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  • Gary the Gadget Guy is the inventor for Club Penguin. Some of his well known inventions are the wind generator (in Jet Pack Adventure,for the same game he invented the Jet pack and the launch Pad) and the DJ3K station. However Gary has a much darker side. Penguins in the PSA and now the EPF will Know Gary to be on the front line against Herbert. However on the day of the dreadful popcorn explosion he did not do anything about it at let it all explode, he did not even look sad that his office, business and home had been destroyed by a tidal wave of popcorn. This is because he does not actually like Club Penguin because when he was a baby penguin he was picked on for being a geek because of his science and maths skills. He grow up with out a family because they had deserted him for a trip to Rockhopper island (They won a competition for two to visit held by Captain Rockhopper). They left him with his Aunty who did not like him. She had one daughter who did like him, she was a journalism student. His parent spent a long time on Rockhopper island. When they finally got back Gary had started a small business selling his own super fast snowboards with small rockets in the back. His Parents got mad because he had been testing the snowboards with snails and they thought this was mean to the snails.Meanwhile his cousin had started to write a column in the Club Penguin Times under the name Aunt Arctic. She started to advertise Gary's invention to all the penguins who would listen. Gary could soon get enough coins to buy a shop in the ski village. Gary worked on new inventions to add to his stock. He was not the only one who was working hard though,a secret band of spies who had been kicked out the dojo wanted a new place to call HQ. There approached Gary one night when everyone else was preparing for the first April Fool Day party, Gary was not allowed to help because none of the penguins wanted April Fools day to be wrecked by maths. The spies asked if Gary would let them take over the basement of the Winter Sports Shop he said yes as long as he could design gadgets to work for the spies. The head of these spies was called Rory he was good at DIY however he had never got on with Gary at school and had bullied him. He was desperate for a new HQ so pretended that his name was the Director and was only at the meetings through telly communication.By now Gary had got put in charge of the a lot of the gadgets on the island he made many dangerous contractions to kill as many penguins as possible such as the aqua grabber sub which is highly dangerous. The only penguins he will talk to are Secret Agents and Aunt Arctic.
    • And that is a very long story. I pity the person writing it.
  • Gary smelled sensei and it smell likes sushi.
  • Gary killed herbert forever
  • Gary really really really really eat an Squidasaurus before.
  • Gary is a dinosaur.
  • Gary's ice berg is the biggest empty place.
  • It's over 5555 feet tall to destroy the club penguin island, iceberg and rockhopper island.