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Puffle Rescue[edit]

  • Now you could make the sharks a papered fluffy.
  • Mullets smash you in ice and in water they push you.
  • A Komodo dragon is replaced by the puffle if you touch the octopus tentacles.


  • Extreme Astro Ice Fishing Jet Pack Cart Surfer Find Four Barrier
  • Sonic the Penguin. (found at dance lounge as an arcade game) You're Sonic as you run though varies areas of club penguin to find the chaos emeralds while defeating eggman's robots (similar to Test Robots) and at the end you have to defeat a giant eggman robot (an upgraded version of the Ultimate proto-bot 10,000 which looks meaner and tougher, which also has self repair), you have to destroy the self-repair system first, then destroy the rest. Once you've completed it, you get to get super speed.
  • Field goal challenge (American football pitches)
  • Puffle Pinball (Casino Building)
  • Painting 4 Funs (The Museum)
  • Puffle Racing (Backdoor of the Pet Shop)
  • Mountain Climb'r (Ski Hill, if you beat this game, you will reach the Tallest Mountain)
  • Flip The Script ( stage, multiple games: write a script, cinema trivia)
  • Paint by Numbers
  • Don't spill it! (pizza parlor, you have to fill orders and be careful not to spill it on the way. there are obstacles like wet floor signs, skating penguins, etc.)
  • Rockz (beach, a multi-player game in which you have three chances to throw a rock farther than your opponent until the next level. But be careful, sharks, fishes, etc. can get in your way!)
  • Bean Counters 2 (Play bean counters with 2 people to get the most points in the back door of the coffee shop)
  • Skateboarding Game
  • Club Penguin Quiz (test your Club Penguin knowledge.
  • Haggistron 3000 (During St. Andrew's Day Party) (Haggis House)
  • Planet Game (Observatory, you have to name the planets correctly)
  • Train Driver (Railway Station, you have to drive the train correctly)
  • EPF missions
  • Clean out the Jail (game in the Jail cell)
  • deal or No deal
  • guitar penguin (hero)
  • halo (number)
  • Farcry penguin
  • Tip the Iceberg (Iceberg) Instead of coins as a prize, you will unlock a secret catalogue. After you have won this game, it will stay.
  • Test Drive (Garage)
  • Flight Simulator (Inside the cockpit of the plane) Help fly the plane to the correct country but don't press the incorrect button otherwise you will crash. The game helps you fly quicker to the country where you are flying to. When you land the plane, you will receive 1000 coins. When also crash the plane, you wont receive 1 coin. Use the arrow keys to fly the plane. The plane will be 3D graffics.
  • Build a BAND(were penguins can Put to togather a band a rock club penguin on Music Jam 2010 or Other holidays that have Penguin band you can also battle bands in Band Vs Band
  • Box Dodgers: You pilot the Astro Barrier 3000 to fly across the Box Dimension avoiding all the boxes. If you get hit once you lose a Fire Blaster, get hit another time you lose the Freeze Ray, get hit another time and you will be forced to eject in the Escape Pod 3000, an Aqua Grabber capsule strapped to a jetpack, to escape.
  • Puffle Rescue Escape Launch:Ultra Puffle game. You will play as a red puffle and save other puffles and escape.
  • Pong(another arcade game in the dance lounge)
  • clubpenguin boat racing:you race to rockhopper island you have 3 lives if you get hit your boat will break in half and the front of it will drift away if you get hit twice the boat will have a mini escape boat that a single penguin can race in

if the mini one gets hit that's 3 so your boat will sink with you tredding water and watching the other's from far or close distance racing if no one gets there they then swim to rockhopper island and win 50 coins and a boat igloo if there's a winner the winner gets 10000 coins and a titanic ship igloo but others get 50 coins and a boat igloo.(cp josh)

  • club penguin air war:penguins of different teams get there weapons from there team base or team aircraft base they then go in to a pelican (from halo)set off for war they each get 30 jumpseats 4 turrets 2 pilot turret (where leader drives in)

the rest use weapons and the side with no jumpseats lowers down to be a platform they shoot standing on the platform with there weapens and try to shoot other teams pelicans if a pelican gets destroyed and they still survive the crash there not out they have to be killed if they crash into the water they get out with their weapons and treadding and shooting if any cant tread while shooting they go to the nearest land or if no land the just tread no shoot the opposing team to survive on ground or in water or in pelican wins while the dead ones get given a soul from god who real heals them the winning team gets 50000 coins each while the leader gets 60000 coins and a trophy with a secret new levels weaapon for level 2 (or 3 if they have level 2 one)(or 4 if they have 3 and 2 one)(or five if they have 2,3 and 4)(cp josh)

  • Jetpack'n Waves(mix of Jetpack Adventure and Catchin' Waves)

In this game, penguins are surfing but they are in danger. You fly a jetpack and save them.

