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List of fan-made Missions

Flooding Chaos[edit]

All of the windows of the mine had been shattered again due to a massive water overload, it's up to you to solve this problem:

  • The code red siren has been heard, go to the pool
  • You see the whole pool flooded into a huge tide, go back to the plaza
  • You see a penguin in front of you, ask him for a sponge to absorb the water
  • Go to the pool again and use the sponge
  • The result is that all of the water in the pool is gone, go back to the plaza again
  • You saw an fireman, ask him to bring the hose
  • Get down the pool yet again and pour the water from the hose onto the pool, be careful not to put too much water in it, or else, You'll have to do it again
  • G comes in and brings the Glass 3000, which is about the length of a bus and then G puts the glass onto the wall
  • G congratulates you for returning the water level to normal.
  • Award: a glass window from the pool (300 coins)
  • Reward: Fish-shaped red ribbon

The Case of the Carting Bombs[edit]

Herbert stole the magic pencil and drew lots of carts carrying bombs. The agents destroyed all of them except 3. Your mission is to find all the carts that Herbert drew and bring them to G so he can deactivate them. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Mine.
  • One of the 10 carts hads bombs disguised as rocks.
  • Go to the Gadget Room and take the Disguise Identificator.
  • Take the lighter next to it.
  • Ask G for one of the captured bombs. He will give you one.
  • Light the bomb and rest it on your beak.
  • Remove the nose cover from the Disguise Identificator and put it above your beak.
  • Put on the goggles and go to the Mine.
  • Look around until you see the bombs.
  • Ride the cart to the Sport Shop. On the way there, a farmer will ask you for a ride to the Forest. Do this to get a prize.
  • When you get to the Sport Shop, hand the cart of bombs in to Gary and take off the goggles.
  • Go to the Pizza Parlor. The now emptied cart is used for rides. The bombs will be covered in bills so no one will notice.
  • Ask the boss for a cashier job. He will say yes. Put on the uniform he gives you.
  • Lots of robbers will come in. You need to blow out the fire and knock the robbers down.
  • Tell the boss you quit and collect your money.
  • Use the money to buy a string and scissors at the Gift Shop. Go to the Forest. The last cart will be on a tree.
  • Stretch the tree back and tie on end of the string to it.
  • Roll the rock onto the tree and tie the other end of the string to the tree. Remove the rock, cut the string, and collect the extra 2 dollars, the medal(golden fire), and a rake from the farmer if you helped him.

Famous Penguin Fables[edit]

All the important famous penguins got off track! Even Gary! It is your job to get them on track.

  • You begin in the HQ. Talk to Gary.
  • He says that some of his inventions have backfired.
  • He will hand you JP Guy's jetpack. Turn it over.
  • Remove the panel and then the circuit board.
  • Give the jetpack a quick charge from your Spy Phone.
  • He will make a clone of it and give it to you. Fly over to Aunt Arctic's igloo.
  • She will give you a newspaper that has puffle print all over it. She says her puffles keep playing around.
  • Sit in her chair. Put the newspaper in the typewriter.
  • Look at her plans for this week's newspaper. One of the plans is an interview with her white puffle. She has it on the back.
  • Attach the interview to the newspaper and start typing. Insert your card swapper.
  • Swap the puffle print over to the side of the interview.
  • Hand the newspaper to Aunt Arctic. She'll give you a Puffindo PS.
  • Go to the Dance Club. Cadence will be practicing her dance moves.
  • She will keep falling down. Ask her why she keeps falling down.
  • She will say that Sensei is working on something, but she doesn't know what it is and she is worried.
  • Go to Sensei. He will reveal the invention to you.
  • It is a Puffle Designer. He says he can't get it to work. And yes, he said that in haiku.
  • Look at the Puffindo PS. There is a game called "Puffle Designer."
  • Take out the game and hand it to Sensei. He will thank you. And again, yes, he said that in haiku too.
  • Go to Cadence and tell her what it is. She will be surprised and run to the Dojo.
  • Anyways, go to the Dock. Rory will be drilling on the Clock Tower.
  • Ask him what's wrong. He will tell you that the Clock Tower has a screw loose, but it's inside and Rory can't get to it fast enough.
  • Give him the Puffindo PS. He will insert a puffle game called "Puff-Man" into it and start playing.
  • He will be so surprised that he will drill really fast.
  • Go to the Beach. Rookie and JP Guy will be trying to get a magnet to work.
  • Give them the Card Swapper to borrow. They will get it to work and give it back.
  • Go to the Dance Lounge. The Penguin Band can't decide how a new song of theirs is going to start.
  • Get some drumsticks from them. Bang on the Thin Ice game. A cool tune will play from it. They will use that. Give the drumsticks back to them.
  • Meet back with G. He will tell you that the other famous penguins will be done tomorrow. You will get a medal with Sensei sitting on his pillow, Cadence and Aunt Arctic on one side, Gary and Rookie on the other side, The Penguin Band behind Sensei, JP Guy floating above everybody and Rory drilling on the back of his jetpack.

