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Theories about the evil polar bear Herbert:

  • Herbert is planing to make CP into a tropical island so he can be warm!
  • Herbert is a thousand times worse than He-Who-Must-Be-Named-Or-Else-Your-Butt-Will-Freeze.
  • Herbert loves to eat chocolate.
  • Herbert is everyone in club penguin (except for rockhopper, happy77, sensei, rookie and gary).
  • Herbert once shaved the fur off every puffle in club penguin to make a coat so he wouldn't be cold, but little did he know that G and Stunthead teamed up to make a TNT puffle and a fire puffle so when herbert put the coat on it lit on fire and went KABLOOKA! All of his fur ripped off his body and now he's furless! All the puffles laughed at him and he was so sad his EARS fell of so he didn't have to hear the laughter. Useing the ears as a guide, Klutzy the crab made a little pair of earmuffs out of Herberts fur to block out Herberts crying.
  • Herbert filled the sleds with Flare Flinger rockets so penguins would fly into the ocean.
  • The reason why Herbert had seeds was because he was trying to make Club Penguin into a cornfield so he could make some Johnnycake!
  • Although now that Rockhopper has already turned Club Penguin into a cornfield jungle he got really angry then went off in a strop and broke some of the ice on Club Penguin and fell into the ocean! And thats why the tip of the Shoelace is called an Aglet!
  • Billybob played a prank on Herbert. When he discovered the sleds contained rockets, he started a CP Enemy Convention. He gave Herbert a special chair. Little did Herbert know his seat was the front of a bed with a sled full of rockets painted brown. When Herbert sat down, Billybob took one rocket and gave the other to G. They removed the back of the chair. Franky pulled the sled back, and flung Herbert into the wall. The walls turned out the be cardboard, which fell down. Herbert was flung into the ocean and never seen again.
  • Herbert wants to have a secret base in the volcano located inside the tallest mountain so he can use it with his robber henchmen to destroy CP.
  • Herbert lives on the server Polar Bear!
  • Herbert wants to rule Club Penguin so he can create "Club Polar Bear".
  • Herbert was sent to a zoo called "Club Polar Bear"
  • The Order of the Puddle is an organization that prevents Herberts actions.
  • his real name is Poophany
  • Herbert stole EVERY frying pan in Club Penguin, and uses them in a game of "Whack-A-Mole Puffle." (he invented that game just to abuse puffles) Poor puffles! Luckily, puffle-loving penguins were able to rescue and raise the abused puffles back to health, and Herbert was charged $100,000,000 in Club Penguin coins for abuse to puffles. When Herbert claimed he had absolutly NO money for that (really, he dosen't.), an angry mob ordered Herbert to give back their frying pans, and then the PSA arrested Herbert, and this time they kept a VERY CLOSE eye on him.
  • He was an orphan back when he was a cub. He traveled to Club Penguin Island to try to find some parents. But he turned evil because nobody wanted him because he was a polar bear, while everyone else was a penguin.
  • You can go to Herbert's Lair. Go on the server Polar Bear. Stand in the Box Dimension, EPF Command Room, and VR Room each for 5 min. Then go back to the Box Dimension. The box with The Keeper of the Box Dimension will park in front of the box you're on. It will teleport you to a cave. It will look like the Bay, but the color is reversed. Then go in the cave, and you can find Herbert's Lair.
  • Herbert will be awesome.
  • Herbert will takeover Club Penguin on March,16,2020
  • Herbert secretly will team up with Sly, Scrap, and Tank (kinda confirmed due to rumors section of CP times stating Herbert and Tusk are friends.)
  • He was an Aqua Penguin. Poonch know he's a penguin. He is. Really. It's true.
  • The true herbert is Polo Field.