Cap ( Non Members)
  • Luigi Cap ( Non Members)
  • Yoshi Cap( Non Members
  • Princess Peach Hair( Non Members
  • Plumbers Coustume /Mario/Luigi Outfit( Non Members
  • Princess dress ( Non Members
  • Koopa Troopa Head/shell( Non Members
  • Mario Mustache( Members)
  • Yoshi Suit ( Members)
  • Yoshis island Poster for igloo 75 coins
  • Super Mario Poster 75 coins
  • Mariokart poster 75 coins
  • Boo Coustume ( Members)
  • Koopa Troopa coustume( Members)
  • PIn- Super Mario Logo and Mario Cap pin in snow forts and iceberg
  • Backgrounds- Princess Peach Castle Background, Goomba and koopa troopa background Mario,Luigi,Yoshi,Toad and peach outside of Peach Castle and a Super Mario background with the logo and different game names
  • July 4th Party- A party about July 4th a secret room is the " White House" and in there there is a movie about Americas history and about July 4th
  • Free Items- July 4th Sparkler ( When you wave Sparkles come out and they flash into air and in fireworks a word says July 4th at the beach
  • July 4th T- Shirt at the cove
  • BBQ stained shirt at the Coffee shop
  • July 4th Cap at the plaza
  • Pin- Fireworks Pin
  • Background- BonFire background, July 4th Fireworks background, Sparkler Background with penguins with a surprised face at the cove with sparklers and the White house background and a July 4th Background with Fireworks spelling out July 4th
  • Bay Bee Party- Everyone is encouraged to become a bay bee.
  • Free Items: Blanket, Diaper, Binky (When you dance you suck on it)
  • Island Party
    • Rockhopper comes to the Island and gives everyone the chance to go to Rockhopper Island
    • You get a free Rockhopper Island Background, and a Pirate suit.
    • The member only room is the Treasure Cove.

Fifth anniversary party

  • All becomes like in construction
    • Instead of the stage ther are chairs like it used to be
    • The forest and the cove are not in the map but they are hidden
    • The lighthouse is not working
    • The dojo its hidden
    • The mine is also hidden and the mine caves still not exist
    • The pet shop has not been opened yet, but you can still get in and adopt puffles
    • The tour booth is in the plaza
    • The HQ becomes like the old one in the F.I.S.H.
  • Free items
    • Fifth anniversary party hat
    • Old blue color
  • Famous Penguin Party
  • Free Items
  • Famous Penguin Shirts
Alvin and the Chipmunks party
  • Non Member Items: The letter A pin Chipmunks background free red ball cap free glasses free green sweater

Member Items: red sweater Blue sweater pink sweater purple sweater yellow pigtails sunglasses chipettes background

Furniture: Stage igloo spotlights dance floor microphone stand Alvin and the Chipmunks poster
  • iggy party all place will be an iggy and a member place is iggy roume will

free idem not members and members will be an iggy hat members will have a door hand thing and a ball for your iggy

Mascot Party Special Rooms dedicated to each mascot.


  • Ski Village: Gary (includes his inventions and Gary statue)
  • Town: Cadence (lots of rainbow light everywhere and a statue of Cadence)
  • Dojo: Sensei (training mats all over courtyard and Sensei statue)
  • The Beach: The Penguin Band (special instruments autographed by the band members like an accordion signed by Petey K and a statue of them all together)
  • Plaza: Rookie (random Rookie stuff like box dimension portals and piles of anvils there is also a Rookie statue)
  • Cove: Rockhopper (pirate stuff and a shipwreck there is also a Rockhopper statue)
  • Forest: PH (lots of puffle themed things with a mini game where you mix together different kinds of O-berries to attract and adopt puffles there is also a statue of PH)
  • The Dock: Aunt Arctic (newspaper stands everywhere and printing press, free notepad item, statue of Aunt Arctic)

Iceberg Expedition Caves have been discovered inside of the iceberg during a iceberg tipping party.


  • Cove: Boat that takes you to the iceberg (for new players who don't know how to get there)
  • Iceberg: Lots of science stuff set up everywhere
  • Iceberg Main Cave: lots of tunnels leading to different rooms there are parts that you can see out into the ocean, sometimes fish will swim by.
  • Ice Slide: three slides leading to three different tunnels 1 leads to the next room. 2 lead to the underwater room.
  • Ice Pit: it is very dark and you cannot see the entrance or exit try to find the last tunnel to find the secret of the iceberg.
  • Final Room: there is a large round cave with a enormous pit walk to the farthest point to discover and adopt the Ice Puffle.

