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Theories or ideas about the room Lighthouse!

Lighthouse theories[edit]

  • Some Penguins think when the lighthouse turns 20 Years old there will be a huge party there!!!
  • Some People are hoping there will be more rooms at the light house.
  • I think that one day the bulb will shut off causing Rockhopper to crash into it.
  • The lighthouse is haunted!
  • The lighthouse have a lot of guillotines
  • The lighthouse is really a flying monster!
  • The lighthouse is a robot controlled by Sanity Penguin! One day, Sanity Penguin's robot went to G's house, and ATE G'S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • G took the machine that turns penguins into Find Four games and made the lighthouse into a Find Four game.
  • One new lighthouse room would be the basement which has tons of ghosts and Ninja Ghosts
  • Gary will transform the Lighthouse into a rocket and we will be able to travel into space!
  • The Lighthouse bulb once went out, causing a cargo ship to crash into the Dock.
  • The Lighthouse is haunted by Sanity, waiting to get revenge on the mods for banning him.