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Theories or ideas about the room Iceberg!

Iceberg theories[edit]

  • One sunny August day in 1952, a penguin who just turns out to be Captain Rockhopper's father discovered a glittering white chunk of ice. The penguin, named James Rockhopper, and his son, Joseph Rockhopper, set off toward the ice chunk on James' small, single-masted sailboat, the Migrator. Young Joseph loved the experience, as he had never been so far out at sea. once they were about a mile away from the ice patch, Young Joseph said to James, "Father, I want to be a sailor, Just like you." Four minutes later, the swift sailing ship had reached the Iceberg. James said, "This be a fine iceberg!" As Joseph reached the age of Eighteen James said to him, "I be knowin' that ye be wantin' me ship. well, I think yer old enough to get the Migrator. Before ye be burstin' out of the house, i want ye to listen to me. Go on. Go explore the sea. Go find treasure. I be very proud o' ye." And so On August 18,1952 the Iceberg was discovered by Captain James Rockhopper, and six years later, June 11,1960, Joseph Rockhopper became known as "Captain Rockhopper". (Club Penguin isn't invented on 1952, dummy!)
  • The iceberg came from a piece of Puffle Island that broke off.
  • It is unknown why the puffles didn't get it back.
  • One day on April Fools, the iceberg will rock back and forth and back and forth.
  • It wont tip though.
  • One day it will explode!
  • On April Fools' Day, Mr Gum penguin will dirty the Iceberg.
  • Billy William III penguin will come with him.
  • The water around the iceberg will turn green.
  • The Iceberg is on the neck of the giant monster Neozen.
  • One day a Komodo Dragon will jump onto the Iceberg.
  • One day Voldemort Penguin will destroy the iceberg.
  • One day Herbert will escape with using the Iceberg so that we cant go to the Iceberg day the iceberg will tip revealing a new room where polar bears live in club polar boar and Percy the evil penguin&clumby the evil puffle are a huge threat.
  • The Iceberg is tipping all the time- it's just so fast that we can't feel, see, or hear it.
  • There is a secret spot on the iceberg. If it is drilled, a huge gyser will shoot the iceberg into space, opening a new room.
  • The iceberg was made by Gary. It has a slab of metal in it, and there is the words 'by Gary' scribbled on one side in magic marker.
  • About 20 penguins register to be in an ice berg event in which Herbert tips the Ice Berg and the 20 who registered disappear and everyone must find them.
  • Build a bridge from the Cove to the Iceberg.