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DJ Ultimate BOOM[edit]

Ultimate BOOM is a DJ who make music that involves stomping,smashes and explosions(Booms) . He is Stompin' Bob's brother. He is named Ultimate BOOM because he makes a big boom sound at the end at his music and at his concerts,there is a big boom after every song. Many Penguins like his songs and is very popular.

  • Ultimate Boom's real name is Davey Joe.
  • He wears The Jammin'(with Gold headphones),Red Street Smart Outfit and Skate shoes.
  • His igloos are a VIP Penthouse with a lot of cool stuff in it and a Frost Bite Palace
  • When he was young,he was named DJ Lil' Ultimate boom
  • He started to DeeJay(and his career started) when he was 9(He is 17)
  • He is really good at break dancing and he started being really good when he was 5.
  • He has 1 of each puffle type.
  • He is a very good Skate boarder


  • He started rapping when he was 9.(He is 17)
  • He is good at break dancing.
  • He has 1 of each puffle type
  • His igloo is a Penthouse

Stanley Stamper[edit]

Stanley Stamper has helped the Club Penguin staff to create stamps and the stamp book, he has white feathers, and wears a green Graduation Cap, a Beta Grid Sweater and a pair of Fuzzy Boots.


This idea comes from the Un-Club Penguin Wiki. Cantdance is a clumsy penguin who thinks she can dance. She might not be related to Cadence, and is trying to impersonate her. Her hobbies include dancing horribly and drinking Cream Soda.

Paint Puffle[edit]

This puffle paints in Club Penguin so much. More than any other Penguin or Puffle.


Roary is Rory's brother. He is a Blue Penguin wearing the Red Mining Helmet and loves to roar.


Rookiesianna is Rookie's second sister. She is peach with Aunt Arctic's glasses, a yellow propeller cap, and red glasses. She tries to be like Rookie in every single way and fails miserably.

La La Lavender[edit]

La La is a member of the 2009 Color Vote sisters. She loves Lavender hence the name. She's the brains of the three. She doesn't get along with Marina Maroon and Annie Aqua.She is the most creative of the

Annie Aqua is a member of the 2009 Color Vote sisters. She loves Aqua hence the name. She's the greediest of the three She doesn't get along with La La Lavender and Marina Maroon.She is the least creative of three. Mimo has a crush on her so he helped her win the color vote contest.

Marina Maroon[edit]

Marina Maroon is a member of the 2009 Color Vote sisters. She loves Maroon hence the name. She's the shyest of the three. She doesn't get along with La La Lavender and Annie Aqua. Shes more creative then Annie Aqua but not as creative as La La Lavender


Daranda is the owner of the pet shop. She lives on puffle island. She is a rainbow colored penguin(it represents the different puffle colors)


Kary is Gary's sister. She is Dark Black and and help's Gary with his inventions. Like Gary she has glasses and an Inventors Coat. She also wears The Sidetied. .

Rookie's brother and sisters[edit]

Rookie has a brother and two sisters. Their names are Bookie, Cookie and Shookie respectively. Bookie is a nerd. Cookie likes cookies very much. Shookie shake cocktails in a beverage bar. They are named by their hobbies.

Sally the Stealer[edit]

  • Is The Director's sister.(She is not the Director's sister,she lied)
  • Steals stuff and lies to become the head of CP.
  • She is EPF enemy #2


Rockhopettte is Rockhopper's sister. She wants to be a pirate like her big brother,but drinks more Cream Soda then Rockhopper meaning she wil go wild easily. She has a red puffle named Redster who compines her when she sees Rockhoper and Yarr.

  • Copies Rockhopper.
  • Has a pirate bandanna,pirate patch and a pirate outfit.

Boocky Doock[edit]

Is famous for play the Violin and is Petey K's brother

  • He's favroite hobbys are going out doors,Reading,and science.
  • He Lives in the night club and is The founder of the Dock
  • He loves Ice cream,and Has 19 black puffles.


Ozzy is a electrician. He comes to the island because the P.S.A says the boiler in the Boiler Room is very old and need repairs. He is maroon, wears a mining hat, brown overalls and brown safety boots. He often holds a monkey wrench. He wears a Dazzling Blue Tux and Top Hat for special occasions, like going to the Penguin Play Awards.

  • He helps Ultimate Boom,Freddy Joe,Cadence and the Penguin Band with their concerts
  • He has a girlfriend called Sienna.
  • He has a split level igloo.
  • He has two black puffles called Spanner and Hammer.
  • His favourite food is Baked Alaska.
  • He uses his monkey wrench as a weapon.
  • He appears in a mission when the boiler was on the verge of blowing up and you have to help him.
  • When he was young, he wanted a pet gorilla for a birthday present.


Elton is a pianist. He wears a Firestriker wig, is orange, wears a jean jacket and black sneakers.He is also seen wearing a black MP3000 . When the Gingerbread Wood was discovered, he was the only one living there. His father owns the train station in the Gingerbread Forest.

