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Theories or ideas about the room Ice Rink!

Ice Rink theories[edit]

  • There will be tounaments between the Blue and Red team. Only members with the right gear can play. Each penguin on the winning team will receive a trophy as either an igloo item or in their 'Award' section on their player card.
  • The ice will break and reveal gold or a new room
  • The sun will shine and the ice rink will melt and you would be able to swim in the water with the sea creatures of club penguin.
  • The red penguin with the green snorkel is frozen underneath it. He can only be set free if you BELIVE hard enough.
  • The "Ice" rink is not ice, but Liquid Nitrogen.
  • The Red Guy just came up for air. He comes up for air every ten minutes.
  • The ice rink was formed when C%CVVBHNJNMIMJshfrhebvgfhbrhvbtrhGH the 3rd wanted an ice rink to skate on in the year 1 AD. He froze a local pond and turned it into the ice rink. (Why are you thinking of the past! CP wasn't invented in 1 AD!)
  • Have a metal gate at the bottom of the Ice Rink with stairs that lead to the stairs outside the Dojo.