Famous Penguin Fables 2: A Few Creatures, Too[edit]

A continue from Famous Penguin Fables.

  • Meet with G in the Gadget Room. He will have a box of Voice Changing Mint 3000s.
  • He will taste one. He will talk in his normal voice.
  • Take one of the mints. Put it in the Test Chamber and freeze it.
  • Gary will say that's the solution. Walk out.
  • Gary will teleport into his chair. He will tell you that he tested a teleporter, but now he's teleporting everywhere. He will give you a circuit board.
  • Insert the circuit board into the computer. Gary will teleport somewhere.
  • Sit in the chair. Press a few buttons on his keyboard to bring Gary back. Now he can choose where he wants to go.
  • Go to the Dance Club. Dancing Penguin will say that he can't dance anymore.
  • The Penguin Band will get up and start dancing. They will say that they can't stop!
  • Cadence will walk up to the guitar and randomly start playing it. Dancing Penguin will play the drums.
  • Get your Card Swapper. Program it to switch the hobbies.
  • Dancing Penguin and Cadence will start dancing. The Penguin Band will start playing.
  • A computer will fly through the door and go to you. The Director will appear on it.
  • He will say that he needs help finding Rockhopper Island.
  • A map will appear on the screen. Guide The Director to the X.
  • The Keeper of the Boiler Room will fly out of the Boiler Room on the boiler like a rocket!
  • He will fly like crazy! Grab onto him and use the SP wrench to untighten the screws.
  • The boiler will break apart. The Keeper will start putting it back together.
  • The Keeper of the Stage will slowly crawl out of the Boiler Room and behind a speaker.
  • Herbert will be chasing after him with a net in his hands.
  • Talk to Herbert. He will say that he is bored so he is pretending to be a puffle hunter.
  • Rory will walk in the door. He will return the Puffindo PS to you.
  • He will also give you a game called "Puffle Hunter." Insert the game into the Puffindo and hand it to Herbert.
  • Klutzy will also go out of the Boiler Room and head towards the puffle.
  • Get a comb from your SP. Give it to The Keeper of the Stage and then he and Klutzy will start playing with it. The Keeper of the Boiler Room will also crawl over to it and start to play with it.
  • All of you will hear a large crash. Go outside.
  • The Migrator will be crashed in the snow. Ask Rockhopper what happened.
  • He will say that Yarr has been going crazy.
  • Get on the Migrator and climb up to Yarr. He will be looking for puffle food.
  • He will find some behind a barrel, but he can't open it. Use your SP scissors to open it for him.
  • Everybody you met and helped today and yesterday will be at the Pizza Parlor eating a big meal. Gary even invited The Director to come eat.
  • A black wolf will bust through the door! Gary will say, "Uhhhhh..... Director?"

To Be Continued....... Anyways, you will get the same medal you got last time except Dancing Penguin will be dancing in front of The Penguin Band, Yarr, The Keeper of the Boiler Room, and The Keeper of the Stage will be on top of Rory, Klutzy will be holding on the back of Rory, Herbert will be standing next to Dancing Penguin, Rockhopper will be standing on the other side, and The Director in wolf form will be peeking behind the Sensei.

The Direcwolf[edit]

In the above mission, The Director has turned into a wolf. It is now your job with Rookie, Rockhopper, JP Guy, Gary, and Dancing Penguin.

