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Ideas for the game Mancala!

Mancala theories[edit]

  • It is rumored that in Mancala, you can use coin to be one of the stones
  • Can play Mancala with flags
  • You can use pins for stones and they have special powers.
  • (based on 1st idea) You can use as many coins as you want as pieces and if you win then you get double your coins back if the opponent wins they get your coins

Pin Powers[edit]

  • Fire: You can set 2 of your opponents pieces on fire.
  • Ice Cube: You can freeze time for 22 seconds and make moves.
  • 150th Newspaper: You get 150 more stones.
  • 101 Days of Fun: You get 101 more stones.
  • Aqua Grabber: You can grab your opponents pieces and give them to yourself.
  • Trebel Cleff; Music Notes float around the board covering the number of pieces of your opponents.
  • Earth: You can throw mud at your opponent.
  • Element Lantern: Pick an element. If you chose snow, your pieces in your oval area will be protected in ice. If you chose fire, about half of your opponent's pieces in their oval area will burn. If you chose water, water will flow and push some pieces towards your oval area.
  • Astro Barrier: The AB ship comes and blasts some of your opponent's oval area pieces.
  • Needle and Thread: A ND comes and sews your opponent's pieces together.
  • Dodgeball: Your pieces combine and make a dodgeball which you can hit your opponent's pieces with.
  • Anvil: An anvil falls and separates the board so you won't know each other's moves.
  • Paddle: Hit your opponent's pieces back and forth until you lose them.
  • Pufferfish: A pufferfish eats your enemy's pieces.
  • Shell: You can read your opponent's mind about what move they'll make.