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  • Call your favourite character by clicking on blue question mark and type in character (e.g. Tom & Jerry Kids)
  • can fly with a jetpack on
  • make sounds while walking
  • Voice chat servers so you use a microphone instead of typing
  • Orange puffle
  • Be able to wear clothes and still play instruments
  • Fan made missions that would use only words and pictures from other missions to make sure that it was appropriate, this way we would never run out of missions( the missions could be mymission.cpm) and if they included all the minigames like crash the sled, gs computer, the fur scanner, the fuse box etc.
  • Can play a song and earn coins when clicking piano in Pizza Parlor and Stage
  • Sound when instrument is played
  • New free and cool, old clothes
  • More friends list space!
  • Penguins can eat foods or drink
  • Design your own unique clothes
  • Ability to change color of wall for your igloo (for 50 coins)
  • More Puffles
  • Be a puffle! April Fools' Day party
  • Presidential elections every November. Only non-members can run. All items are free if they win. (And just for fun, they get 99,999,999,999,999,999 coins.)
  • PENGUINsadential!!
  • Non Members gets 5 Furniture Items every month
    • How about 1 a week?
  • Wear 2 Head, Face, Neck, Body, Arms, Flipper, Legs, and Foot Items
  • Super Secret Agent. After completing every mission, you can get new ones that win items/coins, and even meet the leader. (EPF)
  • Able to walk more than one puffle at a time.
  • Can use rubber duck and/or water wings in Hydro Hopper.
  • Can meet Aunt Arctic and Gary like you can meet Rockhopper
  • Can make your own special Card-Jitsu cards and use them.
  • Can make your own edition of The Penguin Times.
  • Can have secret files about Rockhopper, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, and G. (in newspaper secret files)
  • Can get a special card everytime you beat the Sensei.
  • Can get jobs (PSA and Tour Guide, also others)
  • Can play games from other websites for a limited time
  • There can be animals hiding around Club Penguin and if you find the animal, you can have it as a pet but it can run away like puffles.
  • Can steal coins
  • Can have black puffles in Cart Surfer and green puffles in Jetpack Adventure.
  • Can turn into different animals (i.e. dog, cat, bear, etc.)
  • Can talk in Sled Racing and Card Jitsu
  • Can use surfboard in Sled Racing
  • Can throw different kinds of snowballs(net snowballs, fire snowballs, clone snowballs, etc.)
  • Can slide on your belly or use your floaty in Sled Racing
  • Can buy attachments to put on your sled in Sled Racing(nets, boosters, freeze rays, etc.)
  • Can have multiplayer for members in DJ3K where you see who makes the best music
  • Can be obstacles in Sled Racing that you can jump and duck to avoid
  • Can buy other ways of transportation(planes, cars, tornado generators etc.)
  • Have a voice while talking
  • Can use a canoe while playing Hydro Hopper
  • Show clothes of the player while playing mini-games
  • Turn a puffle into male or female via gender settings
  • Can mix cards into one card
  • Be able to carry puffles in a new item called Puffle Carrier Bag.
  • Have there be Secret Agent missions, Ninja missons, and Tour Guide missions.
  • Can become a Komodo Dragon and growl.
  • Can become a Haggis creature.
  • Become a Supreme Court Justice and become a member of the Jury.
  • Become an Alien (literally).
  • Look at the Stars.
  • Become a Were-something (Werewolf, Wererabbit, Werecrocodile, Werehog (were hedgehog)
  • The Clearance items will be available for non-members because clearance items will not available at the next month catalog.
  • Have as many clothes on as you want.
  • Can get payed for being a ninja.
  • Make a trading post.
  • Change species (including colour) e.g. blue hedgehog
  • You can make your own rooms.
  • You can become an igloo designer.
  • You can ride a train or go on an airplane
  • Gift Button to gave some non-member items to others (good when penguins wish they have items like that.)
  • Penguin Mail cards with sound and/or animation.
  • Can make your own little island near CP with up to 5 rooms that anyone can visit [max people in a room = 30]
Add a new room and decide what it looks like!The penguin has to be 356 days old.An interview of you will be in the newspaper the fallowing week.P.S You have to be a member,and lucky nonmembers get chosen too!
  • You can use pins as special items that have special powers.
  • Club Penguin could have its own movie!
  • Can go to different dimensions
  • You can have penguin Profiles on your player Card. These would include:
    • Personality (Choose several personality Traits, e.g.: imaginative, creative)
    • Birthday (Choose day/month/year. Year is optional)
    • Home (Choose Continent and state or province or country. You CANNOt say anything smaller than a state, province or country)
    • Food (Choose multiple favourite foods)
    • Colours (Multiple favourite colours)
    • School Subjects
    • Current Mood (Only one)
    • Hobbies in Real
    • Sports in real
    • How i help Others (e.g.: recycling, donating to charity)
    • Hangouts On Cp
    • Games On Cp
    • Activities on Cp (e.g.: talking to friends)
    • Future job (e.g.: Writer, Scientist)
    • Favourite Parties
    • Activities in real
  • Trade Feature! Penguins can go on somebody's profile card. Then, on the bottom of it there will be a button with a flipper. By clicking it, you can choose which item you wanna offer the penguin and which item you want from him. If the trade is accepted, you will get the item you wanted, and the item you offered will be removed. You can also offer coins. Anything can be traded by non-members except furniture, puffles and igloos which are for members.
  • You can do actions (breakdance, jackhammer, etc.) with clothes on.
  • A Button to kick someone out your igloo
  • A way to Vote for Parties
  • Make your own Items and Igloos

make a coustom room[edit]

every player can Make a coustom room for people to go in and explore the coustom games in it example: mactray's repair store come play the gears and screw game and buy tools ( screwdrver, hammer etc.) or meet mactray himself

I didn't get the point... Is it somewhat like the igloo? --PenblooeR 03:11, 14 May 2011 (UTC)


  • Just like you can buy SOME non-member clothing in Penguin Style, you will be able to BUY SOME non-member furniture in the Furniture Catalog.