  • You will be at the Pizza Parlor. Direcwolf will grab Klutzy, Yarr, and the 2 keepers.
  • Herbert will stand up and say, "Alright. If there's a semi-mutated Director out there, I had better go out there and capture it for my team." He will run out the door.
  • Everybody else will run out the door. JP Guy will fly towards Direcwolf and say, "Come on, Director. We can work this out." Direcwolf will run away.
  • Chase it. Aunt Arctic and Cadence will run in front of everybody. Some mist will come and they will vanish.
  • Gary runs to that spot and feels around. Some mist comes to him, too.
  • He did not vanish, but he is now trapped in an invisible box.
  • The Penguin Band will go to Gary and try to get him out with sound.
  • Some mist will come and they will start to vanish.
  • Sensei will try to pull them out, be he will vanish too.
  • Rory will jump into the mist and vanish, too.
  • The mist will disappear.
  • Separate from everybody. Go into the HQ.
  • There will be a mini board that tells where trouble is. The light will flash at the Mountain.
  • Go there. JP Guy will be pinned down under the pole.
  • Direcwolf will be slashing the strings on the Ski Lift. Walk up to him.
  • The Direcwolf will grab JP Guy's jetpack and take a small bite of it. He will fly away.
  • Fly after him. When you get close, the smoke from JP Guy's jetpack will get in your face and you will crash into a tree.
  • Dancing Penguin will be hiding behind a tree, setting some kind of trap.
  • He will use roasted orange peels as bait.
  • The Direcwolf will eat one of the orange peels. A boxing glove will slowly push him onto a white glove.
  • The white glove will go up and push Direcwolf into a pot.
  • Direcwolf will "blow up the pot with his teeth" and grab Dancing Penguin.
  • Run! Direcwolf will throw Dancing Penguin at you. Get out of the way. DP will bounce off of the cliff and back at Direcwolf.
  • Go to the Plaza. Ask Gary if he saw Direcwolf.
  • He will do hand signals. Tell him that you can't understand him.
  • He will hold up a paper in agent code. Translate it.
  • It will say that Direcwolf is hiding somewhere between the Forest and the Ski Village.
  • Go where he described. It will be the same place Dancing Penguin was.
  • Rescued-by-Rookie Gary will throw a ladder down. Quickly climb up and Gary will pull it back up.
  • Gary will be sitting down with Rockhopper and Rookie. JP Guy will also be part of the meeting.
  • "That thing stole me Yarr!" Rockhopper will say. "I say we beat it until it flees!"
  • Gary will tell Rockhopper to calm down.
  • "Why don't we just trap it and track down the stolen puffles?" asks JP Guy.
  • Say, "Trust me. DP tried that, and it backfired. Literally."
  • Direcwolf will climb up with DP in his hand! He will look up and do the wolf cry.
  • Run! Direcwolf will chase you, but nobody else.
  • You will get Rockhopper's ship splinters, JP Guy's spare jetpack, Rookie's training whip, and Gary's Futuresight Glasses.
  • Use the whip to swing to the Dance Club.
  • Go into the Boiler Room. Open the boiler. The disappearing penguins and stolen creatures will be in there.
  • They will all fall out. Herbert will be the only one left in there.
  • Quickly close the boiler. Use the Futuresight Glasses.
  • You will see the Boiler Room exploding.
  • Open the boiler. Herbert will crawl out and the Boiler Room will shake.
  • Fly out with everybody. Set a trap using the splinters.
  • Direcwolf will fall for the trap.
  • He will start to turn back into The Director.
  • Gary, JP Guy, Rockhopper, Rookie, and Dancing Penguin will come in and everybody will gasp.
  • The Director was really---- Hey! Where's my drum roll and dramatic music?
  • Sensei! Da da duuuuuuuuuuuh!

You will get a medal with the Direcwolf on it. You will also get a picture of you swinging with Rookie's whip.

State Shape Scramble[edit]

Herbert used his Stateshapeinator 3000 to turn the states and some countries into what they look like to attack Club Penguin! It is your job to stop it.

  • Go to the HQ. Idaho(a glove with a big index finger) will be pinning Gary down to the floor.
  • Use the wrench to remove Idaho and put it in the State Catcher. Gary will give the State Catcher to you.
  • Go to the Plaza. California Sock will be releasing it's fumes to penguins' noses. Capture the fumes in the State Catcher and send it back to California to catch it.
  • Go to the Town. Texas Top will be spinning and starting a tornado. Use the wrench to remove the bottom and catch Texas.
  • Go to the Iceberg. China Moose Head will be bouncing on it and tipping it. Use the Aqua Grabber to grab China and catch it.
  • Go to the Cove. Oklahoma Sports Glove, Montana Face, and Michigan Glove Creature will be combined together, poking and biting penguins.
  • Take the teeth from Montana. Clamp Michigan with it and it will bite Oklahoma. Capture them.
  • Go to the Gadget Room. North and South Carolina Bird Heads will be feeding Rookie and JP Guy to their babies. Grab the babies and force North and South Carolina into the State Catcher.
  • Go out of the Gadget Room and get the medal after returning the State Catcher.

Rescue the Director[edit]

Herbert uses Rookie's spy phone to get to the Director and kidnap him or her. You, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, and the TV controller (seen on cover of F.I.S.H) must rescue him. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Aunt Arctic's igloo.
  • She has the key to his secret office.
  • Go to the Boiler Room.
  • Click the bottom left door.
  • The filing cabinet will move revealing a passage.
  • Click the paper on floor
  • It will reveal a map to Herbert's lair.
  • Go to ski mountain.
  • Click the bushes.
  • Go into the tunnel they reveal.
  • Click the key.
  • Click the lock on the black puffle's cage.
  • Click the lock on the Director's cage.
  • The Director will be wearing a cloak so you cant see his or her face.
  • Return to HQ.
  • Receive the golden key award and the bag of O-berries if you freed the puffle.

Rescue the mysterious penguin[edit]

A very important penguin has gone missing. Who?

  • You start at the Dojo. Your locked in!
  • Grab the key to escape.
  • Leave.
  • Open the trap door on the ground of the Exterior.
  • Turn on the light.
  • Grab the binder
  • Bring it to G. He looks in the binder and gives you a photo of Dancing Penguin (the character) having fun.
  • Go to the beach
  • Give DP the photo
  • He gives you the Penguin Locater
  • Go to the lighthouse roof
  • Put the hair in the penguin locater
  • Bring it to G.
  • G will say Thanks and dismiss you
  • Leave the HQ. A penguin in a mysterious black robe stares at you and vanishes.
  • You get the G's Little Helper Award!

