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Theories or ideas about the room Ninja Hideout!

Ninja Hideout theories[edit]

  • Outside the Dojo.
  • Inside the stone puffle on the left.
  • In the secret hole in the bleachers.
  • Inside the Ninja Hideout, the stone puffles go there and transform into penguins and teach young ninjas.
  • On the left stereo.
  • A water dojo and a snow dojo
  • Access to the waterfall
  • Access to the Tallest Mountain
  • Water Dojo, Leader is Sensei Sparkpin. Here, you become a water ninja.
  • Squid had been added.
  • A underground shadow dojo with Shadow Sensei,The entrance to the Shadow Dojo is locked you have to find the key to the Shadow Dojo door,by playing the new minigame Shadow Quest.
  • When you find the key to the door you will get to play the new minigame Card Jitzu Shadow and earn your Shadow Suit.
  • When you play Card Jitzu new Element of Shadow cards will be added to the game.
  • When you play Card Jitzu Shadow you be able to use powerups witch will help you in the game.

Puffle Dojo were you can train your puffles to be ninja puffles Belts(Dark green,purple,orange,brown,yellow,white and,gray) and if you beat the sensei puffle you will get to chouse a new puffle for cp colors are (brown,dark green,gray.sliver,rainbow Also you get to go to the death dojo but it needs work

Puffle Card -jistu where you can play against your puffle or puffle mode where another puffle can play your puffle and there will be a Puffle Master what will be owned by the sensei in master mode and the pufle belts will be red ,silver,bronze,gold,diamond,platinum,gold in a puffle dojo.