  • JW Level 1: A tide comes and surrounds you and you have to not touch it.
  • JW Level 2: A killer whale tries to eat you.
  • JW Level 3: Lightning bolts appear out of nowhere.
  • JW Level 4: A water monster sends water bunnies to attack you.
  • JW Level 5: Review of last 4 levels.
  • JW Level 6: A hurricane chases you.
  • JW Level 7: Bubbles fly all around the place and try to get you.
  • JW Level 8: There are coins in this level. You might want to try to collect some coins, but you can only get the light gold coins. The dark gold coins will eat you.
  • JW Level 9: This level has 3 parts. Klutzy will chase you on a hoverboard. Get to the goal. Then, Herbert's agent flies on a jetpack and shoots lasers at you. Dodge them and get to the goal. Last, Herbert chases you in his drill. He is fast. Avoid this drill.
  • JW Level 10: Review of the last 4 levels. In Part 1, Klutzy and a hurricane chase you. In Part 2, Herbert's agent with the laser and bubbles chase you. In Part 3, Herbert and his drill chase you. There are light gold coins and dark gold coins in Part 3.
  • JW Level 11: Magnets are all around this level which try to attract your jetpack.
  • JW Level 12: A shredder with wings chases you.
  • JW Level 13: Gary's bot chases you.
  • JW Level 14: All the rooms in Club Penguin try to fall on you.
  • JW Level 15: Review.
  • JW Level 16: The Aqua Grabber chases you.
  • JW Level 17: A cart from Cart Surfer chases you.
  • JW Level 18: Rockhopper's ship chases you.
  • JW Level 19: Somebody is fishing, but the line is chasing you.
  • JW Level 20: Review. The cart is taped to the bottom of Aqua Grabber and the fishing line is at the top. The Migrator is taped to the left of the Aqua Grabber. The Aqua Grabber tries to grab you, the fishing line tries to hook you, the cart tries to shoot it's wheels at you, and the Migrator blasts snowballs.
  • JW Level 21: There is a whirlpool.
  • JW Level 22: The penguin that you're rescuing is fat and heavy.
  • JW Level 23: Patrick chases you.
  • JW Level 24: Squidzoid chases you.
  • JW Level 25: Review of all levels.
  • JW Level 26: Review of level 21 and 11.
  • JW Level 27: Review of level 13 and 3.
  • JW Level 28: Review of level 22 and 23.
  • JW Level 29: Reviiew of level 22 and 23.
  • JW Level 30: Herbert chases you.
  • JW Level 31: Herbert P Bot 9000 is chasing you.
  • JW Level 32: Migrator had crash but the wood is chasing you intill later rockhopper surfs with yarr and he will chase you.
  • JW Level 33: Herbert's flying crabot is chasing you.
  • JW Level 34: The flying hydro hopper flying and chasing you.
  • JW Level 35: A squid chases you even a mullet and a shark.
  • JW Level 36: Herbert P Bot returns but he shoots snowballs now.
  • JW Level 37: Grand Puffer is chasing you.
  • JW Level 38: Sensei is chasing you.
  • JW Level 39: Jetpack Guy is in trouble save him and Patrick, Sensei, Rockhopper and Herbert chases you.
  • JW Level 40: Patrick chases you and also Gary and Rookie.
  • JW Level 41: A pack of puffles came here. There are chasing you too.
  • JW Level 42: Rewview of The first 3 levels and level 33 and 36.
  • JW Level 43: Thin ice chasing you.
  • JW Level 44: The rewview of every level not counting the final one but falling igloos chases you. This has 4 parts. 1:Patrick and the first 4 level. 2:Level 5 to 18. 3:Level 20-40 and the final one is 41-43 including the igloos.
  • Last Level of Jetpack'n Waves: Review of reviews:The herbert p bot trapped the last penguin in trouble. You now had snowballs to thorw but find a smaller button. Hit it by 6 snowballs then it will give you the penguin but traps in hand and avalanche to the jetpacker get close to it to make a giant snowball to the hands two times.