Rescue the mysterious penguin 2:Who he is[edit]

G will ask you to fetch a paper from the binder that he lost for him. Why?

  • You start at the Town.
  • Ask the Gift Shop Guy if he's seen a paper. He says no, but a paper will fly past you.
  • Go to the snow forts. It's the flag on the forts.
  • Pick it up and go back to the HQ. Give it to G.
  • Now there will be a cutscene. It says that the mysterious penguin's name is Clyde, and that he was a fighter for-
  • G closes the binder. "Can't tell you more than that" he says.
  • Go to the command room.
  • Look under the table for the remote.
  • Turn on the TV and ask the Director who Clyde is.
  • The Director says, "NO" and turns off the TV.
  • Go to the Pizza Shop.
  • Pick up the hot sauce and throw it on the floor. The owner will clean it up.
  • Go into the back room. Grab the jackhammer.
  • Bring it to the iceberg.
  • Jackhammer to the far right of the Aqua Grabber.
  • The iceberg will rise. It's a big blue lobster fish bird puffle thing with turqiouse hands!
  • Ask him who Clyde is.
  • He will say, "No" and go back into the sea. But then he says, "You will find out later."
  • Go back to G.
  • He will say, "Hey, Agent. It's getting late. Bye!" and leave.
  • The mission rewards are:nothing, but you get to play the next mission

A game of Penguin and Bear[edit]

  • Talk to Cadance in the night club

Cadance: Oh, my! I always Loved to go to the dojo to see penguins play Card Jitsu, but the dojo is closed!

  • Go to the dojo
  • Turn the fuse box on
  • Enter and talk to Sensei
  • He will give you an amulet. (If you have one from 'Martial Artworks', it's already in your inventory.)
  • Go in the ninja hideout (Sensei let you in)
  • Go to the volcano
  • Talk to Fire Sensei

Fire Sensei: I just saw a polar bear pass. I think he's considering the volcano.

  • Herbert Appears

Fire Sensei: Here, have some hot sauce.

  • You get the hot sauce.

You: What's it for?

Fire Sensei: It is useful for a fight,and a pizza.

  • First Online Boss Battle

You have the hot sauce. You have to squirt it at Herbert and the snowballs he throws. You have 9 health. Herbert has 9, too. Snowballs take 1 health. You charge your hot sauce up to see its power. The higher the bar, the stronger the squirt. If you fill the bar up, the hot sauce will discharge, no damage. Kinda like the Toontown C.E.O.

  • After the fight
  • Talk to Fire Sensei. He says something under his breath. The only word you can make out is 'agent.'
  • Then he says 'I think a scientest is expecting you.'
  • Go to G

G: Good job! He have Herbert off for a while, but not all of the rest of Club Penguin. Thanks.

  • Prize: Fire Ninja, Agent, and 'No Herbert' badge.
  • (SECRET)
  • After you defeat the boss, talk to Cadance. She will challenge you to Card-Jitsu Fire. She also says she is a Fire Ninja. Accpet.
  • Play fire card jitsu. Beat Cadance to get the award.

Cadance:Whoo! You beat me! Nice!

  • Beat the mission normmaly from this point on.
  • Secret Prize: Hot Sauce (Click on the hot Sauce in your inventory and a bottle will come up. Click the bottle and hot sauce will come out.

Card-Jitsu Chaos[edit]

  • The mission starts out with you and another agent playing Card-Jitsu.
  • Then, Sensei trips over a small box and falls in the middle of your game. Cards are scattered everywhere.
  • Sensei: Oh no! I'm terribly sorry.
  • You: It's okay. Accidents happen sometimes!
  • Click on the cards to sort out which ones are yours and your opponent's.
  • When you're done,tell Sensei the cards are sorted out. Your opponent will leave the Dojo.
  • Sensei will then give you some cards as a reward.
  • Now go to the Forest, and click all of the trees. Herbert P. Bear will jump out, holding Klutzy.
  • Herbert: I see you have had a problem playing that card game of yours.
  • You: How did you know?
  • Herbert: I was standing right outside, watching you... I saw everything!
  • You: Herbert, you'll never belive this but I sorted out the cards and got more from Sensei.
  • Herbert: So? I DON'T CARE! I'm out to spread this news. I'll see you in humiliation!
  • Now, go to the Snow Forts. You'll find a jar with a message in it. Put it in your inventory.
  • Go to the Book Room, and you will find another agent.
  • You: Excuse me, but where's G?
  • The Agent: He's in the Gadget room, call him with your Spy Phone.
  • Call G, and tell him that he needs to open the Gadget Room door, now go to the HQ and into the Gadget Room.
  • Give the bottle to G. It will say all about your accident with Sensei and the cards.
  • You: Herbert! He must have thought that a penguin would find it and pick it up!
  • G: Let's track down these bottles and Herbert.
  • Go to the Dojo Courtyard, and click on the bushes. A bottle will roll out.
  • Go inside the Dojo, and give it to Sensei.
  • Sensei:I wonder how many of these are hidden, and where?
  • Go to the Iceberg.
  • Pick up the bottle on the tip of it, as it is just about to fall off.
  • Go to the Beacon. Give the bottle to Rookie, who is looking out the telescope.
  • Rookie: Wow! How'd this happen?
  • You: Sensei tripped over a little box with some cards in it. Ours were scattered all over.
  • Go to the Dock, and ask the Hydro Hopper Driver for a motor.
  • He'll pass you one, take it to the Mine Shack.
  • Place the motor on the rails.
  • Turn it on. Watch the rails shake.
  • Go inside the Mine, and watch Herbert surf out on a cart.
  • He will crash into the motor and it will explode, as well as the cart.
  • Call G using your Spy Phone, and tell him about it.
  • G: Oh, good thinking! Meet me in the HQ.
  • Go there.
  • G will give you a medal as an award, as well as some new cards. He will also give you a Card-Jitsu jacket.
  • Thank him, and that will be the end of the mission.