Mascot: Gary (starts visit from iceberg)


  • Party Party - The Party Party is a party with all the parties that CP has ever had. The party is called the Party and it has all the free items.
  • 2005 party - Not a party but it's take back to year 2005 - This party start in August 2105** No Music (except in party)
    • Rooms:
      • Town
      • Coffee Shop
      • Book Room
      • Night Club
      • Dance Lounge
      • Gift Shop
      • Forts (Without clock)
      • Plaza
      • Dock
      • Lots more rooms!
  • SE Asia party
  • European Party
  • USA Party

What party do you want to return?[edit]

  • CPIP 2 (Club Penguin Improvement Project 2)
  • Waddle on Dance-A-Thon 2011
  • Nintendo Party(items:Sonic hair mario fire ball luigi Cap or mario (New room member only)Ds Room Were you can play all your favroite nintendo games club penguin style Or play D d d d dance!Candence plays too and cantdance(Non member items Mario suit Yoshi suit Autogragh background by sonic the hedgehog himself And Member Autogragh Signed by Mario and sonic

  • New York Yankees/Florida Marlins party (celebrating the World Series they won)


Yankee Shirt (Snow Forts)

Yankee hat (Command Room)

Marlins hat (Volcano)

Marlins shirt (Beacon)

Ben's Ideas[edit]

The Disney Party

Club Penguin goes like an animated TV show with a few party rooms.

  • Party Room 1: The Flynn-Fletcher Backyard
    • Obtainable items: Phineas Background, Ferb Background, Perry Hat, and Doofenshmirt's Party-inator (furniture item)
  • Party Room 2: The Lair (Penguins turn into real penguins and waddle around in the Lair (Wizards of Waverly Place)
    • Obtainable Items: Alex's Wand (Members only), Max's Background, and Lair Background (For finding 10 missing magical items)
  • Party Room 3: The S.S. Tipton (Again real-life)
  • Obtainable Items: London's Pearl Necklace (Neck Item, nonmember), Zack and Cody's Background, and SS Tipton background
  • Party Room 4: The Boat of Love
    • Obtainable Items: The Heart Pin

Non-Party Rooms:

The Town is decorated Micky Mouse style and you can get the Mick Mouse Ears here.

The Dock looks like F.E.H. (Freight Emergency Harbor [P&F]) you can get a Sailor Penguin Pin here

The Dojo is designed to look like a grocery store and you can get food for your puffles there.

The Beacon looks like the Lighthouse from Phineas and Ferb.

The Beacon's Binoculars allows you to see Phineas and ferb's boat of love

The Plaza goes black and white to commemorate the first micky mouse cartoon.

MORE SOON --Ben 2010Talk to meh!!! Join the SCOW by messaging me or Wonderweez! 18:38, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

Out of this World Party

Party Rooms

  • The Observatory: Solar System Background
    • Gary visits the Observatory
  • Saturn's Rings: Saturn Background
  • Blackhole Simulation Chamber: Animated blackhole pin, Supernova headband (2 bright lights on top of the headband)

Non-Party Rooms:

  • It is night time all over
  • Mine, Iceberg, Beacon, and Ski Hill: you can watch Meteor Showers
  • Beach and Dock: Boats that take you out in the water to launch fireworks
  • Plaza: Space Adventure returns, free Sun Pin
  • Pizza parlor sells special Cosmic Shakes (You can keep it as a hand item) [Only 5 coins!]

Scavenger Hunt:

It would feature a scavenger hunt where if you find all the items you get 9 pins (Sun and the Planets), but if you find the special item you get a special Pluto pin!

--Ben 2010Talk to meh!!! Join the SCOW by messaging me or Wonderweez! 18:45, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

Ultimatehero's Many, Many Ideas[edit]

World Party The Party room is a huge map. Click on a place to learn about it, walk over it to go to it. There is also a globe tracksuit here.