  • He lives in a gingerbread igloo.
  • He has a crush with Candence.
  • He has a orange puffle called Melody.
  • His favourite hobby is playing DJ3K.
  • His idol is Franky.
  • His passion for playing the piano started when he was young. When his mother gave him a keyboard, he played on it so much, his parents couldn't get to sleep.
  • He is obsessed with hot chocolate.
  • His father's brother is the Coffee Shop Barista.

Sir Joe[edit]

Sir Joe is an explorer who discovered the Gingerbread Forest. He wished he discovered many more wonders of Club Penguin. He thinks he is the worst explorer ever. He often speaks in a posh English accent. He wears a khaki safari suit and walking boots. He often carries a walking stick.

  • He lives in a camping tent igloo.
  • His favourite hobby, except exploring, is reading books.
  • He travels on a moose called Bones.
  • He has made several attempts to kill Herbert.
  • His favourite hobby, except exploring, is making pancakes and playing the accordian.
  • His best friends are the Sensei and Petey K.
  • He has a wife called Veronica and two daughters called Katy and Roberta.


Carolina is a helper in the Pet Shop. She is a peachy colour with The Desert Rose wig and freckles. She wears a Puffle Feeding Apron usually, but in her spare time, she wears an Amethyst Dress and Hat. She always daydreams about being a famous actress and winning a Penguin Play Award. She also wants to be a cook, a nurse and a swimmer.

  • She has a pink puffle called Jamelia.
  • She lives in the Pink Ice Castle.
  • Everyday, she goes round the island looking for the Rainbow Puffle.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • Her favourite food is blueberry crumble.
  • Her mother runs the Pet Shop and her father is the Hydro Hopper Driver.
  • She is allergic to nuts.


Colin is a gardener that opens an allotment near the Snow Forts. Along with his brother, Malcolm, he is trying to open a garden centre and zoo, but if the allotment has low popularity, they could not open. he has The Shamrocker wig, wears green overalls and Wellington boots

  • When he was a child, he thought The Shamrocker was gardeners hair, so now he wears it all the time.
  • He sits in his allotment, looking for planets.
  • He believes in aliens and ghosts.
  • He has three green puffles called Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.
  • He lives with his father and brother, Malcolm in a Bamboo Hut igloo.
  • His favourite food is grapes.

Cyril the Fierce and Derek the Terrifying[edit]

Cyril the Fierce is a Viking who was frozen in the Iceberg after the Great Viking Fight. His companion, Derek the Terrifying was frozen with him. They were found after a penguin was playing Aqua Grabber. They are both Dark Green, and only wears Black Viking Helmets. Their array of weapons are a Black and Gold Shield, a Black Sword and a Black Axe.

  • They has a brown puffle called Sledgehammer.
  • They are confused with minigames like Jet Pack Adventure.
  • They ride a walrus called Benjamin
  • Cyril's favourite food is roast mullet and Derek's is boiled squid
  • They live in a longboat igloo (it was around in Viking times and they've still got it now)
  • Rockhopper calls them 'ragamuffins of the sea'


Randy is a famous college student he wears glasses Hip Hop wig and a tuxedo. He gets straight A's and he is a fan of Queen. He also is a tennis player that's why he's famous.

  • Randy once dared someone to blow up a teacher's car
  • He also likes pirates.
  • He has Rockband.
  • He has a girlfriend named Marrenda.

Prankster Penguin[edit]

Prankster Penguin is usually called Pranpen. He set up every April Fool's Day Party on Club Penguin. He also started April Fool's Day. He edited Club Penguin Wiki to make it April Fool's Dayish, and he edits Wikipedia to make it April Fool's Dayish. His real name is April, so the month of April was named after him. He has a soft side, which sometimes gets in his way, but usually the soft side stays where it is put. Here is a list of the pranks that he did.

  • He dressed up as Box Dragon and attacked everyone in the Box Dimension.
  • He switched around the furs on puffles so "the puffles would get a new personality."
  • He wrapped a white puffle with furs of dead puffles to make a rainbow puffle.
  • He inflated pizza at the Pizza Parlor to make penguins think it was lasanga.
  • He took furs from white puffles to disguise as Herbert.
  • He combined white fur and black fur to make gray fur, then flattened the fur to make Sensei skin. He put some straw with a sewing machine to make a straw hat. He used more white fur to make a beard, and he made gray fur, then mixed it with white fur to make eyebrows. He put on the costume.
  • He shook up some soda cans and poured the soda in all of the water.
  • He rigged the speakers for the concert to mess it up.

Jon the Agent[edit]

Jon the Agent is a EPF agent.