The Special Power[edit]

Herbert is traveling in his drill to steal all the shiny stuff. Rubies, amulets, gold, he'll swipe it. It is your job to stop him.

  • Go to the Gadget Room.
  • G will say, "My Herbert Tracking Device has been a real failure." He'll give it to you.
  • Take it to the Dock. The boat person will pull a Mancala board from the boat.
  • Play Mancala with him. If you win, you get a golden cup.
  • Take the cup to the Dojo. Sensei will say, "A very special
golden cup has the power
                                           to unlock special."
  • Ask him what he means. He will hand you something in agent code. Translate it.
  • Enter the Ninja Hideout. Herbert will be looking for special shiny stuff. Jewels will be in his hand.
  • Walk up to his drill. Take the key to it.
  • Ask Herbert for some rope. He will say, "Yeah. Whatever" and give you some.
  • Tie the key with the cup.
  • Take it to G. He will use it to open the tracker. A Card-Jitsu card switcher will be inside.
  • Take it to Herbert and you will begin to play Card-Jitsu.
  • Herbert will pick a card. Don't pick one. Use the switcher to switch the card that he picked with the Penguin Band card.
  • Your card will now be Sensei. Use it. Sensei will run from behind you and attack Herbert with his gong.
  • The shiny stuff will fall out of Herbert's hand. Catch it.
  • Bring the shiny stuff to G. He will give you a medal with coins.
  • You get those coins in real Club Penguin.

case of the sensei imposter[edit]

you start in g's room, g:hello agent i have a misson for you

you: what?

g: sensei has gone crazy... but i think hes an imposter

you: why?

g: because he looks silver some say

go to town

ninja 1: HELP MEEE!!!!!

ninja 2: NOOOO NOT MY DECK!!!!!

sensei?: mwa ha ha

sensei? walks away

you: what happened?

ninja 1: we tried to beat sensei but after we lost... HE TOOK ARE DECKS!!!!

you: did he tell you why?

ninja 1: he said it was part of his plan

you: I'll get them back

ninja 2: thank you

go to pet shop

click on giant pet bed

type in 886123 on code lock an underground path will open up

go into path

take steel and flashlight

go into dark tunnel

turn on flashlight or goggles

click on hammer

add steel

take hammer

go to dojo

hammer the door

sensei?: stop that!

you: i challenge you

fight sensei

use ice then fire than water

unmask sensei

silver penguin:AAAAAAAH

silver penguin gets banned

see real sensei

sensei: thank you for rescuing me

go to h.q

talk to g

g: good work agent

you get:

the silver penguin medal

a letter from sensei

Herbert The Sensei?[edit]

  • You: *walks out of Card-Jitsu battle* That was a good battle, Sensei.
  • Sensei: Yes it was, my young penguin. Good-bye now.
  • You: Why do we always have to end at 7:30?
  • Sensei: I just like to...please, just leave.
  • You: Why?
  • You: *calls Gary, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy to the Dojo*
  • Jet Pack Guy: Sensei! What is the matter?
  • Sensei: NO!! THE LUNAR ECLIPSE!!! *roars and turns into Herbert*
  • You: Herbert! What are you doing here?
  • Herbert: I'm the Sensei, of course.
  • Rookie: *giggles* You ripped your clothes....
  • Herbert: Shut up, you fool! *turns Rookie into a crab* Now, what was I saying?
  • Jet Pack Guy: Rookie!
  • Gary: Everyone, stay calm. We are all dreaming.
  • Jet Pack Guy: That's what we want to think!
  • You: Wait! So you're the Sensei, Herbert?
  • Herbert: Why didn't you ever guess?
  • Rookie: *runs away*
  • Jet Pack Guy: Rookie! *goes to find Rookie*
  • Herbert: Any more questions? Or can I take over Club Penguin now?
  • Gary: Herbert, you'll never get away with this!
  • Herbert: Oh yes, I will! *Herbert zaps Gary and Herbert and Gary switch bodies*
  • Gary in Herbert's body: Oh no!
  • Herbert in Gary's body: Now that I'm Gary, I can use my inventions to take over Club Penguin! *runs off*
  • Gary in Herbert's body turns into the Sensei*
  • Gary in Sensei's body: Now that I'm the Sensei, I better go find challenge him to a battle and get Rookie and my body back...maybe. *evil smile* See ya later, agent. *walks off*


Case of The Stolen Computer[edit]

Herbert is trying to plant hidden bombs over the island which let out nasty smells and Gary can't find out where they are hidden because his computer has been stolen as revenge by Herbert P. Bear. You need to find out where the bombs are hidden through messages in code around the island.

