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Theories about the penguin Gizmo!

Gizmo theories[edit]

  • Gizmo has a company called "Gizmo Games Inc."
  • Gizmo used a cheating program before being a mod!
  • Gizmo doesn't post on the What's New Blog or go on Club Penguin that much because he hates kids[evil person alert!].
  • Gizmo has a lifetime membership.
  • Gizmo has a brother named Hizmo.
  • Gizmofalkhifkhakfjkshioalisufolfdiujoslijiurhivksjgijsrgkjhiskgjheislfuwlefulsefufosiljgisdjfowieufoweue9rotiuoesujgioseyrie5u74389weio5uwiourwoieupeoiepsufoslfjsoighsruighksjkjkfskjflsslsjldfurdkiutwiuewredjkdd is his greatgreatgreatgreat GRANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND FATHER,

His link is a swf.

  • But the squids take the order for playing that game.