  • The Director is his brother
  • He is the penguin on Club Penguin's homepage,and he was also the one before the EPF agent came on the homepage
  • His best freinds are Rookie,Dot,Jetpack Guy,Director,Gary the Gadget Guy and the Elite Puffles.
  • Bouncer is his puffle.
  • He was known as the unknown light blue band member before the EPF existed,because he wasent a agent at the time.

Uncle Arctic[edit]

Uncle Arctic is Aunt Arctic's father. Uncle Arctic has finished traveling and went to Club Penguin to see his daughter.


Flippers will be be the best Footballer on club penguin and will play for the green team he will be in the CP best player footy club

In-sanity Penguin[edit]

In-sanity Penguin is a Level 2 Member on Club Penguin. He works with Herben S. Ferret, Sputzy the frab, and the Ultimate Rolling-Bob 3000. He loves ice cream and he built the Hearthquake Cutlery.

DJ Beetle[edit]

DJ Beetle is Cadence's cousin. He is a Lime green penguin with head phones and other features. He is a Great DJ and also sometimes like to perform.


He is a penguin that wears a Glacier Suit, Black Glasses, a Black Toque, and Geta Sandals. He can mimic any famous penguin.

  • He has a puffle named Recruitzy that can mimic and famous creature that's not a penguin.


Omega is Alpha and Delta's younger brother who is also an agent. He is a brown penguin and wears Spy Goggles, the Sunstriker, an orange hoodie, blue sneakers, a pearl necklace, and friendship bracelet. His favorite server is Alpine.


She is Alpha's sister. Epsilon wears pink, and a White Diva sunglasses, the Befluttered, pink peacoat, and Bunny Slippers.She has a purple puffle called Zeta. Her family is named after the Greek Alphabet.

Comic Book Penguin Guy[edit]

He's the red penguin in the comics and is given this name by UCPW. He's kind of a jerk.

Hobo Named Cornelius[edit]

A non member hobo that has only 10 coins who lives on the side of the road. He is a navy blue penguin that wear a Miner's Helmet, a White Beard, a Ninja Mask, a Music Jam T-Shirt, a Bell[to get people's attention so they can give him coins], and Brown Pirate Boots. If a film were made out of him, he would be portrayed by Chuck Norris. Like Chuck, he is extremely good at Kung Fu and Card Jitsu.


WARNING:Some content in this idea may be somewhat controversial. The article was written like this so that there would be no controversy with NinjaON or anybody who is friends with him, his relatives, etc. NinjaON is your everyday Club Penguin Wiki editing penguin. He is a black penguin whose outfit changes all the time, as he is a member. Everybody on Club Penguin likes him because he gives out a free background that says 'NinjaON is awesome. Deal with it!' The wiki users began disliking and blocking him, due to the fact that he brought so many backgrounds and other special things to the wiki, the admins couldn't take it anymore. But to this day, NinjaON still exists as a happy, go-lucky member penguin. But on the wiki, he's trying to come back in an effort to give out his awesome background and his other cool stuff. He also has a blog[cool]. In fact, he gave out SO much stuff, he became a primary suspect on the Long Term Abuse Log.

In fact, in February 2011, a nice penguin named Johnny 115 was trying to help NinjaON become free. But, a couple admins did not approve. So, that made Johnny kinda sad.


Dot's sister. She is one year older than Dot, making her 18. She always wears makeup and the best clothes. She really hates the colour purple, she thinks that pink is way better. She is ßs§ often found putting on makeup, eating ice cream, and arguing with Dot.

Edd Gould[edit]

Similar to Edd from Eddsworld, he loves cola. He had brown hair, and a green hoodie. His most famous saying is "Life is nothing but a can of cola". He rarely logs on, making him extremely rare to meet.

Isabella Vinta[edit]

The Cousin of Aunt Arctic and mother of Dot and Dotina.

Isabella`s Appearance as a Teenager[edit]

She has red frizzy hair, a pearl necklace, Pink Dress and she`s really fat and liked to eat a lot of cookies.

Isabella`s Appearance as a Adult[edit]

She has long orangish red hair, pearl necklace and long red dress but she`s really thin and healthy and has a crush on Edd Gould. she will apper in the star wars takover.

Crushstep Puffle[edit]

He's the great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather of dubstep puffle. All penguin hate him and killed him because he is a teethy puffle - an carnivorous puffle.

  • He is yarr's grandpa.
  • He eats penguins which play with him.

Kumo Lumo[edit]

  • Oh yeah
  • Makes bacon.

Cadence's Mother[edit]

  • She maded Dance Contest.
  • She ate kumo lumo.
  • She loves Squidzoid.

Pirate Foxes[edit]

  • Loves penguins and eat bacon pizza.
  • Destory the whole world.
  • Hates clouds but even herbert too.
  • Plays junk and haha.

Tour Guide Dude[edit]

  • Hard Stamp
  • Official Tour Guide
  • This is the Tour Guide that helps new penguins do stuff.

Phineas and ferb takeover[edit]


Perry Phineas Ferb