Heatin' up[edit]

Herbert sends countless number of bugs for the System Defender. He then sets up smoke shooters which shoot 'heating fumes' into the sky so that the weather will become hot. You are told by Gary to investigate the situation. After a lot of searching, you find out that there are those 'smoke shooters' all over the island, in nearly all the rooms. Gary then tells you to report immediately to the Command Room. Herbert is trying to hack into the EPF system. You must play a minigame to help protect the EPF systems, and it works. But meanwhile, things are very slowly heating up on the Club Penguin island...

(After that a water Party is thrown online)

It's hot, hotter, hottest!!! (Sequel to Heatin' up)[edit]

Herbert tells you that the time has come for him to unleash all the 'smoke shooters' to full power. You take all the elite puffles with you. You get out of the Command Room immediately and find Herbert in the Town. You use Bouncer to throw snowballs at Herbert just in time before he reveals himself and his schemes to everyone. He says that he has already started sending the biggest wave of bugs to System Defender. You go to the Command Room and find out that the System Defender system had been destroyed. Then you go to Herbert's lair and destroy his computer used for hacking through a minigame when Herbert's not looking. But then he tells you that the island's biggest crisis is yet to start...

The Hottest Day Ever (Sequel to It's hot, hotter, hottest!!!)[edit]

You are in the command room. Gary is dealing with the countless number of bugs while you set out to finish the hottest crisis ever! You find Herbert in his ultra-barren lair. He says that there is a problem with the smoke shooters...

You use Chill to temporarily stop the smoke shooters. But then, all of a sudden, you get called by Herbert saying that he needs you to come fast...

He tells you that he has unleashed the smoke shooters and the result was not what he expected. It would heat up the island so much that every creature would have to evacuate from the island forever. He says he will help you, but only this once.

So you set out to find a contraption that will stop the smoke shooters. So you make a cotraption with a few items made by Herbert. Those shot thesmoke shooters far away into the sky away from the island which results in giant fireworks. You have saved the island!!!

Herbert Strikes Again![edit]

Go to the HQ. Talk to G. G will show you a top-secret mission. You need to tip the iceberg so it will sink easier, and tell Herbert to go to the iceberg to sail to another island, and the berg will sink before he can do it. To get EVERYONE to tip the iceberg, go to the beacon, and yell "TIP THE ICEBERG" Through a megaphone. after the iceberg sinks, G tells you that herbert didn't really sink, that mission was just a drill. the real plan needs the herbert tracker 3000, a machine that tells where herbert is, but the herbert tracker (ht) needs to be fixed (its broken) go to the gadget room and get the wires, and replace the wires in the ht with the wires you have. it should work now but the antenna ir broken. use the wrench to fix it. now go to the mine cave and talk to the penguin with the jackhammer and hard hat. he wants you to put the solar panel back on the jackhammer so it will start working again. put the solar panel on the jackhammer. now go to the snow forts and you will see gary with his new invention, the snowball flinger. it flings snowballs at things that are snowball powered like the clock tower. ask g if you can borrow it. put the snowball flinger in the mine cave so the lightbulbs will stay on. when the digger is done digging, give him something to put his coins in. take the boot at the ski lodge. give it to the digger and he will give you his jackhammer. use the jackhammer to fix the ht. the jackhammer will burn up so you'll need the ac 3000 to cool it down. once you cooled it down, give it to the digger. now the ht will show that herbert is at the cove. go to the cove and you will see a giant machine in construction by herbert and klutzy. they say its a machine that will heat clubpenguin up so clubpenguin will melt. use the ac 3000 to freeze herbert. mission accomplished!

Squidazoid Quest[edit]

  • Gary:The show is here.
  • Jetpack Guy:Let's find Rookie.
  • Rookie:It sounds like Squidarook is ready.
  • Gary:Hehe.
  • Jetpack Guy:Your the herbert in the EPF last time.
  • Rookie:Yeah but why.
  • I love squids. (Rookie)
  • Gary:Squids are very spicy and there tentacles had ink.
  • Rookie:Squidazoid did not look spicy and inky.
  • You:What are you doing.
    • Playing Squidazoid
    • Jet Pack Adventure with Rookie and Jet Pack Guy
    • Playing EPF squids
  • Playing Squidazoid-Umm no said Rookie.
  • Gary:Let's go to the stage Rookie.
  • Rookie:OK!
  • Stage-I'm the squidazoid that destroys the city. Said Rookie
  • Gary:Oh oh Squidazoid is here. He will attack the city.
  • Be Countined

