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Ideas for new Gary's Inventions!


  • Thingamadoodle 3000 - Works like the Thingamajig 3000, but for once is a success.
  • Giant Snowball Cannon 3000 - A cannon that shoots giant snowballs very far and is very powerful.
  • Cream Soda Maker 3000 - A robot that makes Cream Soda for penguins.
  • Tom & Jerry Kids 3000 - A Tom & Jerry Kids duo which can talk
  • Mickey Mouse 3000 - A Mickey Mouse which can talk
  • Hypno-Toilet 3000 - A toilet that hypnotises your penguin into doing weird stuff.
  • Yo Momma 300 - a 3000 year-old version of yo momma.
  • Flying riding Lawnmower - a lawnmower with a 16 horsepower engine that has a large 20' (about 6 meters) wingspan, a glass cockpit,and a propeller in front.
  • Flying car - a DeLorean with rocket engine instead of that rusty 30-year old engine
  • Invisible Machine 3000 (Can make things disappear and reappear.)
  • Supreme Surfboard 3000 (to catch Herbert if he is on a faraway island)
  • Polar Bear Trap 3000 (to catch Herbert)
  • Transformer 3000 (Large machine you can walk into and turn a knob to change into another animal)
    • Transformer 1000 (The prototype of the one above... turns you into a chick)
  • Card Jitsu Card Creator (put anything in and it will come out as a power card)
  • Cheeseball 3000
  • Lemadotron 1000 (Gives oenguins lemonade)
  • Snow Cone 3000 (Makes anything snow in to Snow cones) And a Coffee Flavoured one for Gary!
  • Movie Maker 3000 (makes a movie under 30 seconds)
  • paper maker 300 (makes paper)
  • fire creator 300 (for fire ninjas to create fire)
  • Famous Penguin Tracker 5460 (tells you where any Famous Penguin is)
  • Ice Cream Maker 3000 (makes any flavor ice cream then explodes)
  • Super Controlled Snowboard Fishing Pole(is a snowboard and a fishing pole in one and it can be controlled when it is a snowboard)
  • Shrink Ray 3000
  • IT'S OVER 9000!!!! 3000 - a portable toilet that keeps shouting "It's over 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" over 9,000 times every second. Naturally it's very annoying.
  • Tea Cup 3000 (Garys personal tea cup)
  • The Transformer Tea Cup 3000 (Garys second personal tea cup, but it can turn into any type of tea cup in the Clubpenguin island)
  • Error 404 Hologram Generator 3000 (An invention that transforms all the penguins in the room to floating Error 404s. Used by the Club Penguin team as a cover-up for an embarrassing error and penguins really are being replaced with Error 404s and in rare cases, HTML code)
  • The Soundpower Mints 3000(if you swallow one and make a noise, what you are making a noise of appears)
  • The Imagibox 3000(if you get in and imagine that you're doing something, you get to do what you're imagining)
  • Pin Tracker 3000
  • Past-and-future-club-penguin-event-inator 3000(it is a portable raygun and if you zap something with it, it becomes decorated for a past or future event)
  • Secondary-past-and-future-club-penguin-event-inator 3000(a box thingy-majigger)(when you type in a past or future event, it tells you the starting and ending date of it)
  • Jet Pack 6000 (Jet Pack upgrade; allows traveling to a faraway place)
  • Party Box 3000 (When you step in, there is a menu of all parties (Beta Party 2005-Present) and you select it and go back to that party)
  • the recycilator 3000(every old thing you put in it you get it but in new form(confirmed in issue 234 of club penguin times(name not confirmed).
  • Beta Hat Maker 24102005 (Secret) (To Keep Rare Penguins Rare)
  • Time Acceleration 3000(you can make all your jobs in a few seconds)
  • Brainator 3000(if you put Brainator 3000 on your head you will know a lot of things)
  • Thingamabob 3001 (Trys to play a video game but falls down an endless pit. ERROR,ERROR,ERROR.
  • The Herbert Translator 3000 (When Herbert is on Club Penguin It will say Herbert here here and where abouts he is for example Cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Time Machine 3000 (Lets you go to any Club penguin party from the past, present, and future.)
  • Super Robot 3000 (An amazingly smart robot designed to track down Herbert and Klutzy and

trick them into a trap. The robot also play card jitsu fire.)

  • Earth Destroyer 3000
  • The Inator 3000 Creator Inator 3000
    • The Inator 3000 Creator Inator 3000 Creator Inator... 3000
  • Blowupinator 3000! (Blows up EVERYTHING you put it in. Period!!!!)
  • Thingamabob 3002 (A pizza plant comes up and starts swirling pizza around inside it)
  • Rare Maker 20000 (Gary's Failed Invention)
  • Banner 3000 (Bans every penguin on the island, including the famous ones)
    • He once banned Herbert for 90000000000000 hours for taking over the island.

body mega 3000 (makes a shield indestructible and transforms energy into cafe Super Ice Fishing 50005 - Can find gray fishes and catches the mullet because it had a robot fish as the worm.

  • Party Hat 3000 (put any item inside the Party Hat 3000 and a beta hat would come out the other side)
  • Moderator 3000 (go inside the Moderator 3000 and when you will become a moderator on the other side)
  • Item Adder3000 (get all club penguin items,including bait items and mascot items and you won't get banned!!! You can also wear them!)
  • Big and Small Ray 3000 (If you use the Big and Small ray you can make you and other penguins HUGE and if you want you can make you and other players tiny!)
  • Mascot Maker 3000(makes your character into A MASCOT)
  • Mascot Teleporter 3000 ( Teleports mascots to you when they are online)