  • Conductor Training ( at the Club Penguin Main Train Station) ( You walk through a door there then a sign comes up saying do you wanna play click yes or no then the main page will come on and train usic in the background the obeject of the game is to train to become a conductor, Ticketmaster or a Ninja Conductor

Level 1- The training begins! you have to jump over barrels that are moving Level 2- You have to control a simulator that is a train simulator Level 3- You have to finish a huge obstacle park then you are rewared with a medal and a train pin the medal says NAME is an official conductor, Ticket master or Ninja Conductor.

  • Ski racing- At the CP ski lodge in Club Penguin Village where it is like sled racing but you ski instead
  • Pilot Control- You have to train to be an airplane pilot at Club Penguin Village Airport

  • Cart surfer Adventure ( You have to play cart surfer and find hidden caves with treasure in them)

Level 1- Play cart surfer then find hidden clues that give a hint for the tunnel there in Level 2- Go in the correct cave Level 3- Look everywhere Level 4-Find it Level 5- Bring it to ground Games over

  • A DigDug game with Herbert's Drill as the player

The Yellow Puffle plays DJ3K, the Purple Puffle plays Dance Contest, the Red Puffle plays Catchin' Waves and the Pink Puffle plays Aqua Grabber.


  • the hunt for club chicken (un-clubpenguin wiki)(also a new clubpenguin!) (this is an event that happens if it was true)(biillybob will be at the starting line then when everyones gone he will teleport to club chicken)
you go to the the starting line where billybob will start the race when he saids go you race to the computers when you touch them you will be teleported inside and you will be going around the web (its like the real web but in real your still on the clubpenguin website)you have to gather al information on un-clubpenguin wiki when you get alot of information take out your hunting phone (that billybob gives you)put in all of the information if your lucky it will give you a map (if your not lucky it will say keep hunting)follow the map when you get to the spot thats marked with a . (dot) there will be a mini game called clubpenguin air wars (the one i made up)(if you dont know how to play go to my idea clubpenguin air wars to see how to play)if you win youll get the awards from the game plus (since its the hunt for club chicken)youll will see a door enter the door and your at.......................................clubbbbbbbbb............................................................chick....

.....................................ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! if your the first you will get the club chicken badge and you will be able to claim club chicken to you and get the key there if you don't come first and your not the 15 last you'll get a house in club chicken and access there if your the 15 last you win 500 coins :) anyway that's the end.

  • Puffle Play 1: You play a blue puffle rolling down a hill on a ball. Avoid the obstacles and get the coins.
  • Puffle Play 2: You play a red puffle at the bottom of the mountain. You get shot out of a cannon. Avoid the black clouds. Bounce on the white clouds and get the coins.
  • Puffle Play 3: You play a pink puffle on top of a cloud bridge down to the ground. While you're walking down, whip the robots with a jump rope and get the coins.
  • Puffle Play 4: You play a skateboarding black puffle at the bottom of the cloud bridge.

Avoid the rocks. Knock down the sticks. Get the coins.