Questions for a crab 2[edit]

  • You:I got a special mullet.
  • Klutzy:Click click!
  • You:A crab.
  • You:Hey it's away.
    • Go to mountain
  • It's a test run.
  • Test run:watch out for dangerous stuffs here.
  • You:OK
  • Herbert:This is Herbert's car.
  • Breaks Herbert's car.
  • Herbert:I hate you.
  • Herbert:What happen.
  • You:Two logs break your car, Your car breaks by logs or I don't liked this game. It's Klutzy's fault.
  • Herbert:Climb here in this rotten ladder.
  • You:A pickup hook.
  • You:If you say so.
  • Jetpack Guy:What happen.
    • Herbert found me.
    • Klutzy had followed me.
    • Herbert is dancing for fun.
  • Jetpack Guy:Herbert. So I will save you form this veggiavore.
  • You:Weehee!!!
  • Gary:Hey your safe agent.
  • You:I founded herbert.
  • Gary:Jetpack Guy thanks.
  • Rookie:We did not seen you anywhere.
  • You:Thank Jetpack Guy.
  • Rookie:I so happy your still there.
  • You:I was fishing then the crab appears.
  • You:The crab was Klutzy intill he falls down.
  • Gary:Let's put a warning sign for the Mountain.
    • Herbert will not go there.
    • No sled here.
    • Any penguin will not go here.
  • Rookie:The mission is done.
  • Gary:Jetpack Guy is the saver here.
  • Jetpack Guy:I saved all of the penguins that are in the water.
  • Jetpack Guy:Deep in the water.
  • Jetpack Guy:Using my underwater rope to save the penguins.
  • Jetpack Guy:And you with just the jetpack.
  • I see you when I was playing Jetpack Adventure.
  • Gary:No more talking about saving you.
  • Rookie:The mission is down.
  • You:And next time I see klutzy. I will not follow this crab.
  • Gary:Right.
  • Rookie:Who wants to eat a mullet.
  • Everyone except rookie:Me!
  • Rookie:Let's go to the lounge.

Sliver Penguin Strikes Back and Herbert the Sensei 2[edit]

  • Sliver Penguin:I have a card in my mouth.
  • Throws up.
  • Sliver Penguin:It's the Sensei card.
  • Breaks the cage.
  • Now I have to find Sensei!
  • In the dojo
  • Sliver Penguin: I AM THE SLIVER PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Herbert:Your in my body here!
  • Sliver Penguin cuts gary and sensei's out of his stomach.
  • Sensei:Oh my herbert vs sliver penguin. Villain fight!
  • Sliver Penguin:It's you end herbert PEE bear.
  • Herbert:I whack a sliver penguin!
  • Sliver Penguin got eaten.
  • Herbert:Now i'm the sliver penguin. IT's TIME FOR ME TO STEAL ALLL THE DECKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sliver Penguin in herbert's body:THE END OF CARDJITSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HERBERT in sliver penguin's body:I WILL RULE THE WORLD IF I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You:Herbert and Sliver Penguin oh no what i have to do now!
  • Gary in Herbert's Body and Sensei in Sliver Penguin's body:Fight with cards!!!!!!!
  • You:Klutzy in Sliver Penguin's body? Werid!

be countined

  • Squidazoid:Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. The city is doom.
  • an sneak peek for squidazoid 2.

Herbert's Melt Ray[edit]

  • (this is the first EPF mission instead of PSA)
  • you are in the EPF command room with the Director. Herbert sends a message saying that he plans to melt the island with a ray from his flying lair. The Director also says that the islands heat wave has been from Herbert's testing.
  • The Director tells you to go find Jet Pack Guy, G, PH, Dot, and Rookie who are on their day off and bring them to the command room.
  • go to the town and walk inside the coffee shop.
  • you find G at a table enjoying his morning coffee and working on the blueprints for a new gadget: the Freeze Ray 3000
  • tell G that the Director needs him at HQ and G says he will go as soon as he finishes his coffee. Go to the cove.
  • At the cove you find Rookie getting a tan. He says he has found a way to enjoy the unusual heat wave. Tell him the heat wave was from Herbert and that the Director needs him at HQ. He says he will be there in five minutes. Go to the Lighthouse.
  • in the lighthouse go to the beacon.
  • you find Jet Pack Guy with his jet pack going crazy. He says the heat has made it malfunction. go back down stairs.
  • take the rope from inside the row boat and tie it in a loop. put the lasso in your inventory.
  • back at the beacon use your new lasso to catch Jet Pack Guy and pull him back to the ledge. use your spy wrench to open up his jet pack. you see the inside is very hot. tie one end of the rope to a rail and go to the coffee shop.
  • G is about to leave when you come back. G asks why you came back here. tell him about Jet Pack Guy's problem and ask for advice. G goes to the smoothie counter and comes back with some ice cubes and tells you to put them inside of JPG's jet pack. Go back to the beacon.
  • untie the rope and pull Jet Pack Guy back down. put the ice cubes in his jet pack. Jet Pack Guy says he will head to HQ when he unties the knot. use your spy scissors to cut the rope for him. he flies off to HQ. go to the clothes shop.
  • you find Dot trying on clothes for her newest disguise. tell her to go to HQ and she says she will when you help her fins the perfect disguise. add clothes to your inventory until it is a full outfit and give it to Dot. she tries it on and then tanks you for your help then heads off the HQ. go to the pet shop.
  • you find PH with Pete and she says she was going to feed him but all of the O-berries were stolen! you and PH investigate the crime scene and you discover a trail of O-berries. follow the trail.
  • the trail lead to Aunt Arctic's igloo. you see her puffles eating boxes and boxes of O-berries. you knock on the door but no one answers. you call AA on your spy phone and she says she didn't know her puffles did this and tells you the key to her house is under the welcome mat. get the key and open the door. go inside and tell the puffles to stop misbehaving and take the three uneaten boxes. go back to the pet shop.
  • back at the pet shop give the boxes to PH she pays for them and feeds some to Pete. she goes back to HQ. that's everyone! go back to HQ.
  • you arrive at the HQ and everyone but Rookie is there. the Director tells you to go see what's taking him so long. go to the cove.
  • you find Rookie but he's RED!!! he says that he must've fallen asleep and when he woke up he had a bad sunburn! look around for a bottle of sun block. give it to Rookie. he puts some on and heads back to HQ. NOW that's everyone! go back to HQ yourself.
  • it is so hot already that some buildings are actually MELTING! at the EPF meeting the Director tells everyone their jobs:

