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Ideas for the game Paint By Letters!

Paint By Letters theories[edit]

  • In Lime Green Dojo Clean, on the third page, if you click on the door of the Dojo 50 times, it will open and bring you to 3 future Paint By Letter games that will be, "Random Dancing," "Herbert Turns Good," and, "The Halloween That Nobody Will Forget."
  • If you have the blue book you can unlock Aqua Beach Fiesta, Lavender Mountain Scavenger and Maroon Coffee Shop Toons.
  • A new book called Kieran the Komodo Dragon will come, in which a Komodo Dragon makes friends with a penguin called Po.
  • The penguin giving the tutorial at the start of the book isn't you. It's an evil clone of you who traveled through the dimensions to destroy club penguin. They were trapped inside the book and is now forced to do slave labour by doing the tutorials. The only way to get them out is by tipping the iceberg.
  • If you collected enough secret coins by playing the game (not exactly one) every day for the rest of the year, for the final day of the year, when you finish reading one of the books, there will be a link to a secret page in the Club Penguin website which provides you with free membership (for 24 months), coins, become Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic (demo version), free books and toys with free shipping to wherever you are, and the ability to create parties or cause destruction in Club Penguin !
  • If you earn the all of the secret coins in at least one book for a month,you a rare Ice Friendship Braclet for My Puffle,Fire Friendship Braclet for Burned Out Bulbs,and a Lime Green Friendship Bracelet for Lime Green Dojo Clean
  • It will come later. As in My Puffle the puffle turns rainbow.