The beach is Egypt. The lighthouse is now tan and brown with Sphink heads painted on it. The rocks are sand clumps. The chairs are pyramids. Free item is Sphink Hat. The beacon is England. The light is now a clock. Jetpack Adventure is now Parachute Adventure. Free item is Clock Costume. The boiler room is California. If you click on the boiler 9 times, the letters that spell Hollywood will come out and give you a Celebrity Jacket. Paper cut-outs of penguins wearing celebrity clothes are scattered about. The book room is China. Many books have been knocked down forming the shape of the Great Wall. There is a book about Chinese history and a book about Chinese emperors. Free item is Emperor Shirt and Pants. The Box Dimension is Japan. Boxes are wearing white belts. A new game is called 'Sumo Slam' where you have to sumo wrestle other opponents. Free item is Sumo Shorts. The cave is France. The white chair is a miniature Eiffel Tower. The edge of the pool is replaced by baguettes. Free item is Eiffel Tower Point Hat.

Happy65s Ideas[edit]

EPF Party

The EPF Party is a party to celebrate the elite penguin force beause of all the field opps completed by us penguins.There is also a quiz every year in a party room for members only called the Quiz room questions nd you have to do it every year for 25 years in a row if you want to become a famous elite agent . every year there is a pin, for 2011 it is the gary pin and for 2012 it is the rookie pin .there is also another party room called the Elite Hq, you get to do herbets revenge missions there and get the same awards . The Party is normally in fall.

Member Rooms

Quiz Room ( Members Only ) The Elite HQ ( Members Only )

Non Member Rooms

Normal Rooms Only


         The Return of Old C.P.

Festival of Flight 2011 (Aug) Submarine Party 2011(Feb) Mexican party 2011 (Jan) Luau party 2011 (Mar) Water party 2011(Jun) Summer Kickoff party 2011(Jul)

Cookie 07730's Ideas[edit]

Return of the Old Days

  • Note: Rooms will look like they did during beta party, without the decorations and, of coarse, the hat.
  • Return map to its old state.

Rooms Allowed in[edit]

  • Gift Shop (No items)
  • Night Club (No Games)
  • Lounge
  • Town
  • Ski Village (No Sports Shop)
  • Mountain


  • All the other rooms
  • All games except Ski Hill, and Mancala .

  • Game Day Party
  • Everything looks like it does in Club Penguin Game Day.

Halloween Party 2011 idea[edit]

Wellbe's Ideas[edit]

  • Underwater Party
    • Free Items
      • Green Fish Costume (Forest)
      • Green Fish Tail (Forest)
      • Red Fish Costume (Forest)
      • Red Fish Tail (Forest)
      • Seaweed Cape (Iceberg)
      • Fishtank Background (After doing Fish Food Scavenger Hunt)
    • Mascots Coming
      • Herbert (with Klutzy coded as puffle, both wearing bowls to protect from water)
    • Rooms Decorated as...
      • Town - Fish Tank, Coffee Shop says "Fish Coffee", Dance Club says "Flipper Dancing", Gift Shop is "Fish Market", and there is a tube that shoots you to a party room
      • Snow Forts - Fish Tank, same but throwing snowballs you will throw fishfood
      • Plaza - Fish Tank, same but Pet Shop says "Fish Pets" and Pizza Parlor says "Pescado Parlor"
      • Dock - Fish Tank, nothing different
      • Beach - Fish Tank, nothing different
      • Ski Village - Fish Tank, same but Tour Guide booth is on the left and replaced by an entrance to a party room, and Everyday Phoning Facility says Everyday Pescado Facility
      • Forest - Fish Tank, same but trees replaced by seaweed
      • Cove - Fish Tank, nothing different
      • Mine Shack - Fish Tank, nothing different
    • Party Rooms (Names Only)
      • Penguin-Only Room
      • Fish Maze 0-10 (Members Only)
      • Fish Treasure (Members Only)
  • Fourth of July Party
    • Free Items:
      • America Flag (hand item) (Town)
    • Mascots:
      • Rory
    • Rooms Decorated:
      • Most of the Rooms are the same, with fireworks. Though, the Town has a box full of American Flags for free and an American Flag stuck in the ground. Inside areas stay the same.