G invents a gadget that will cool down the island. JPG and you will go to the ski mountain and invade Herbert's sky lair. Rookie, Dot, and PH will take the penguins down to the hidden lake which is the coolest spot on the island. G says he doesn't have the parts for his freeze ray 3000 and asks you to go find some. he gives you a list of the 3 things: 1: a battery 2: some ice cubes 3: a wrench go to the coffee shop.

  • OH NO! the coffee shop's front door has melted! walk inside and hurry to the smoothie counter and grab some ice cubes and out the in your inventory. go to the dance club.
  • once inside go to the speaker system and use your spy wrench to open it. take out one battery. you feel a hot drip fall on your head. you look up and see the dance club has begun to melt! teleport back to the HQ.
  • give G the ice the battery and your spy wrench. he quickly builds his proto type freeze ray 3000 gadget and gives it to you. go to the ski mountain with JPG.
  • you see a ladder but it is pulled up onto a ledge on Herbert's lair JPG lends you his jet pack fly up on to the ledge and drop down the ladder for him.
  • give JPG his jet pack back and walk to the door. crack Herbert's password (herbertiscool) and walk inside.
  • you find Herbert and Klutzy working on a computer. Jet Pack Guy walks over to them as a distraction. walk over to the melt ray and use your spy wrench to open it up. use the freeze ray 3000 to freeze the inside and it will then create a huge snow storm cooling the island back down to normal temperatures. Herbert is so mad he slams his fist down on the control board and sets off the self-destruct. run out of there as fast as you can.
  • watch as Herbert's lair explodes and see him go flying out to into CP's wilderness. Congrats! you have saved the island! for now...

The Case of the Missing Duckies[edit]

  • Rookie's rubber ducky has gone missing. JUST IN TIME FOR BATHTIME!
  • Rookie goes to the EPF headquarters, where he calls you, to the job.
  • He tells you everywhere he went with his rubber ducky, and Gary, said he'll see if anyone else's has gone missing.
  • Your first stop is the gift shop. Where you find small traces of water on the floor, you go over to the lady at the front desk. You ask her if she has seen any suspicious characters.
  • The desk lady will tell you that she just saw someone dressed up as a rubber duck walk through the store, she says that she just saw them go up the stairs onto the roof.
  • You go up to the roof where you find small stub like footprints. You follow them to the very edge of the roof, then they disappear.
  • Knowing that they can't fly, you decide to go downstairs and back into the town. There you will find a little kid crying. They say that they've been playing with their rubber ducks, then a giant one came down from the roof and stole it.
  • You see more footprints and follow them to the night club. They lead to the DJ's table.
  • You examine the buttons on the table and find some directions that read: To gain access, type in the correct code.
  • You type in the correct code and a secret door appears. You go inside, where you find a GIANT RUBBER DUCK NEXT TO HERBERT.
  • The person takes off the duck costume, revealing Klutzy.
  • They don't see you and have a quick talk about how many ducks they've collected.
  • They both decide to go out to the pizza parlor for some victory pizza.
  • When they leave you look inside the costume, you find the rubber duckies inside.
  • You take them out and go back to the EPF to report Herbert and Klutzy.
  • Gary explains to you how there are more people missing their duckies, but you hold up your bag filled with them.
  • Gary congratulates you and Rookie digs through the bag looking for his. He finds it, you report Herbert and Klutzy.
  • Gary explains how he'll take care of the rest. You leave the EPF.