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Theories or ideas about the room Lodge Attic!

Lodge Attic theories[edit]

  • The Ski Lodge Attic stores every things expect the planet.
  • They store guillotines there
  • Rockhopper's ship is once flying through the air when it crashed into the lodge attic and dug up a giant duck and the Sports shop
  • Gary wrecked the Lodge
  • Herbert is a nice person who kissed Gary before in the lodge
  • There's a rumor saying that penguins who jump out of the window of the lodge attic will land at the Dojo
  • The Ski Lodge Attic is Sanity Penguin and Microchip's secret hideout
  • Aunt Arctic is really the Attic.
  • G has a machine that turns Penguins into Find Four games.
  • G has a machine that forces fish to stay in the water so you can't fish any out.
  • Every midnight Gary turns the lodge attic into cheese
  • The attic has a guardian BROWN puffle called "Keeper of The Attic"
  • There is a Komodo Dragon there.
  • The chairs and sofas and couches are booby traps.
  • The couch is actually a secret entrance to a secret entrance to a secret agency for puffles.
  • A computer desk is here and stores all the files and secrets and other stuff about clubpenguin