Brookelas' Awesome Ideas![edit]

Emilek27's Ideas![edit]

Year 1 1. Puffle party 2. Fashion show 3. Farmer party 4. Girls & Boys 5. Penguin play Awards 6. UFO expedition 7. Summer party 8. Wilderness expedition 9. Pink & Black - The Fair 10. Halloween party 11. Club Herbert party 12. Holiday party

Year 2 1. Puffle party 2. Card-Jitsu party 3. St' Patrick's Day party 4. April fool's, Easter eggs hunt 5. Girls & Boys 6. UFO party 7. Music jam 8. Prehistoric & Viking party 9. The Fair: Colorful party 10. Music halloween party 11. Great storm & whirlwind 12. Holiday party

Year 3 1. Farmer party 2. Jungle expedition: Part I 3. Underwater party 4. Earth day 5. Jungle expedition: Part II 6. Marvel superhero ... repeat 7. Medieval party 8. Puffle party 9. The Fair: Sunny day 10. Halloween party 11. Mails, mails, mails ... 12. Jungle expedition: Part III, Holiday party

Year 4 1. Fashion show: Wig show 2. Fashion show: Glasses show 3. Puffle party 4. April fool's, Easter eggs hunt, Earth day 5. Medieval party 6. Music jam 7. Water party 8. The Great snow race 9. The Fair: Rollercoaster 10. Halloween party 11. Magician's & Wizard party 12. Gold & Silver hunt, Holiday party

Year 5 1. Puffle party 2. Winter luau 3. St' Patrick's Day party 4. April fool's, Easter eggs hunt, Earth day 5. Detective party 6. Music jam 7. Magic party 8. Disney party 9. The Fair: New Shops 10. Halloween party 11. UFO party 12. Holiday party, Fashion show I

Year 6 1. Fashion show II 2. UFO party 3. Spring & St' Partick's party 4. April fool's, Easter eggs hunt, Earth day 5. Music jam 6. Puffle party 7. EPF & PSA vs Herbert battle 8. "Only in you is our hope ..." -EPF 9. The Fair: EPF & PSA 10. Halloween party: Like autumn 11. School party, Wilderness expedition 12. The Fair: Holiday party

Year 7 1. Underwater party 2. Puffle party 3. Spring in the Garden 4. April fool's, Easter eggs hunt, Earth day 5. School party 6. UFO party 7. Music jam 8. Expedition 9. The Fair: Restaurant, Museum, Stadium, Planetarium, Zoo & Dolphinarium opened 10. Halloween party, 3 months to New Year's Eve 11. 2 months to New Year's Eve 12. Holiday party, 1 month to New Year's Eve

Year 8 1. New Year's Eve, Phineas and Ferb 2. Festival of Snow 3. Spring on the Garden 4. April fool's, Easter eggs hunt, Earth day 5. Farmer party 6. UFO party 7. Music jam 8. Medieval party 9. The Fair: The Fair 2011 10. Oktoberfest, Halloween party 11. Superhero party 12. Holiday party

Year 9 1. Puffle party 2. Mine expedition 3. Spring on the Garden 4. April fool's, Easter eggs hunt, Earth day 5. Underwater party 6. Summer party 7. Music jam 8. Adventure party 9. The Fair: My Fair 10. Halloween party: Spooky tree with gifts 11. Puffle party 12. Holiday party

Year 10 1. Underwater party 2. Pirate party 3. Puffle party 4. Earth day 5. Card-Jitsu legend 6. Music jam 7. Summer party 8. Alice in Wonderful World party 9. The Fair: Puffle's Fair 10. Halloween party 11. EPF new battle 12. Holiday party

Year 11 1. Wilderness Expedition Penguin Style - Wilderness Clothing 2. Surfing Party, Music Jam Penguin Style - Surfboards, Music Clothing 3. Old Greek Party Penguin Style - Medieval Style 4. St' Patrick Days - Adventure Style 5. Mountain Expedition: See you silver ? - Mountain Style 6. EURO 2012 - Blue & Yellow Soccer Style, Red & White Soccer Style 7. SuperHero Agents: EPF is CPDF (Club Penguin Detective's Facility)- Summer Style 8. Puffle Party - Puffle Party Style 9. The Fair: Rainbow wig - The Fair Style 10. Halloween Party - Halloween Style 11. Mountain Expedition: See you gold ? - Mountain Style 12. Holiday Party: Golden Holiday Island - Holiday Style

Year 12 1. Club of Wild West - Wild West Style 2. Sensei & Rockhopper: Family - Japan Style 3. PPA - PPA Style 4. April fool's - April fool's Style 5. Adventure Party - Adventure Style 6. Medieval Party - Medieval Style 7. Fashion Show & Music Jam - Fashion & Music Look 8. Puffle Party - Puffle Party Style 9. The Fair: Lime Green - The Fair Styl 10. Halloween Party - Halloween Style 11. Klutzy & Herbert: They're good ! - Autumn Style 12. Holiday Party - Holiday Style

Year 13 1. Underwater Party - Underwater Style 2. Medieval Party - Medieval Style 3. Coming Soon ... More coming soon ...