  • Puffle Play 5: You play a propellor-hatting green puffle flying in a cave. Avoid the stalagtites. Get the coins.
  • Puffle Play 6: You play a yellow puffle holding a long paintbrush. You are outside of the cave. Whack the robots. Get the coins.
  • Puffle Play 7: You play a purple puffle that is dancing. You are going up a hill. Dance fight the robots. Get the coins.
  • Puffle Play 8: You play a white puffle sledding down the hill on an ice skate. Freeze the robots. Get the coins.
  • Puffle Play 9: You are an orange puffle in a wagon. You are in Herbert's secret lair underneath the hill. This is the first boss battle. Big Klutzy walks in with tiny lobsters on jetpacks surrounding him. The tiny lobsters shoot missiles. Throw boxes at the missiles, tiny lobsters, and Big Klutzy. When you defeat the tiny lobsters, more come in. The tiny lobsters get bigger. After a while, Big Klutzy shoots his tongue at you. Avoid it. When you defeat Big Klutzy and his lobster minions, Big Herbert comes in. He shoots a freezing beam at you. Avoid the beam and throw boxes. Big Herbert takes your wagon. Keep throwing boxes. You will win the first boss battle, but watch out! When more puffles come, there will be more challenges!
  • Puffle Play 10: You are a brown puffle in Gary's lab. You are Gary's assistant and you need to build the machine in the blueprints. You will need to rotate and figure out which part goes where. Member game only as brown puffles are only available for members. By level 12, bots from System Defender begin to try and remove parts from your machine. Click them to remove them! On the final level you have hundreds of bots removing and rotating parts and putting them in the wrong place. Once you have defeated the bots, Klutzy shows up and puts things in the weirdest places! You can't click Klutzy to remove him, you must throw parts at him! Once Klutzy scuttles off, you earn maximum of 600 coins. The amount of coins you earn depends on the time it took you to build each machine! This game will be available in the EPF Command Room, on the big screen.
  • Wheel of penguin (version of wheel of fortune)
  • Sparks are Flying (drive a train out of the subway station and if sparks fly out of the wheels you lose a life, crash into the following obstacles:
  • platforms
  • corners
  • forks on the train track
  • other trains
  • off the train track

you also lose a life.)

  • Live penguin mathletics
  • 2010/2011/2012 clubpenguin swimming (contaisn treading water)
  • 10m diving
  • Squad wars: You play in your squads & you have to kill the other team players for points. You respawn after you get killed so you can keep getting killed or keep killing >:) The first team to get the amount of kills wins (determined by the number of players on each team.

Soccer You get to play soccer and be famous if you're the best at the game Level 1 Beat Sensei at Soccer Level 2 Beat Rockhopper at Soccer Level 3 Beat Gary and Rockhopper

  • Super Penguin Bros. You are Mario The penguin.Yes it is possible to be him on CP.Level 1:Soccer.You have to beat

Wario the penguin in soccer.

  • Stamp-Jitsu:Same thing as Card-Jitsu except you play with stamps.
  • Hide and Seek (found at Forest) There are 2 players required for this game. Player 1 chooses a hiding spot. They have 10 seconds. If time runs out it automatically chooses for you. You need to guess where they are hiding. There are four different trees and a rock. Click on one and see if you get it right. You have four lives. If lose them all you get 5 coins and it is your turn to hide. Whoever wins both levels wins and gets 20 coins. If you tie you both get 10 coins.
  • Paint by Letters (The Stage's Guardian). You are doing construction on the Stage when you spot a Yellow Puffle running into the forest. You go on a quest to find the puffle and bring it to the Club Penguin Times Press. Similar to the actual construction of the Stage.
  • Musical Melody

(can be played at epf base

  • Angry Puffles: an angry birds game with puffles except...
    • ...the green pigs are actually crabs.
    • ...the puffles do different things.
      • Blue: nothing
      • Red: goes faster
      • Yellow: divides into 3 small puffles
      • Green: goes backwards
      • Black: explodes
      • Orange: inflates

Club Penguin Super Battle Royale(Unity Web Player Needed)(You have to log in on alternate website) ! If you log in, you will see plaza, where these bubbles with texts float: Play Alone, Play with Friends, and Connect Up!. Play Alone has 6 game modes: Story Mode, Party, Tourney, Tutorial, Survival, and Gadget Training. Play with Friends is of course multiplayer, and there are various game types: Stun-clubs,Sky-Soarer,Slingshot,SuperHoop,Aqua-Excel, Tech-Remote,and Gadget Mix(It's a bit like Stun-clubs but with every gadget.) How to Play: Arrow Keys:Move Change Gadgets:1,2,3,4 Activate Gadget: Z Jump: X Aim,Move Car(Only at Slingshot and RC Car):W,A,S,D Spin Attack(only at stunclub)Tap Z Twice.

Gadgets : Stunclub - Mostly used at stun-clubs and gadget mix along with slingshot.Can be used to hit things.

         Slingshot - Mostly used to hit things from Faraway with projectiles.
         Dragonfly - Mostly used to fly by spinning this gadget
         Superhoop - If you spin on this hoop, you will run faster.
         RC Car - An Radioactive Remote Control. Press Z to Explode it with hot popcorn.

Story: Normal Mode:You play as a normal penguin. E.P.F Mode : You Play as E.P.F Agent. Unlocked after finishing the game with normal mode.