Ideas for parties[edit]

Phineas and Ferb Party

Mascots:Gary, Phineas and Ferb Phineas has red wig and orange striped shirts and blue shorts and his color is red Ferb has a green hair like his human counterpart and wears his clothes

Phineas and Ferb party items:

Summer Blues Shirt 500 coins members only Fruity Summer Punch Sneakers 300 coins and yes of course it's members only... 3D Glasses Free everyone Clicking the 3D Glass on bottom right will enter 3d mode(which requires unity web player) Orange Summer shirts 200 members only


Phineas and Ferb songs playable for limited time(during party) playable by entering code in code selection mode Phineas and Ferb Meetable only in Summer Punch Server(During Party, so this is limited time too) Survive the Coolest Coaster Ever (Brown Puffle)

Mooch/Pablo's Party Ideas[edit]

Galactic Party[edit]

  • Time: 1 1/2 weeks
  • Theme: Space
  • Story: Gary has observed a strange planet from his observatory, and is sending brave penguins to go there and search for alien lifeforms!
  • Mascot(s): Gary
  • Decor Examples: The whole island has a space backdrop, the rooms are futuristic, and there are signs of an odd puffle...
  • Special Rooms: Planet Y, Gary's Observatory, Space Shuttle
  • Other Events: Space Adventure Planet Y is back in the Stage, and there's a scavenger hunt where members can find Martian Antennae for their Puffles.

Where's My Water Party[edit]

  • Penguins could wear Swampy costume, Allie costume and Cranky costume (Members only :( like other costumes '-')
  • Emotes like water, posion and toxic.
  • Even a game called Where's My Penguin a club penguin and where's my water game.
  • It's for My Penguin too.
  • Released in 2014 in April 24 to May 8.
  • Aillgator puffle pin is in the dock.
  • Includes Herbert Style and Magicial Puffle.

Club Penguin Lego Party[edit]

  • Lego Tower is added to stay

Celebration of Shadow[edit]

  • Will be Dark and spooky in the Mine
  • Shadowy Figures will be spotted in the Town and Plaza
  • Dark clouds will hover over penguins.
  • When the game Card Jitzu Shadow is released penguins will have to play a game called Shadow Quest if they want to go to the Shadow Dojo.
  • To play Shadow Quest you have to look for the Shadow Key Pin while collecting powerups and watching out for spooky obstacles.

Stamp Party[edit]

  • Stamp with an arrow showing where you can get it
  • Along with the Stamp Pin
  • New Stamps

Phineas and ferb takeover[edit]

  • Phineas,Ferb and perry are mascots
  • The whole island is going to be like... The backyard... doof`s lair... perry`s lair etc...
  • Isabella is there as a mascot too... and buford... and bajeet... and doof... and norm... everyone...
  • It starts in 2016 (i hope club penguin does one!)
  • chatters like perry lol

2017 January-Moana-Takeover February-Time traveling party(EPF event ) March–Puffle party 2017 April–UFO expedition May–Card jitsu party 2017 June–Prehistoric party 2017 July–Music jam 2017 August–Car racing party (Cars 3-Takeover) September–Descendants 2:Takeover October–12th anniversary party and Halloween party 2017 November–Operation:Back to the moon December–Holiday party 2017 2018 January–Coco-Takeover February–Fashion festival March–Puffle party 2018 April–Gigantic-Takeover May–The fair 2018 June–Jungle expedition:Adventure party July–Music jam 2928 August–The Incredibles-Takeover September–Back to school party-Friendship games October–13th anniversary party and Halloween party 2018 November–Operation:Equal "=" December–Holiday party 2018 2019 January–Time traveling party February–Archeology expedition March–Puffle party 2019 April–Alice in wonderland-Takeover May–The fair 2019 June–Surf and summer party July–Music jam 2019:Rainbow rocks August–The Incredibles 2-Takeover September–Mexicans fiesta October–14th anniversary party and Halloween party 2019 November–Operation:Mega battle December–Christmas battle 2020 January–Time traveling party February–Operation:Last battle